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Sunday, 12 May 2013

May: 6 - 12

This Week: I read lots, bought my first Topshop polish, drank some fizz, cuddled a Dolly, went out on a date night, and wore a pretty pastel outfit!

I haven't been as snappy happy this week on Instagram, but I have been a little more active on the blog and twitter. A little social fluctuation going on there! I've also posted a couple of outfits on WIWT.com, one of which was editor's choice on Saturday! (Check it out on the sidebar if you like). I've got lots of blog posts lined up for the next few weeks, but after my little Wii remote accident, I'm holding off my lipstick reviews that I wanted to do this week because of my fat lip. That's what I get for starting to get active for that beach bod!
I've spent my evenings this week planning the next few weeks, I've got plans to eat healthier, start a little fitness regime, and ideas to open my own online boutique which I'm brainstorming names for. I've got lots going on in my noggin!
I also spent this weekend being super-lazy, dressing up and going out with my boyfriend. Yesterday we went to a lovely Turkish restaurant, and today we spent doing our usual lazy thing. Next week we're going to see Fast & Furious 6 which we're really excited about. Rita Ora, Southend, Cars, and the classic Fast & Furious cast!? Of course it sounds awesome...

Has your week been any more exciting than my average one?

CAT xo
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