Friday, 31 May 2013

Gillette Venus & Olay

Gillette Venus & Olay - Boots - £10.99
3 Pack Replacement Razors - Boots - £10.99

I don't think I've ever seen anyone review razors before, and after searching on Google for bloggers who have, I didn't find many. But thus, here I am reviewing the Gillette Venus & Olay razors because I think this is worth sharing about.
I bought this recently at my local Boots as I needed new razors and they were doing 3 free blades when you bought the razor which also came with a blade. Of course it was a winner with the deal because as we girls know, razors and replacement blades are damn expensive!
On opening I was amazed when it had a nice overlapping plastic flap at the back to take the razor out. This meant no fiddling with scissors to try and open it, which I absolutely hate about razor packaging! It comes with the blade, soft grip handle and in-shower holder.
The Olay Moisture Bars are made to lock in moisture with a skin conditioner in the bars as well as giving you a close shave with the 5 blades, so this sounded perfect, especially as I suffer with quite dry legs and irritation after shaving almost every time. At first sight this looks quite alien with the Olay Moisture Bars at either side of the 5 blades. It looks quite chunky and I started doubting whether this was worth it and if the shave would be to the standard I'd expect and is promised in the description.
So giving this a go, I was surprised! I used it in the shower as I normally would any other razor and was amazed at how soft and smooth the blade glides along and I had to check it was actually working because it really felt like it wasn't! The moisture bars left a lovely coating of skin conditioner which felt amazing on, and  makes the shave glide ever so softly. Perfect for dry or sensitive skin! The shave proved to be exactly as promised too which was lovely! Close and clean.
The only thing I wasn't too impressed with was how much product comes off the bars. If you're like me and love your hot water, then this is going to come off your razor quite quickly. Judging after use, I think I've got another two or three uses out of it before it dissolves away, and I'd expect something more like six? I'm not sure how many uses is expected from this product unfortunately. But luckily I got the free pack of 3 razors with this so I've got a few more uses.
End results proved to be as promised again! Once my legs were dry I noticed instantly that my legs felt softer, smoother and moisturised! I didn't expect it to be quite as obvious, and more of a gradual result. I think it's a bit of both, but I still was very impressed. I think with the deal in Boots this was worth the money. I think I paid £10.99 for this? And I really loved the results. I'm pretty sure I would buy it again, as it really works and does what it says on the pack!

For a product that offers smooth moisturised skin and a close shave: Would you try this?
CAT xo
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p.s. it's taken me all night to write this as I've been watching #BGT catch up from last night and tonight. Voting for Francine Lewis all the way! She's hilarious and different from all the other acts!

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Happy 3rd Blog Birthday ♥

Hello happy people of the internet! Today I'd like to share that I have been blogging for three years! That is a long time in blog years!

I'm not going to do the whole why I started blogging and the story thing as I feel I did that the last two mile stones, and now I'll just be going blah blah blah about the story. But I will say a little bit about me and how I am about blogging in the present and future.

I still really love blogging. I feel that only this last year I've found myself in the blogging world as a fluffy beauty/fashion blogger who blogs about random life happenings at the end of the week, and about random bits here or there. And I am happy to be that sort of blogger as I'm sure I'm not the only one! I'm not perfect, I'd always hoped for lots and lots of followers and to be amazing at this, but in honesty I don't have the time to keep up and make 100% effort, and make this the big thing I'd love it to be! But I love it as it is and just being a part of the community of bloggers, reading your lovely comments, and amazing blog posts is more than enough.

This year I'm making a little more blogging effort for my blogging year resolution. I want to take more outfit photos and I want to share nail art, write honest reviews and share make-up looks! I always think, "oh I could blog this later", and then I never do, so I want to turn those oh I coulds into oh I wills! (Oh, and I'm buying a tripod soon to help me with this.)

On a final note, I'd like to say thank you to all the people that have followed my blog, read my posts and enjoyed anything on my blog the last three years! Anyone who comments, and follows or reads means a lot to me, and I think it's important to share that. I know a lot of people say it, but it really does because it means something I enjoy doing is being enjoyable for someone else, and that just makes me super happy! So once again, thank you! And here's yet to an upcoming 4th year of blogging...

CAT xo
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Monday, 27 May 2013

Spontaneous Red Dip Dye

Hair Dye - Directions in Pillarbox Red

Last week I decided that I was bored with my hair. The all-over brunette that I dyed before had faded back to a dark ombre and although I loved my blonde-ish ombre, apart from being bored of it, I started to dislike it because everyone had or started to have it.
I was stuck between doing my dip-dye or going for some summer highlights. But thus, on a budget and finding my Directions hair dye that I had from the last time I tried to have any sort of red in my hair, I spontaneously decided red dip-dye was the one. It came to me, that it would fade eventually and if I didn't want it any more, that I could always go to the salon and do my summer highlights afterwards.
I love Directions just because they have a ridiculous selection of colours. They have a collection so vast you could colour your hair any way you like. You could have it green, pink, purple, blue.... I like that it's also ready to use, and you can just pop the lid back on and use the rest next time you need to. Like if you need to re-top the colour! It's perfect for me, especially since I'm loving my new dip-dye. It's a change of colour, and  a litte more fun! I love this red, but I think when I run out of red I'm going to get either Flamingo Pink or Violet! It's also super-cheap at around £3.95 a pot and re-usable. Awesome if you ask me!

Have you got a crazy colour hair dye company you use or know of?
I'd love to hear what ones you recommend!

CAT xo
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Sunday, 26 May 2013

May: 20 - 26

This Week: I wore neutral make-up, wore blue and white for the work charity day, got a bottle of coke with apparently "almost" my name on it, had a Saturday date night, recycled a CD unit for a nail polish one, and wore a fruity maxi dress!

This week has been a mini roller-coaster for me. I've been in all sorts of moods this week, but I'm finally feeling myself again. I had a great Thursday at work which helped me perk up as I'd spent most of the week being "meh". I was given really positive feedback on my work, which really helped boost my mood and motivation to keep bettering myself. It was from a very important person a little higher in the company so it really did mean a lot to me. And just this made my week from a bad one to a great one!
The rest of the week just got better, I had a pretty good weekend spring cleaning out my space at home and getting things done so I can relax for the rest of the week. And I was a very very good girlfriend today, and cooked my very first roast dinner for my boyfriend! I made roasted chicken with all the trimmings and the best of all apple crumbles for dessert. I impressed the man, and I could tell when he wolfed down his heaped plate!
Overall, I've finally perked up thanks to a few good things, and I can tell how much whatever was going on before affected me because I'm back to being my chirpy self: enjoying work and being happy about life, wanting to blog lots again and do all my girly pampering. I'm so glad I'm back to my normal self again - as normal as I can get!

Have you done anything different or fun this weekend?

CAT xo
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Saturday, 25 May 2013

Wishlist #24

I feel like I'm back now and getting back into my blogging. I've been taking photos of things to blog and also thinking about new blogging ideas and also I've floated around the idea of YouTube. What do you think? I had a little bit of a low in the middle of the week, but I perked up after a great Thursday and now I feel like I'm back to my normal self. Maybe I needed to hit that low to spring back up again! Isn't that weird?
My wishlist looks a little nautical this week! I'm love pops of colour and anything that's bright or a statement piece anyway. But I'm still loving my pastels tones, and dreaming of owning that lovely lilac dress from Miss Selfridge I posted about 2 wishlists ago...

Fan Flower Playsuit - I saw this recently in the Oasis window and fell in love with it! I didn't know Oasis did playsuits, but it's just really pretty with it's oriental styled print and I also love the style: it's fun and easy to wear. I wish I had the £50 to spend on it!
PREMIUM Paige Woven Boots - My red boots are ready for it's last walk. The heel is worn to and the colour is coming off not only the heel but the boot too. They're super old and I can feel the fabric weakening too. Maybe I need to invest in some pretty sturdy red boots like these pretties from Topshop!
Maybelline Colour Tattoo 24hr - I love my little pot of gold colour tattoo. The colour lasts all day, and vivid as when applied as well as lasting pretty long with minimal product for each application! One in each colour please?
Black Biker Stitch Jacket - I am finally admitting I need one of these in my life. I don't know what to wear when a cardigan isn't suitable, or a denim jacket. Or when it's not cold enough for a coat. This thing could save the day every time.
DESIGNED BY Peacock Wedge - I need a pair of pretty new shoes for my aunts wedding vow renewals in August. Now I know I shouldn't be stealing the show because it's her big day but I would LOVE to wear these for it. Or maybe buy them and eventually wear them for my own wedding whenever that may be. The new Miss Selfridge Designed By collection is absolutely to die for with their amazing white premium pieces!
Midi Bodycon Dress - I love a midi dress right now. Can I say that only owning one midi and a midi skirt? I think I can... I want another. This please?

What's on your wishlist?

CAT xo
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Friday, 24 May 2013

What Cat Wore: Side Split Tee Maxi

Side Split Tee Maxi - Topshop
Triangle Necklace - Primark

Working at Outfit involves wearing black to work everyday. Luckily we get a cheeky uniform allowance to spend in store on black work wear, and this time round I bought this maxi. It's perfect! With a little belt around the waist, I felt great in this dress. I felt relaxed in a t-shirt styled dress, comfortable in it's soft jersey material and excited by the split sides. On a warmer day, I'd wear this without tights, and outside of work I'd wear this with cute sandals or brightly coloured shoes. The T-shirt neck-line makes it perfect to wear high neck statement necklaces, and make this look even cooler. I bought this in a size 8 and it's really big still which I thought was a bit weird, but none the less I still love the fit.

Probably new favourite work dress!
Have you got a favourite work dress?
CAT xo
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Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Rimmel Stay Matte Powder - 001 Transparent

Rimmel Stay Matte Powder  in 001 Transparent - Boots £3.99
After hearing so much about Rimmel's Stay Matte Pressed Powder and having issues with my 17 Pressed Powder I thought I would give the much raved about product a try.
I bought the Stay Matte powder in Transparent as I prefer a more natural effect, and I'm not too bothered about coloured powders either. I've only had the product about a week now, but I'm absolutely loving it already, applying this over Maybelline Fit Me foundation or No7 Stay Perfect.

The first thing I fell in love with about this on application was the minimal amount of powder brushed off. Now I know this probably isn't the first thing I should notice but my 17 Pressed Powder lasted me the whole of a month just about, as it would puff everywhere with every swipe of my powder brush, leaving me with more powder on my clothes than my face. This does not do this, therefore being better already.
On application, I fell in love with this product again! It sets my foundation well into place and shine is reduced instantly to a lovely even matte coverage. I don't like having a shiny face or that glow most foundations give, so this is a perfect saver for any of those shiny moments. Application isn't needed often as it lasts quite well through the day. I love a product that lasts a longer time than the ride to work or stays put for am entire night out, as I don't like reapplying make-up through the day, so this is perfect for me. Though I do pop this in my bag in case I feel the need to re-powder my nose :)

I've never really invested in a high-end pressed powder, but after reading a few of other blogger's reviews this seems to be the budget girl's alternative at £3.99. And at that lovely price, this product is more than worth the money to me.

I think I might have just found my holy grail powder!
Have you tried Rimmel's Stay Matte Powder yet?

CAT xo
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Monday, 20 May 2013

Cosmopolitan Blog Awards 2013 - Nominate Me? :)

Okay, so the Cosmopolitan blog awards are back, and I'd love it if you gals wanted to nominate me for a blog award.

Either Established Beauty Blog or Established Fashion Blog maybe?

It would be lovely to be nominated, just because I love blogging, and it's my special little space in the big old internet world. I love sharing my thoughts and take on fashion and beauty with my readers. Everything from what I'm wearing and wishlists to beauty reviews and nail art! I haven't ever been nominated for a blog award, but it would be lovely if you did so! :) If you do nominate me, I hope you know how grateful I would be and thank you so much!

CAT xo
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Sunday, 19 May 2013

May: 13 - 19

This Week: I bought heart shaped sunnies, did some nail art, ate a Pastel de Nata, embraced my curls, won a twitter comp, spontaneously dip-dyed my hair, cuddled with my pup, wore my favourite trousers and had a lovely sunday!
This week has been a little busier for me. As well as being busy at work and the usual blah-de-blah, I had a couple more days with my cousin which we spent having some decent family time at home, or eating out at my mum and dad's chippy.
My weekend was jam packed with fun. Yesterday I went to see Fast and Furious 6 with the boyfriend and co., and it was really really good! I would see it again if I could, and I'm not like that often with films, and I like my films. Now super-excited for the 7th Fast and Furious film that's going to star the awesome Jason Statham as a baddie! Jason can't be a baddie! - He's always the goodie!
Today I spent having some quality time with the family and the boyfriend. We had the first BBQ of the year with Greek food and typical BBQ food to enjoy. We ended up popping over to the park a couple of minutes away from our house and played football on the field... Of course I won. But my boyfriend said he let me and my little siblings win... *cough* lies *cough* ;)
I also ended up dying my hair Saturday afternoon. I thought "what's the worst that could happen!?" and turns out I love my new red dip dye that I've been swaying on deciding whether to do for months! I'm glad I did because I love a bit of crazy colour! I'm using Directions in Pillar Box Red, and I've got enough to do it again a couple more times when it finally fades. I don't know how long it's going to last, so if you have any red hair dye recommendations I'd love to hear which ones they are! :) I might try pink when I finally get bored....!
Have you had your first BBQ of the year yet?
CAT xo
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p.s. apologies if this post is everywhere. I'm still working on my mojo. And it's late.

Saturday, 18 May 2013

Wishlist #23

I've still not got back into my blogging mojo and I don't like it. I'm not a depressing person, I'm a chirpy happy-go-lucky kind of gal. I've had all day today to motivate myself into getting back into blogging but nothing has happened. Literally have just sat in the sun all day... But I couldn't imagine not doing my weekly posts. I think I can manage that... Though my inspiration and motivation to write other posts is a bit on the lost side. I'll be back. I promise :)

Lotus Flower Celebration Necklace - Tatty Devine have some amazing jewellery, and if I wasn't so money concious about how much I spend on costume jewellery, I think I'd buy something. Especially this. I may have to treat myself to something in their shop one day :)
Audrey Lilac Dress - I'm looking for the perfect dress to wear for my aunts wedding in August. It's either got to be white or an orange/coral... I wish I could wear this amazing lilac dress from Jones & Jones. My lilac obsession goes on....
White Shapes Shoulder Shirt - I spotted this shirt on the Dorothy Perkins website whilst attempting to locate where you can buy my sunglasses online and fell in love with the print and the cut out shoulders. This would look cute with anything!
Neon Pop Circle Sunglasses - I now rock heart shaped sunglasses, so I think I could rock something a little more daring. Like these beauties? Yes please, I love the shape, the colour and the statement!
Mischa Razor Cut Backpack - As much as I LOVE my Warehouse bag, I'd love a bag that would be more suitable for days out and not so much carrying in my hand. This lovely minty bag from Missguided seems perfect. I can imagine taking this out to the beach, days out in London or to the park! It's so pretty :)
Danni Cork Wedge - Time to look at summer shoe investments. These would go with everything and remind me of the Primark ones I need to rid of because they're ruined... Boo. But it's a good excuse for a new pair of shoes! ;) I'm not going to complain....
I'm all pastelled out with my wishlists.
What colour trend are you into right now?
CAT xo
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Wednesday, 15 May 2013

What Cat Wore: Lilac with Love

Dress - New Look
Shirt (similar) - Dorothy Perkins
Sunnies (similar) - Outfit
Champion Dot - Keds
Just sharing a quick outfit post that I posted on on Sunday. Inspired by the F&F 7 days of summer challenge for the day which was Pastels, made me pull out my lilac dress and layer over it with my white shirt for a casual windy summers day. I also decided that I'd go a little 'Lily Allen' with my pink polka dot Keds that I just love walking in. So comfy and so cute and they go with everything!
As for my awesome new sunnies, I'd been eyeing them up at work for well over a month or two now, and I finally bought them after my nail-polish+sunnies-at-the-bottom-of-my-bag accident. RIP eBay wonders... I'm going to have to get another pair of those... But these are so cute, light and fun to wear. I thought I'd look really silly in them, but I don't think they're as ridiculous as I expected them to be! My new favourite accessory!
Speaking of ridiculous; It was ridiculously windy Sunday and now it's ridiculously miserable outside.
When are we getting a real summer?
CAT xo
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Sunday, 12 May 2013

May: 6 - 12

This Week: I read lots, bought my first Topshop polish, drank some fizz, cuddled a Dolly, went out on a date night, and wore a pretty pastel outfit!

I haven't been as snappy happy this week on Instagram, but I have been a little more active on the blog and twitter. A little social fluctuation going on there! I've also posted a couple of outfits on, one of which was editor's choice on Saturday! (Check it out on the sidebar if you like). I've got lots of blog posts lined up for the next few weeks, but after my little Wii remote accident, I'm holding off my lipstick reviews that I wanted to do this week because of my fat lip. That's what I get for starting to get active for that beach bod!
I've spent my evenings this week planning the next few weeks, I've got plans to eat healthier, start a little fitness regime, and ideas to open my own online boutique which I'm brainstorming names for. I've got lots going on in my noggin!
I also spent this weekend being super-lazy, dressing up and going out with my boyfriend. Yesterday we went to a lovely Turkish restaurant, and today we spent doing our usual lazy thing. Next week we're going to see Fast & Furious 6 which we're really excited about. Rita Ora, Southend, Cars, and the classic Fast & Furious cast!? Of course it sounds awesome...

Has your week been any more exciting than my average one?

CAT xo
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Saturday, 11 May 2013

What Cat Wore: Cats, Pandas & Brights

Blazer, Top & Shoes - Primark
Jeans - River Island
Eye Liner - L'Oreal Super Liner Gel Intenza
Lips - Natural Collection Moisture Shine Lipstick in Crimson

Tonight was date night with the boyfriend. We're desperate for next weekend as we're going to see Fast & Furious 6 as soon as it comes out! We decided to pre-book a table at a local Turkish restaurant that's only been open a few months but is forever fully booked! Luckily I booked a table earlier this afternoon for this evening and they managed to fit us in! They did say we had to be out by a certain time but we were out of there long before the time they would of started to rush us as their service was super quick! It was quite nice and reasonably priced so it was a winner for us.

I decided to wear an outfit that would let me show off my new shoes that I've been dying to wear for the last week! It was also raining so shoe choices weren't the best but I couldn't wait any longer... These pretties from Primark were only £12 and very different to all of my other shoes but I loved the style and coloured panels, so it was strange for me to like in the first place; Smaller and thinner heel, less shoe, more colour! Though a little difficult to walk in, as I'm always walking in heels that have full support, I love these. I will get used to it, because I know there's so many outfits I could wear these with!
I couldn't leave the house without an animal print so after choosing my light jeans and a cute white vest with a pretty kitty printed on the front, I layered over my panda blazer! I love this blazer and don't wear it often enough, it makes any casual outfit that little more outgoing and fun. I forget how much I actually can wear with it. I bought it on impulse and with over-excitement that pandas covered the thing! Best Primark buy ever. The shoes come second. Sorry shoes!

What's your best Primark buy?

CAT xo
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Friday, 10 May 2013

Wishlist #22

Falling in love isn't easy with fashion... Because falling in love with fashion is like divorcing your pay check every month. Luckily me and my pay check and my love of fashion have a mutual understanding that I have to live in a love triangle with both. So here I go again... Wishing.

Pleat Front Textured Skater - This came in my Miss Selfridge delivery today and the colour is to die for! The fabric is a lovely material too and with my lilac obsession at the moment this dress is dangerous. I haven't got the money to spend on you! I'm SORRY!
Albert Stone Victoriana Boot - Again, another Miss Selfridge item I keep oogling at work... I want this boot so bad. I disliked it when I first saw it but slowly I'm wanting it more and more... Maybe I'll buy it in the sale.
Elephant Print Joggers - A possible addition to my zoo wardrobe and a new found love of printed joggers and trousers?
Fluro Paisley Trousers - These trousers look amazing on the model on the Topshop website... They're a lovely cut and they look like they can be worn both casual and smart! Amazing colours too! 
Lotta Rosie Headband - I want to join the crown and glory hype but this lovely pastel coloured headband is sold out! Can someone buy me it when it's back in stock!?
Revlon Moon Candy - I want to try this! I love all the colours and I'm a sucker for pretty polishes with a fancy, fun way of applying and a little different to a normal polish. Has anyone tried the Revlon Moon Candy? What's it like and is it worth the money?
CAT xo
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Thursday, 9 May 2013

Ted Baker Blogger Competition #tedss13

Recently, the lovely people at Ted Baker launched a blogger's competition that they kindly let me know all about. I love Ted Baker, but I unfortunately don't own anything Ted Baker! I'd love to get my hands on one of their cute tote bags, especially this one, or even one of their overly-adorable sausage dog clasp purses which has been on my wishlist forever! I've spotted THIS beauty on the website that would work perfectly with the outfit I picked out for this particular competition!

The aim was to create an outfit using three pieces on the website to create your own style. I recently discovered what my style really is and should be my personal key statement and that is printed bottoms, with anything from florals to animals! So embracing my new found statement, I created an outfit that revolved around my colour obsession for anything bright, and my new love of anything printed from the waist down!

Top, Shorts, Sandals - Ted Baker

My vision behind this outfit was for an outfit you could wear day to night. This would be the typical outfit on my day off at the weekend. A day I would spend out enjoying the sunny weather... Probably a Sunday! It's  the sort of Sunday outfit I'd wear shopping out for the day, and then to the local pub garden for a lovely meal and some drinks in the evening.
It's also an outfit I'd wear to special occasions like parties or events. This outfit screams, this is Cat's style with the brights, the floral and the statement heels. I wish I had these in my wardrobe!
I love brights, and I love pastels so the mix of both in this pretty top is perfect. It's simple enough that you can easily style with these amazing shorts, covered in the most beautiful floral pattern! Tucked in or left out, how ever you would wear it for different styling, the combination of the two pieces just work so well in my world! I would probably tuck the top in to show off those shorts a lot better. Making this lovely outfit complete with these to-die-for sandals just makes me want this outfit more! Picking out the yellow in the shorts to combine with the shoes, help make the shorts more of a statement, and hold the perfect colour combination, with a perfect balance of pink, yellow and print. These heels hold key elements that are really in this season, with the neon bright yellow colour and a block heel!

Definitely my dream Ted Baker outfit!

CAT xo
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Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Maybelline Colour Tattoo 24 Hour

Maybelline Colour Tattoo 24 Hours - Boots

About a month ago now, I realised that I haven't really got any eye shadows or decent eye make-up palettes. Keeping this in mind when I went for a 3 for 2 offer at Boots I ended up buying myself this Maybelline Colour Tattoo 24 Hour to try as I've heard good things about it.

I'm going to get straight into it and tell you gals how much I love this already. I've been using this almost every day for the last month or so, and I will be more than religious on these little pots of magic forever now, and have decided I need them in every other colour!
I went for Eternal Gold in colour, as I have an olive toned skin, and with a tan I thought this would look even better in the summer. On application the colour comes out smoothly in a nice layer of colour, and it doesn't crease or smudge either which I find a bonus! I think I like that it's also so easy to apply as it's a cream, and I didn't think I'd like it, as I've always been okay with pressed powder shadows. But I thought there wasn't a harm in trying something new! 
I've been using this as a base with a slick of eye-liner, or blending a darker shadow  for a smoky eyes effect. It works really well for that and helps powdered shadows stick too and it is quite sticky product. I actually was worried about this at first when applied, but once it's dried it really does stay all day! So there isn't a need for an eye-primer either as it does stay all day without one.

I recently bought the 17 Wild Metallic Cream, thinking that this would be a cheaper dupe to this but I found it to be too creamy and sliding all over the place... I will do a review on that soon too as I don't want to go too much into it. I did think of doing a comparison post but I've had this post lined up for so long, I really wanted to finally post it!
With my busy days recently and being ill quite a bit with colds and Monday's vertigo, I haven't blogged anything and I hate not blogging for ages because it makes me feel out of touch, and out of the loop, as well as really guilty. But thus! My blogging mojo is coming back, and I've got lots to blog about. More beauty than anything else, but who doesn't love a beauty post! Watch out for lots of Soap & Glory, the 17 Wild Metallic Cream, some various lipstick reviews!

I'd love to know what you girls want to see on the blog, or if you have preferred posts?
Please comment letting me know!

CAT xo
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Monday, 6 May 2013

April - May: 29 - 5

This Week: I got an awesome T-Shirt, wore sunglasses, found my new summer drink, sat in the sun, ate a full english breakfast, tried on dresses, ate LOTS of sweets, clubbed it up and rode crazy roller-coasters!

This week has been a full on hectic one for once! A slow start, but with my cousin visiting over from Portugal we had a long weekend planned ahead! And what a weekend! I spent Friday in my new favourite pub with my family and boyfriend, it's an awesome little 'old-man' pub as we all called it but it was so lively, but also a really warm and cosy kind of place with no where to sit and drinks served until late! We'd all got ID'd for the first time in years too which is always hilarious in the moment strangely.
Saturday night was jam-packed too with a shopping trip to Watford where someone returned with 3 pairs of Primarni shoes (oops!), and a trip to a club in North London called The Stone Marquee. The gang and I thought the night was pretty slow starting and awful if I'm honest... But we made the most of it with drunk moments and crazy dance moves! I pretty much fell in love with my outfit and can't wait to wear it again, maybe a little more casual for a day trip...! I think printed bottoms are my thing.
Sunday then came along with a surprise first theme park trip for my cousin. She only knew where we were going when we got there which was a good surprise I think! It was super-super busy so we only went on the rides we REALLY wanted to go in. This included, Saw, Nemesis Inferno, Swarm and Stealth. Stealth had also left the weirdest spotty looking bruise on both my arms... I actually don't know how though. It was my first time on the ride too, and I thought it was just awesome!

So basically, I've had the craziest weekend, and I've got to say it's probably been one of my best weeks this year. Of course ranking under my Scotland trip, but still one of the best! What's your best week this year consisted of?

I'd write some more for this week's weekly update, but I'm logging off now because I'm suffering from a seriously delayed case of vertigo from looking at the screen for too long!
Goodnight! And enjoy your May Day girlies!

CAT xo
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