Sunday, 30 June 2013

June: 24 - 30

This Week: My dress for the wedding arrived, I was obsessed with purple eyeshadow, I wore floral trousers, painted my nails different, styled it like Lily Allen and tried to rock a floral headband!

So earlier in the week, I was excited when my dress arrived in the post for my Aunt's Silver Wedding. When it came, I noticed it was a slightly darker shade than I expected but it's still bright and blue, which is what I wanted, so I wasn't disappointed with it whatsoever. I tried it on, and loved it more instantly. I got stuck in it too because the back is laced up and I had to get my sister to tie me in! I also tried a pair of my highest heels on just to see what it would look like, and realised that the New Look heels I've still not worn since November 2011 work perfect with the dress! They're super-high and even still my dresses touches the floor! But at least now I've saved some money on shoes.
My week wasn't much more exciting than that, but I did have a lovely weekend, especially with the sunshine we're getting in London areas! Yesterday I went to have a Toby Carvery with the boyfriend and chilled out for the evening, since I didn't expect to be seeing each other today. We did see each other, but only for an hour as he was busy selling his beautiful car! But all for good reason :) And since the boyfriend was working and busy with other things, I decided to go shopping so I wouldn't have to drag my boyfriend around as much! (Aren't I a lovely girlfriend!?) Luckily my uncle wanted to go to, so I had a little company! I ended up buying a few last holiday bits and although I still have the Herts/Beds Bloggers Meet Sunday and a shopping trip with the boyfriend Monday, I think I'm done and I'm going to try not to spend any more money! I will be doing a 'High Summer Haul' post soon if you'd like to see that? :)

It was so super-hot and sunny today, I wouldn't be surprised if I've got a case of 'tanned driver's arm' tomorrow! Apparently hottest day of the year? I wouldn't say the weatherman lied!
How did you spend your sunny sunday!?

CAT xo
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Saturday, 29 June 2013

What Cat Wore: Floral Trousers & White Shirts

Trousers - H&M via Steffani Louise's Blog Sale
Shirt - Dorothy Perkins (similar linked)
Heels - Miss Selfridge (S/S 12)
Sunglasses - Outfit
Hey gals! So the sun came out to play today, and when I opened my wardrobe this morning and saw my floral trousers I hadn't worn since a while back, I knew I had to wear them again. I bought these when they were sold out off the lovely Steffani via Instagram! These are a lovely fit, and such a pretty print. Definitely  one of my favourite pairs of trousers. It was a little cold last time I wore these. I ended up with cold ankles,  and almost a cold, but they were perfect for today's weather. I've learnt to wear them a little better too, and loving my outfit resulted in the outfit post before you. I do apologise for the strange angle too... I left my little sister to take the photos instead of setting up the tripod, as this was just a quickie before I popped out to have dinner with the boyfriend. She's usually pretty good, so I don't know what happened there! Haha.
I love wearing these casually with my favourite summer shirt, untucked, sleeves rolled up. I spent the day in flats but swapped the flats for my favourite summer heels, making it a little more out-going. Again, I love this outfit, and I'm considering taking it on holiday with me!
Hope you're all having a lovely weekend!

CAT xo
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Wishlist #29

Jeffrey Campbell x Timberland - THIS amazingness was published as a sneak peak on Instagram by Jeffrey Campbell. SOMEONE tell me when the release date for this is... I'd LOVE a pair. I don't yet own a pair of real Campbells... I think these could be the first!!!
Tie Front Shirt - I love this shirt so much. Perfect cowboy or "Little House on the Prairie" style, and I remember my mum having one like this in white, which I think she still has too. But I am in love with it in the red colour. And it's pretty cheap for Miss Selfridge too at only £18!
Lauren Denim Polka-Dot Skater Dress - This is one of those summer dresses I live in! I have two dresses in the same style, skater, pretty back design and quite romantic looking. This one being denim would be a lovely addition, in my slowly growing collection.
Blue Burnout Floral Midi Skirt - Isn't it pretty? I love the blue... And I could imagine in with the red shirt, or a pretty white top for a nautical feel? I don't think it would suit me though, but I can imagine many ways to wear. Mostly looking quite 'Grease'. Thoughts?
Straw Cat Ear Bowler - I wouldn't be me if I didn't like quirky things like this! Oh how I'd love a hat with cat -like ears on it...

I know it's pay day for most of us. And I wish I could afford all these beauts but I'm saving my dollar for the amazing holiday I'm about to go on in the next couple of weeks!
Someone buy me all this please?
CAT xo
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Friday, 28 June 2013

Poundland Bargainista!

Okay, so today a Poundland opened in the shopping park where I work, and self control was lost when I was left to go in there and browse during my lunch. And of course, knowledge of the beauty products available at the best price of, surprise, surprise: a pound meant that I ended up spending... And buying this lot.

I didn't even know Poundland did brands and after seeing the Revlon nail polishes hanging there, my jaw dropped in shock and I bought five. From the picture above, left to right I have, Stunning, Minted, Classy, Craving Coral and Silver Screen. I've just tried them all, (as well including spilling Classy almost all down my duvet.... Major fail moment) and they're all amazing colours. They apply really well, but the lighter shades need two coats at least. I loved these the most, and will definitely be finding some more on next visits.
I also bought some other beauty related goodies. Nail gems as I almost bought some from work but after seeing these £2.50 cheaper, of course I wasn't going to be able to resist. Make up sponged and nail polish remover was much needed as stocks were low. I have a slight obsession with finding my perfect mascara so I bought one to try and I can't wait to give it a test run tomorrow.
And after I has passed the beauty products, I went for a browse of what I could get if ever I needed stacks of A4 paper, reading glasses, gardening tools, and so on. I bought those really cute ice cream cone car air fresheners as Upsy only has cute air fresheners. If they stink (which I don't think they do) I will be removing them and reverting to my favourite VW van one from Miss Selfridge. It smells of Marshmallow. And then of course sweets. I love curly wurlys... simple. And who doesn't go for the Poundland famous mishaped chocolates?

Share with me your Poundland favourites!
What is the best thing you've ever bought from Poundland?

CAT xo
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Tuesday, 25 June 2013

The Shopaholic Tag

Would you consider yourself a shopaholic?
I wouldn't personally, but I look like one when I go shopping. I feel like self-control goes out the window, and I find it difficult not to buy at least one thing.
How would you classify your style?
I would say, girly, bright and (almost) everything waisted with a love for print. Especially for little printed animals.
What store can you not leave without buying one thing?
eBay. Or Boots. I can't help myself... You're always going to need something from Boots and Primark is SO CHEAP. And eBay always has amazing dupes, which is what I find it a bargainista's dream online shop for...! Sometimes you can't bear spending £55 on that amazing Zara skort every blogger wants (including me!!!!) but you can spend £6 on a dupe! Hells yeah... And if someone knows if that seller who's selling dupes cheaply has the one white in stock again let me know!
Where do you find the best deals?
Again, Boots. The 3 for 2 on make-up and so on is just a killer for me. I always get something... And then I have the advantage card... Oh dear. I've nearly got enough points for a new perfume...!
What designer are you willing to splurge for?
I don't have a designer I have a love for to say I can splurge on as of yet... But I think if I had one, it might be someone like a shoe designer like, Kurt Geiger or Jeffrey Campbell.
Do you have a go to shopping outfit?
I don't have an exact outfit, but it is usually skinny jeans, Chelsea boots and a pretty top for style and practicality. You never know when you're going to try stuff on, and as much as it's a pain, I'll try stuff on because I hate the drive back to the place I bought it from... And I feel the guilt of taking it back too!
What is your guilty pleasure?
I think this would have to be shoes... I love shoes and I go through so many of them! It's like I can't walk properly or something but at the moment almost all of my flats are ruined. I seriously need to learn not to ruin shoes so quickly. But back to the question, I love shoes and I love all the different styles of shoes! I haven't got as many shoes as some people think I do, because I do throw them away when they are no good, no matter how much it hurts! If this wasn't my guilty pleasure, it would be dresses otherwise!
What is one staple clothing piece you cannot live without?
This is hard because I don't know what this is. I think it might actually have to be dresses. I love a dress because you can dress them up or down and they're suitable for most weathers! I think if I had to have a particular one, it would have to be my motel dress. It's definitely my most favourite, because I feel like I have lots of ways to wear that beaut!
What is a trend you hope never goes out of style?
Oh I hope that anything and everything waisted doesn't go out of style! It's a style that suits me best personally, but I guess it doesn't matter too much if it goes out, because I'd always be wearing things waisted!  I don't always always wear things waisted but it is my favourite style! But then again it does matter, because then they might not make anymore stuff for me to buy!!! Ahhh! Just that thought makes me seem like a I am a shopaholic :(
What trend did you love that passed way too quickly?
I always was a big fan of the cargo trousers. I thought they were quite sexy with a cute top or a white one for that masculine girly look! I'd love to find a pair and buy them to wear with bright heels and a cute top! I think there's a pretty pair in Warehouse actually.... hmmmm.
Who is your fashion icon?
I don't have a fashion icon. I think getting inspired from a few different people is what I do! I find bloggers inspiring for fash-spirations as I feel I can connect with them on a more "human" and "normal" level. (haha, normal...) With bloggers, we all wear, high street and online brands were all familiar with, and we're all at a level we understand each other at and don't feel like we couldn't achieve that look if we wanted to. Well that's how I feel. I wouldn't ever really look up to celebrities too much, because I can never tell what their style is, it changed so much. I can't even think of one it could possibly be! Oh well!
I don't think I'm a shopaholic. Doing this tag came to me yesterday when my boyfriend asked me if I had a spending problem, because I always seem to have something new. Compared to some people, I don't think I have a problem at all... Though I do find myself worrying that I do, and that I can't help myself ever. I do feel quite proud when I walk out of a shop with nothing... And with that being possible and often possible, I come to the conclusion that I am not a shopaholic, but that I like to treat myself at least once a month, or when I've done something successful! (That so sounds like a shopaholic's excuse doesn't it...? Oops!)
Have you done the shopaholic tag!?
I tag you to do it, and if you've already done it leave me your links below! :)
CAT xo
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Sunday, 23 June 2013

June: 17 - 23

This Week: I ate Nandos, got some goodies, didn't want to work (holiday please!), painted my nails confetti style, bought some bargainista shorts, had a doggie on my lap whilst getting my hair done, insta video-ed my breakfast, showed off my new hair do, and spit the bunk bed apart.

I'm sitting in my bed wondering what I did all week, and to be honest I've come across completely blank. I must have bee day dreaming so much about all the things I have planned I've glided through the week thinking it was dragging. And it did really.
I was looking forward to my weekend most of the time! I got my hair cut into a new layered style, getting rid of almost 3 inches of split ends and ruined hair. And I also got my hair coloured to a lovely mid brown with soft honeycomb like highlights, which wasn't the plan! The hair was supposed to go a lot lighter than what it did, so we put in the highlights afterwards. I'm glad I did because I absolutely love my new hair! Now I have a pretty fresh cut and a perfect summer colour!
Today I had a lovely day doing lots of little things at home, and being generally productive. I went to see Man of Steel with my boyfriend too, and we had a chinese buffet just before which was just yummy! The film was good, but to me there was too much pointless action, and although it was a good film, I'm not raving about it afterwards feeling like I want to talk about it and recite lines out loud. 7 out of 10 for Mr Clark Kent.

I'm looking forward to a hopefully quick week. I have plans to pop lots on eBay and hopefully sell them off quick, and also to write lots of posts I have queued up!
Have you got any exciting plans this week?

CAT xo
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Saturday, 22 June 2013

It's All Rumours, But Just In Case...

Okay, so this is getting a little crrrrazy!
I've heard all sorts about Google Friend Connect disappearing on the 1st of July. But after a little conversation on Twitter with some lovely fellow bloggers, we had come to the conclusion that it is just an out of hand rumour, and there is real knowing of what will happen next month. I for one bet that on the 2nd of July, Google Friend Connect will still be live. If it isn't it would just ruin all our efforts as bloggers in following, keeping up and reading ours and others' blogs. It would of been nice for Google to explain what's staying at what's going in the simplest of terms so we don't have to get into a full evenings worth of research about the future of the blogosphere, and letting us all start flapping about over the situation when we can find a solid answer! For all the efforts of moving over to the now much loved, BlogLovin', which in all honesty I prefer lots more, this better be the case! Haha.
I've also read blog posts explaining the situation, and I'm sure everyone's had their say about it, but I honestly believe that it isn't going anywhere, and after doing the whole switch I don't mind too much any more. But just in case I'm wrong...

Follow me on BlogLovin'!?
That's if you like my blog, and would like to keep reading of course! *insert angel face*

Leave me your BlogLovin' blog links below and I can follow you too! :)
I'm always happy to read new blogs and follow new bloggers!
CAT xo
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Friday, 21 June 2013

Wishlist #28

With my holiday just over two weeks away, I'm looking at things I'd like to take away with me and things that smell pretty too. Apart from the perfume and air freshener on my wishlist below I'm craving to own something coconut smelling. But I think I'm just obsessed with things that smell like summer and holidays! bring on the sunshine!

Estée Lauder, Bronzed Goddess - After watching Lily Melrose's May Favourites video on YouTube, I really want this. I've only heard great things about this and can't find it anywhere local to smell it. Hopefully though, I can see if I pick this up at Duty Free in a couple of weeks!
L'Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil - I'm going to my mum's friend tomorrow for a big hair make-over. Cut and colour! And I really want to look after my hair this time... It's going to be a colour I've never tried before and I'm hoping I'm going to love it! Bit scared! Argh! But this would be perfect to help keep hair looking amazing, and hydrated.
Red Lace Bardot Crop Top - This had just came in my delivery today and I was super excited to put it out for one of the newest Miss Selfridge trends I'm really excited about. I can imagine this on holiday with cut off denim shorts and some shin length gladiator sandals!
Silver Tone Embellished Cats Eye Sunglasses - I think I am in love with sunglasses that are out of the ordinary. I love these from River Island, and I want a pair of cats eye ones like these... Any cheap cheap dupes around!?
Sugar & Spice Air Freshener - Ooooh. I got these in my Miss Selfridge delivery too and it smells soooooo good! Like powder sherbet! I couldn't find it on the Miss Selfridge website but I did on the River Island one...! Mmmmm...
Mini Skort in White - OMG. I am dying for a pair of these! I'd love love love to get these exact ones but I might have to settle for eBay dupes. They won't arrive on time for my holiday to Cyprus but maybe for the hoiday to Portugal. Should I get them?
Jack Daniel's Vest - Ah, again. A shirt that would look awesome with cut off denim shorts! I love JD, it's my drink... of course mixed with coke as I'm a total lightweight. But it's a fave, and it's the boyfriend's fave too! ;) ♥

CAT xo
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Thursday, 20 June 2013

Nica Thea Satchel Bag

Recently, the lovely people over at gifted me with this beautiful pastel pink Nica Thea Satchel Bag. It was either this one, or the Vanessa Shoulder Bag in a dusty mint colour, just because I loved the colour so much, but always having wanted a satchel bag, I opted for this one, and gladly too!

Spending about two weeks settling into my new bag after having used my Warehouse bag since Christmas, I've just got used it and am growing to love it more each day. The Nica Thea Satchel Bag is a girly 'dusty pink' bag with a lovely soft faux leather and lined with the prettiest bright floral pattern. It is admirably soft to the touch, and has a high quality look and feel to it. I love the contrast throughout the bag, from the bright floral interior contrasting the light pastel exterior, and the beautiful croc-print panelling contrasting with the pretty leaf shaped cut out detailing and military styled buckles. It's got a touch of so many different trends, but working so well together in harmony, creating the sophisticated and feminine satchel bag you see here.

The bag is fully equipped with many pockets; something I disliked in my Oasis bag I bought last summer in attempt to find the perfect summer bag. I think because the two side ones were actually just one huge pocket. I was fooled... But nonetheless! I used to hate lots of pockets, and now I find them helping me become a little more organised in life! Especially with this one which is utilised with a standard zipped pocket fitted into a main open pocket along with a little phone slot (rarely used for a phone) on the other side. A smaller pocket in front, and a little flat drop pocket just seen when the bag is closed, with the pretty leaf shaped cut out design.

The sizing with this bag is almost perfect for the summer. I prefer a smaller bag in the summer, which is why I opted for this beauty, because carrying around a big bag when it's a little bit hotter is just a pain. The only reason for the almost is that although I manage to fit all my everyday essentials in here, I am well known for carrying way too much with me. Especially the useless things. I've learnt to carry less and take only what I need, but you always need space for any emergency needs like sun lotion, or a bottle of water, which here I don't have. I find myself organising it all to fit in nicely in the most compact way, and having no extra space for those often needed emergency items. This seems to be my only problem, and though my only problem it causes me to be unable to keep this bag closed with the magnetic clips on either side, under the buckles. This although I would like to point out is faulted to me for carrying too much stuff at once!

Though I would prefer this beautiful pastel pink bag to be a fraction bigger, it's going to be my summer bag the whole way through until the first signs of autumn arrive. It's beautiful colour makes every day a little bit brighter, and with my obsession with pastel colours at the moment and a holiday soon, The Nica Thea Satchel Bag will fit in nicely with my light summer wardrobe. do lots of other branded bags from Kipling to Fiorelli. And all at cheaper prices, making them very competitive in the market for these particular brands. They do everything from suitcases, to purses for all your bagging needs. I'd definitely get my next bag from, being so impressed with this one. I'm thinking maybe something along the lines of the Fiorelli Jade Large Zip Top Shoulder Bag, or the Fossil Hunter Shopper Bag for winter. What do you think?

I'd love to know: What bag would you buy from

CAT xo
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Wednesday, 19 June 2013

WHAT CAT WORE: Nude Lace Skater


Dress - Market
Cardigan - H&M (old)
Piano Shoes - Dorothy Perkins (old)
Colour Sensational Vivids Lipstick in Neon Red - Maybelline, Boots

I wore this outfit two weeks ago, when my lovely mum bought me this beautiful nude with lace detailed skater from the market for just a fiver. And the only thing that stopped me posting this was the state of my hair and face in these photos. I must of been having a bad hair and face day, with my hair might resemble something of a plate of noodles and looking like I may have been slightly ill in the face. Thus, I thought I would share it anyway as I loved this outfit, and I felt like I looked a little "poshed up" as it were. So here it is. Please, ignore the face!
My local market has the best fashion stall and although not that big, it's worth going just for this one. They sell lots and lots of nice dresses, tops and all sorts for a fiver, and if it weren't for the fact that I fail to do anything during the day on a Saturday, and have to look after my two youngest siblings, I may go to the market a little more. But this would also result in more dresses, less money and that wouldn't be great right now, so I guess it's not too bad. An occasional visit though always results in a few dresses, which happened last time. Three to be exact. Oh, markets are good aren't they?

Do you enjoy a good market?
Which ones do you like to go to?

CAT xo
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Tuesday, 18 June 2013

On My Sidebar |

So I thought I'd share with you my new fancy sidebar widget that I have installed today with you gals, as I think you'd like it very much. If you haven't noticed it's the lovely bright pink one at the bottom with all the amazing fashion brands related discount codes you can scroll through!

Love My Vouchers

My new pink widget supports! A website offering you lots of beneficial, and money saving discount codes to lots of the UK's online stores and websites like Glossybox, Missguided, Superdrug, and Paul's Boutique. Apart from these four lovely well known brands, they cover a vast and endless list of other brands and companies that put me in a mood to shop and save at the same time! There's going to be a discount code or offer for everyone with, whether you're looking for a gift, or whether your treating yourself to beauty products, or even a lovely meal out! There's going to be something for everyone. The best thing about the site is that you're going to find different places you didn't even think of looking! So it's a great place to be for money saving bargainistas like me and you!

As for my pretty new widget: It is always fresh and up to date, and sort of like a mini version of the website right here on What Cat Says, so you can scroll through the many discount codes available without leaving the page! At the moment I have fashion related discount codes up, but I may switch between health and beauty ones and fashion ones, so it's always worth a visit to see a little refresh for some new discount codes! It feels nice to know that I could help one of you lovely gals save a little, when you spend a little! I hope you take a moment to have a little look and see if there's a code or offer that tickles your fancy :)

CAT xo
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Monday, 17 June 2013

Tag: This OR That?

These tags have been floating around lots lately, and I love reading them. I want to do a few more, so I've decided to do the this or that tag. :) Enjoy!

Make Up:
Blusher or Bronzer: Oh, blusher all the way. I love having the flushed cheeks look! Though I do quite like a bronzer at the moment.
Lip-gloss or Lipstick: Definitely Lipstick! I have a fast-growing collection!
Eye-Liner or Mascara: As much as I love an eye-liner flick, I can do without it. I have days were I just like to wear mascara as it really opens your eyes! So I'd go for mascara.
Foundation or Concealer: Foundation! I could live without concealer because foundation alone can do at least half of it's job.
Neutral or Coloured Eye-shadows: Coloured all the way. I love neutrals, but I don't think I could go a lifetime without brights!
Pressed or Loose Eye-shadows: Pressed. Me and loose don't get on. I only just this morning had a conundrum with a loose one...
Brushes or Sponges: Brushes. Though I need to invest in new ones!

OPI or Nails Inc: OPI, I've not been too impressed with the Nails Inc ones I've got recently :S
Long or Short: Long! Oh how I wish they could grow to be as long as I want...
Acrylic or Natural: Acrylic. Because my long natural nails just don't happen.
Darks or Brights: Brights alllll the way!
Flower or No Flower: Flower? :P
Lotion or Body Butter: Lotion... I feel too sticky in body butter sometimes.
Body Wash or Soap: Body wash... I feel cleaner after body wash!

Jeans or Sweatpants: Jeans. Skinny ones preferably!
Long Sleeve or Short: Short. Long sleeves just get rolled up!
Dresses or Skirts: Dresses. I'd live in just those forever.
Stripes or Plain: Plain. Although I'm a print girl, I don't quite like stripes...
Flip-flops or Sandals: Sandals. Flip-flops are too annoying.
Scarves or Hats: Scarves because I have a lovely collection of them. I wish I had more hats though.
Studs or Dangly Earrings: Dangly ones :) I love statement earrings, especially triangular ones at the moment.
Heels or Flats: Heels. I love always feeling tall and glammed up.
Cowboy or Riding Boots: Cowboy. Though I don't have any!
Jacket or Hoodie: I used to be a hoodie girl, but I've converted to jackets now :)
Topshop or River Island: Topshop! I work there so I see the stuff all the time.

Curly or Straight: I love my hair straight though it's curly, and I love it anyway. So can I say straight since I already have curly hair?
Bun or Ponytail: Ponytail! I don't know why but I love them :)
Bobby Pins or Butterfly Clips: Bobby pins. Butterfly clips are too visible.
Hair Spray or Gel: Hair spray for my quiffs!
Long or Short: Loooong. I'll never cut my hair as short as I did ever again!
Light or Dark: I'm soon going to a mid brunette from my dark. But I'd never go blonde so dark!
Side Sweep Bangs or Full Bangs: I think I suit full bangs better.
Up or Down: Down! I'll always just end up taking it down mid-way through the day anyways.

Rain or Shine: Shineee! :D
Summer or Winter: Summer time! I love the sun!
Fall or Spring: Fall, it's always a little warmer and it's so festive!
Chocolate or Vanilla: Chocolate. I'm a choco-ganit.
Shower or Bath: Bath! I can't help but love a relaxing soak...
Comedy or Horror: Comedy! I love a giggle. And I can't stand horrors, they literally turn me into an insomniac!

I tag you all to do this fun tag too :)

CAT xo
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Sunday, 16 June 2013

June: 10 - 16

This Week: I organised my cupboard, wore some long lost tights, and a long lost necklace, felt fresh-faced, wore a cute outfit, watched the parade, ate some candy floss, bought the boyf' a present and sent this via Instagram to my Dad.

My week has been pretty standard. I hate weeks like this, where everything is boring and normal. I did although book my holiday finally! I am going to sunny Cyprus with the boyfriend for a week, and cheekily going to Portugal 2 weeks later :)
Talking of Portugal, if I haven't mentions before, I'm going to Portugal in August for my aunts 25th wedding anniversary and it's like a wedding as well as an anniversary party so it's all dressed up, church, the lot. And as a bridesmaid, I have to be as dolled up as possible! So I've been on the dress hunt, and finally found a dress to wear, and bought it too. Its off eBay so I'm a bit nervous about seeing it but I'm pretty excited too. I'm glad I have a back up dress just in case...! I've also bought a few holiday bits I'm trying not to wear or anything like that, just because I want them to be worn first on holiday. I've only got 3 and a half weeks to wait! YAY!

Have you book any holidays or have anything fun to look forward to?

CAT xo
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