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Tuesday, 9 April 2013

What Cat Wore: Polka Dot Neon

Playsuit - Love Label via The London Lipgloss Giveaway
Belt - Off of a River Island Skirt
Jumper - F&F
Bracelet - Thomas Sabo

Today I thought I'd share Sundays outfit. I finally braved doing the jumper over dress (or in this case playsuit) thing and finally, the look worked with one of my outfits. Usually I look like a muppet who's trying to look cool when I do it, and I look in the mirror, say "nah", and opt out for a comfy cardigan. But this time I think it looked good enough to walk outside wearing the outfit.

I love this playsuit and always save it for the warmer days. And since this is probably the sunniest it'll get all year at this rate I pulled it out of the wardrobe to play! I won this on The London Lipgloss's giveaway last year I think? And I love it so much for the style, fit and polka-dots! I love the cowl back and it does get a bit breezy when it's windy, but now I know I can warm it up with this neon weird-weather-worthy jumper that I absolutely love wearing, I can wear it all year round! I love the fact that the legs are a little longer on this too; I haven't seen any playsuits like this, so it's a bonus for me as I can't really do this short shorts thing unless I'm abroad, on holiday.

Now I wish the spring would come and stay to play a little bit longer, and then let the summer take-over with full on sunshine and heat-waves.
No more snow please!

CAT xo
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