Sunday, 28 April 2013

April: 22 - 28

This Week: I painted my nails cartoon style, cuddled my Dolly, drank my first summer frappe, won an award at work, bought my two favourite snacks, couldn't choose, wore a pretty dress, ate a chocolate hedgehog, and some lucky charms.

Apart from feeling like death suddenly since yesterday evening, I've had a good week. With pay day Friday I treated myself to the zebra joggers (I finally chose), and started thinking about bedroom re-vamps. New wardrobe and carpet is a must, so this means IKEA! I love IKEA. I went to see Iron Man 3 last night which was really good, and I'm planning a super-awesome weekend for next week with my cousin coming over from sunny Portugal. Thorpe Park is in there for Sunday, and London's Ice Bar Saturday night possibly!

In my world of blogging, I have lots of beauty posts lined up for this week including a vs post on cream shadows and a reviews on other recent beauty buys! I'm hoping to pop in a couple of outfit posts, but if I look as awful as I do today it won't be happening!

Also, I  love blogging my variety of beauty, fashion and life posts equally, but I would love to know what posts you enjoy reading most or which you'd like to see more of on What Cat Says. Please leave a comment below letting me know, as I'd love to hear what you gals think.

Have a good week! I'm off to bed to try and make myself feel better :'( boo!

CAT xo
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Friday, 26 April 2013

Wishlist #20

I think my all-time favourite wishlist since wishlist #4! I'm loving things a little brighter, whiter and lilac...-er this week. I think my summery taste has finally set in! I always seem to love Spring/Summer product more than Autumn Winter, I think it's more versatile, you can just pop a winter cardigan over it for Autumn/Winter and it's prettier in general. Would you agree?

DOMBAS Wardrobe - I've finally decided that my room needs a make-over. My drawers are falling apart, a new carpet is long over-due and I think a new wardrobe is just a must at this stage! I love this white one from IKEA!
Lilac & White Polka-Dot Satchel - Saw this pretty thing the other day when I clicked on the Zatchel's 2 Year Birthday link on their Facebook Page! I wish I got one because everything was half price until midnight that day and it would of been lovely to get this for SO cheap! Gutted.
Ethnic Elephant Midi Dress - I think I finally fell in love with the midi dress. I've seen so many different ways to wear it I want one in all sorts of prints!
Leopard Print Sun Top - I tried a dress on in this print and I loved the colours and the print. But not the dress itself... I was a bit gutted until I saw that they did a pretty sun top in the fabric that you could wear with a cute pair of high waisted shorts maybe? *hehe*
Lime Yoke Stripe Tee - I've been eyeing this top up at work everytime I walk past it... I wonder when I will finally see if I like it on...
Benefit Fake Up - I've heard wonderful things about this concealer... And I see the words hydrating and crease-control. I like this! Someone buy it for me please!?
Peep Toe Platform Wedge, Mint Suede - OH! Lime. Mint. Pretty platform. Shoe. WANT!
Lilac Acid Joni Jeans - Lilac love phase continues... In jeans. I need these in my life!!!! Buying the black ones tomorrow.
CAT xo
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Monday, 22 April 2013

What Cat Wore: Floral & Tan

Sunglasses - eBay
Top (hand-me-down) - Morgan
Jeans - River Island

Just thought I'd share what I wore yesterday out in the lovely sunshine! I liked my iPhone photos better so I thought I would use them instead. They were taken by my little sister... She's soon going to be hired as my permanent photographer and I'll pay her with sweets!

It was really lovely and warm yesterday: warm enough to walk around jacket-less for the first time this year.I did think it was a little windy, so I decided to swap shorts for jeans, since I'd already decided to pull out a tube top. Then I just popped on my favourite summer heels for that dressed-up Sunday look! I wish I went to the pub yesterday to sit outside, relax, have a little drink and a chat, but by the time me and my man wanted to go, the sun had hidden away and the wind had picked up. Boo :(
I really enjoyed picking out my summer clothes again. As much as I love a big warm jumper, I would prefer to wear out my summer wardrobe any day!

CAT xo
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Sunday, 21 April 2013

April: 15 - 21

This Week: I ate LOTS of Jaffa Cakes, got Editor's Choice on WIWT, bought some things I have to now return (boo!), had minnie mouse inspired nails, wore a pretty top, and took outfit post photos!

This weekend was such a lovely weekend. With the sun out most of both days I spent most of my two days off outside, just enjoying the sun and relaxing. I spent Saturday with my work girls, watching bridesmaids, eating lots of junk food and chatting until  almost 2am! It was a lovely girly night in as I hadn't had one for as long as I can remember so it was really nice to have time outside of work chilling out. I also spent today's beautiful day with my man relaxing before tomorrow's first day back at work after a lovely weekend. It was a shame the wind picked up mid-afternoon, because I really fancied the pub garden scene... so instead we spent our day indoors, chatting and watching our favourite TV shows. The next sunny Sunday we're going to go to a pub garden to enjoy the weather and have a little drink!

I've recently joined WIWT and I'd love to follow a few of you lovely fashionistas! So if you have a WIWT page, leave me your username below as I'd love to follow some of my readers and fellow bloggers! I'd love it if you checked mine out too: whatcatwore! Have a lovely week ahead!

CAT xo
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Saturday, 20 April 2013

What Cat Wore: Double Denim Ombré!

Little White Tank - H&M
Union Jack Shorts - New Look
Ombré Shirt - ASOS
Lace High Tops - Dorothy Perkins

The sun is out! FINALLY. I think this is the day we've all been waiting for; when it finally feel like the winter is over... It probably isn't but at least we've got a day of sunshine to enjoy!
I felt like today was a day to dare double denim for the first time. I've been waiting to wear my favourite shorts again, and also this 'Little White Tank' I only wore once on holiday last year. I love it, and I thought would look great to break up the double denim. I've always ummed and ahhed about this ombre shirt from ASOS I bought about 2 years ago. I like it but never really knew how to wear it as it's so long. But for a casual and less wintry look this was a brilliant substitute for a cardigan.
Its definitely a casual Saturday outfit. I've got a girly night in with a few of the work girls to look forward to later. Snacks, fizzy drinks, gossiping and a couple of chick flicks with my work besties! Including newest Fashion Blogger - Jessicull XO! Please check out her blog and follow her! :) I'm off to go enjoy the rest of my Saturday outside... After Kindergarten Cop.

CAT xo
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Friday, 19 April 2013

Wishlist #19

I'm gradually growing a bigger wishlist... The summer is coming and it's my FAVOURITE season for fashion! I love summer trends better than winter ones and it's always easily made wearable for winter with chunky knitwear on top! ;) Wouldn't you agree??

Kaliah Bardot Bodysuit - I quite like bodysuits! I think I love that you don't have to adjust your top every time you wear a skater? Haha! But, I love this off the shoulder style... I might have to get one to go with those joggers I quite like! ;)
Amara Baby Pink Boot - Of course, another pastel Lita dupe... I only have a pair of dupes... I'd love another pair :) I don't know what is with my recent obsession with them!
Benefit Fine One One - I've been eyeing this up for ages and I love the packaging and the colours. I do love a good blusher and use it everyday so I'd love to add this to my collection!
OPI Disney, Oz The Great And Powerful - Lights of Emerald City - Glitter polish!? Yes please! I recently lost my Glitter Red Barry M to I think the sun or the air... something. It's gone all horrible and gooey... RIP Glitter Red! I need a new glitter to replace it now ;)
Zebra Jungle Joggers - Weird and wonderful as my style always is in my head... I quite like these joggers! They're the only ones I've grown to like! I think these would look so good on, and another animal to add to my zoo wardrobe!
Technique Brushes - I've been umming and ahhing about getting some of these... Maybe pay day? What's your recommendation on these babies!?
Acid Wash Skater Skirt - I want want want this soooo bad! Someone buy it for me PLEAAASE! Pay-day treat also!?
CAT xo
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Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Beauty Sleep Update

I decided that it's been a while since my beauty sleep post in February, that I would write up a progression post. In my beauty sleep post, I spoke about my goal to achieve a fresher face, lose those dark bags under my eyes and feel more awake not only for a healthier look, but for a healthier lifestyle.


Firstly, I'd like to admit that I still cannot get out of bed earlier for the life of me. Someone needs to teach me how to wake up at 7am. Please? There's so much more I could do if I could! But despite that, over the past couple of months, I have learnt that any time after midnight is not a good bedtime and I'm now able to say to myself... "You need some sleep" and actually go at a decent hour. I've been getting my 8 hours minimum since my post now, and I have noticed my mood being lifted and feeling fresher and more awake. As well as a few other positives happening, this has helped my mood a lot.

On top of learning to deal with my sleep patterns, I started using a few products I feel need a little mention.:I've been using Nivea Visage Moisturising Day Cream and Regenerating Night Cream, every day for the past few weeks only. As well as that I am using Simple's Soothing Eye Balm every night and every morning for the past month. These three products in particular have helped me get the moisture my skin needs and rejuvenate my skin and de-puff my eyes. And seriously, working these three into my skin care every day has made a noticeable difference! My dark circles are gone and my bags are gone too. My skin also feels healthier and more awake!


In conclusion: my new found sleep routine and new skin care products have definitely improved not only my skin and got rid of those awful bags and tired eyes, but my mood has improved and I've been thinking more clearly. Of course, I've had some other things help improve my mood and sort out my messy head, like things falling into place, finding my organisation, and mostly having some amazing quality time with boyfriend. I think that just the fusion of all these and having the drive to do something about it, have helped me be a Happy Cat again!

I really recommend these three products I've mentions as they've really worked for me. And more so I recommend getting in your 8 hours sleep, as a littler sleep does you wonders!
Now all I need to do is to learn to wake up a littler earlier!
For now... Goodnight! XO

CAT xo
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Tuesday, 16 April 2013 Editors Choice Feature!

So I might have got a little over excited, I don't know. But I decided to sign up to Sunday and I've only posted two outfits, but today I recieved an email saying My Motel Feather Dress Outfit had been featured on the Editor's Choice homepage! Excited I decided to blog about this! I've now got a pretty diamond next to this outfit forever :) I love better than lookbook or chictopia. It's even got a super easy to use app! I think it's a great place to share outfits whether you're at home or out and about! And every fashion/style bloggers should sign up and get a little blog widget!
Not ever have I been recognised for style on the old internet so I'm loving that I have on Just a cheeky little snapshot of the homepage for you ;)

If you have a page I'd love for you to follow me here or link me yours so I can follow you!

CAT xo
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Monday, 15 April 2013

What Cat Wore: Motel Feather Dress

Dress - Motel *
Boots - Sperry Top-Sider *
Socks - Originally Primark & DIYed
On Nails - Barry M - Shocking Pink, Foil Gold, Black, Matt White, Pink Silver Glitter, Top & Base Coat

Ah! The sun was out yesterday and I thought it would be fun to share my outfit. I bared legs and was super happy about it! I can't believe it was sunny enough to go out with bare arms too... The spring is finally here!
I won this dress via a give-away a few months ago on twitter and I wish I could remember who from now so I could link them. But I love it and has become one of my favourite dresses as you can wear it any weather with tights or no tights. It's really floaty and although creased quite easily I don't think it's noticeable with it's elasticated waist at the back. My favourite dress in my wardrobe right now!
I made the cute little socks on a whim in the morning and I love them so much I think I might spike up a few more socks. I think they'll look really cute with my brogues too for that girly feel. I love mixing up my socks with my outfits! I know these are lilac and completely away from my monochrome look but... c'est la vie! Fashion rule broken.

What's your favourite dress right now?

CAT xo
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Sunday, 14 April 2013

April: 8 - 14

This Week: I painted my nails stripy, wore red lip tint, painted my nails neon, discovered my new favourite drink, bought things, drank tea this once, painted my nails again but prettier, made some spiky studded socks, and wore my hair bouncy.

This week I've been working my socks off, and as much as I thought my weekend was almost ruined it turned out to be pretty good! I really didn't do much this week as there's not much I can do with little monsters running loose around the house, but Friday luckily my mum helped me out by sorting out the evening to myself as I wouldn't have the evening with my boyfriend Saturday. We ended out going out for a lovely relaxing dinner and then came back home to relax some more.
Saturday I got the whole day to myself. I guess babysitting doesn't count as to yourself but in my world it does... And I don't think I have ever been that lazy in a long time. Sometimes a lazy day is needed to relax and feel normal again! And today, I spent with my boyfriend being geeks and eating chicken nuggets.

My life really doesn't get too interesting... And it depresses me a little when I write these posts. But I suppose when you've got routine what becomes different? To me, doing my nails and finding my geeky side again is new for me. I'm a little too into my Pokémon Black game at the moment and thinking of signing up for a WoW account. Yeah I said it! Mila Kunis plays it, so she makes it cool... don't judge!

I look forward to: blogging my new posts, starting my flat tummy mission and finally beating the damn Elite Four. (poké-geeks know what I talk about!)

CAT xo
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Friday, 12 April 2013

Wishlist #18

This week I haven't got much on my wishlist, but that's only because I'm seeing a lot I like around but it's a case of I love Spring/Summer fashion. These are just high on my wishlist this week :)

Bleach Acid MOM Jeans - I have loved these jeans since they hit the stores. I have a picture of my mum looking super coool in the early 90s wearing a baseball sweater, high tops and a pair of jeans that look just like these... My mum had cool hair too so she looked awesome... And now I just want a pair that look just like them, and these do! WANT ♥
Lita Platform Boot in Lilac - I may have a small obbsession with Lilac as a colour. I want everything in lilac, including a pair of disco pants I saw on but these Lita's are TO DIE FOR. I actually need them in my life. No lies.
Black Lace Overlay Dress - I tried this dress on the other day and the style is so pretty and it fits so well! I really love it and want it for work so I think I might have to get it :)
Casio Gold Plated Watch - I've been told off a few times for never knowing the time at work and to get a watch even if it's a cheap £1 one... But I can't just get a cheap watch... If I'm going to get something to sit on my wrist all day long I'm going to want it. And I've been wanting this pretty thing for a while... I love the classic retro look, and it's colour. It's perfect... And useful!
Thomas Sabo Turtle & Lovebirds Charms - I've had my Thomas Sabo charm bracelet a couple of months now, and I love it! I finally got round to seeing what other charms were available for it online and I found these two I liked in particular. They have symbolic meaning to me, so I'd love to have these clipped on to my bracelet any day :)
I need more lilac in my life. It's such a pretty colour.
What colour are you loving at the moment?
CAT xo
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Tuesday, 9 April 2013

What Cat Wore: Polka Dot Neon

Playsuit - Love Label via The London Lipgloss Giveaway
Belt - Off of a River Island Skirt
Jumper - F&F
Bracelet - Thomas Sabo

Today I thought I'd share Sundays outfit. I finally braved doing the jumper over dress (or in this case playsuit) thing and finally, the look worked with one of my outfits. Usually I look like a muppet who's trying to look cool when I do it, and I look in the mirror, say "nah", and opt out for a comfy cardigan. But this time I think it looked good enough to walk outside wearing the outfit.

I love this playsuit and always save it for the warmer days. And since this is probably the sunniest it'll get all year at this rate I pulled it out of the wardrobe to play! I won this on The London Lipgloss's giveaway last year I think? And I love it so much for the style, fit and polka-dots! I love the cowl back and it does get a bit breezy when it's windy, but now I know I can warm it up with this neon weird-weather-worthy jumper that I absolutely love wearing, I can wear it all year round! I love the fact that the legs are a little longer on this too; I haven't seen any playsuits like this, so it's a bonus for me as I can't really do this short shorts thing unless I'm abroad, on holiday.

Now I wish the spring would come and stay to play a little bit longer, and then let the summer take-over with full on sunshine and heat-waves.
No more snow please!

CAT xo
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Monday, 8 April 2013

Soap & Glory - Kick Ass Concealer

 So Boots did it again. 3 for 2 offers are killers. Aren't we all a victim of that amazing offer we all love and hate all at the same time!?

On my recent trip to a bigger Boots store I found the Soap & Glory make-up stand and ended up buying this Kick Ass Concealer three-piece kit. It comes with two compartments, one split into two different concealers; an all over face concealer, and a under eye brightening concealer. And one with a concealer sealing powder.

I've been using Kick-Ass Concealer for over a week now, and I found that my favourite part of the kit is the under-eye concealer. It found it brightens up my eyes, covering the dark circles well and helping my face look a little brighter. I use concealer under my eyes more than anywhere else so this is useful everyday, and it does do the job better than my previous concealers.
I found the all-over face concealer to be a little dark for my skin bearing in mind my olive tone. I also found it caking over my blemishes a little too much that you could tell where I'd applied it. It meant I used more foundation over those areas to cover-up the concealer, which I feel shouldn't be the case. I don't think I'll be using this as much as the rest of the kit, as it just doesn't do the job well enough for me.
The sealing powder was proved to be useful as it sets the concealer in place quite well. I never thought of setting concealer before applying foundation, as I find applying foundation over concealer makes it slide all out of place.

If I'm honest although I don't like the all-over-face concealer and will probably buy another one soon, I do really like the under-eye concealer and the powder. The colour wasn't spot on but as I won't be using much of the concealer, it's not much of a problem.
So conclusively, it's two thirds worth the money I paid for it. It was on offer so it was £7 rather than the usual £10. I don't think I'll be buying it again, but if Soap & Glory did do just an under-eye concealer, or a concealer setting powder, I would buy that. It has got a cool name for a concealer though... ;)

What Soap & Glory make up products have you tried?
I want to try One Heck of a Blot powder and the SuperCat eye-liner! 

CAT xo
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