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Thursday, 20 June 2013

Nica Thea Satchel Bag

Recently, the lovely people over at Bagable.co.uk gifted me with this beautiful pastel pink Nica Thea Satchel Bag. It was either this one, or the Vanessa Shoulder Bag in a dusty mint colour, just because I loved the colour so much, but always having wanted a satchel bag, I opted for this one, and gladly too!

Spending about two weeks settling into my new bag after having used my Warehouse bag since Christmas, I've just got used it and am growing to love it more each day. The Nica Thea Satchel Bag is a girly 'dusty pink' bag with a lovely soft faux leather and lined with the prettiest bright floral pattern. It is admirably soft to the touch, and has a high quality look and feel to it. I love the contrast throughout the bag, from the bright floral interior contrasting the light pastel exterior, and the beautiful croc-print panelling contrasting with the pretty leaf shaped cut out detailing and military styled buckles. It's got a touch of so many different trends, but working so well together in harmony, creating the sophisticated and feminine satchel bag you see here.

The bag is fully equipped with many pockets; something I disliked in my Oasis bag I bought last summer in attempt to find the perfect summer bag. I think because the two side ones were actually just one huge pocket. I was fooled... But nonetheless! I used to hate lots of pockets, and now I find them helping me become a little more organised in life! Especially with this one which is utilised with a standard zipped pocket fitted into a main open pocket along with a little phone slot (rarely used for a phone) on the other side. A smaller pocket in front, and a little flat drop pocket just seen when the bag is closed, with the pretty leaf shaped cut out design.

The sizing with this bag is almost perfect for the summer. I prefer a smaller bag in the summer, which is why I opted for this beauty, because carrying around a big bag when it's a little bit hotter is just a pain. The only reason for the almost is that although I manage to fit all my everyday essentials in here, I am well known for carrying way too much with me. Especially the useless things. I've learnt to carry less and take only what I need, but you always need space for any emergency needs like sun lotion, or a bottle of water, which here I don't have. I find myself organising it all to fit in nicely in the most compact way, and having no extra space for those often needed emergency items. This seems to be my only problem, and though my only problem it causes me to be unable to keep this bag closed with the magnetic clips on either side, under the buckles. This although I would like to point out is faulted to me for carrying too much stuff at once!

Though I would prefer this beautiful pastel pink bag to be a fraction bigger, it's going to be my summer bag the whole way through until the first signs of autumn arrive. It's beautiful colour makes every day a little bit brighter, and with my obsession with pastel colours at the moment and a holiday soon, The Nica Thea Satchel Bag will fit in nicely with my light summer wardrobe.

Bagable.co.uk do lots of other branded bags from Kipling to Fiorelli. And all at cheaper prices, making them very competitive in the market for these particular brands. They do everything from suitcases, to purses for all your bagging needs. I'd definitely get my next bag from Bagable.co.uk, being so impressed with this one. I'm thinking maybe something along the lines of the Fiorelli Jade Large Zip Top Shoulder Bag, or the Fossil Hunter Shopper Bag for winter. What do you think?

I'd love to know: What bag would you buy from Bagable.co.uk?

CAT xo
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  1. oooh, lovely bag! love the colour and the pretty inside! xo


    1. Thank you! It's definitely a lovely colour isn't it? :) XO

  2. Such a beautiful bag, I love the metal detail! I have a chocolate brown satchel from Nica and I absolutely love it.

    1. Thank you, It's really pretty isn't it?
      I think Nica are a great brand, I love the styles they have :) XO

  3. Gorgeous bag, and in such a pretty shade :)x


    1. Thanks Debra, it's definitely a lovely colour! I'm glad I chose it! XO

  4. very sweet and practical pink satchel bag! <3

    Check out my new post featuring SUCK IS FREE label launch in Sydney! :)

    1. Thanks :) It's definitely pretty and practical!

      Your post sounds good! I'll check it out :) XO