Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Maybelline, The Mega Plush Mascara

A mascara for us women, defines the final and most important touch to all of our make-up looks. We all look for our perfect mascara, and this may be my new favourite. I bought the Mega Plush Mascara when it was first released, and it's taken me until now to blog it. I don't have a decent enough excuse, but yet here are my thoughts on it, and how it looked with a simple gold liner and red lips:

At first, I wasn't too sure. The wand has a flexi brush tip, and I found it strange to apply. It took some getting used to, but once I got used to the brush, I loved it. There's no lash tug, gliding softly and lightly onto your lashes, which feels super-comfortable to apply! This flexi brush, together with Maybelline's first gel-mouse mascara, is a perfect combination, and does create the 'plush' look, giving you fuller, longer looking and more defined lashes!
The gel-mouse mascara is an amazing formula that means that the product doesn't flakes, or brittle on your lashes. And this was the winning feature for me. I hate brittle and flaky lashes with a passion, and find it to look quite unattractive when it starts to do so. We all know mascara removal is a pain, but this product doesn't seem so hard to remove, as it has less wax in the formula which usually is difficult to remove from lashes.
I think the things that make this mascara for me, is not only has it got a great formula, but I've grown to love the caressing flexible brush tip and the delicate, but defining and full lash effect. It feels delicate and light too, which means it's comfortable to apply and to wear.
I didn't think when I first bought and tried it, how much I'd love it eventually, but I really do. I use it almost everyday unless I want something different like a thicker or false lash effect, so for an everyday mascara this is my favourite by far, and I would definitely buy it again. Love, love love!

Have you tried the Maybelline Mega Plush Mascara yet?
What are your thoughts on it?

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

What Cat Wore: Aztec Harems

Harems - Borehamwood Market
Crop Tee - Miss Selfridge
Flatforms - Primark
Necklace - Queens

Though the weather has fluctuated from dry heat waves to 10 minute monsoons, I'm still keeping my summer wardrobe out! I wore this out Sunday shopping with my uncle (again) and then to my boyfriend's for dinner and chilling. Technically I didn't wear the shoes shopping because I'd bought them that day and got so excited, I took my outfit posts, post to shopping wearing them. I'd been looking for a pair of flatforms just like these for months at a price I wouldn't mind paying, so I was ridiculously excited when for just £12, it felt more like a steal!

I'd got the harems the day before after I got jealous of my mums ones. She bought them Tuesday from the same stall, but in a different colour. And at a bargain price of a fiver, I wasn't going to pass them by! (Though my boyfriend kept calling me Aladdin in them.) I wore it with a simple black crop top as they are quite high waisted, and threw on my big dolly necklace given to me by my cousins who've got a cute accessory boutique in Portugal. It was weird, because I never thought I would ever wear a crop top, I didn't think I'd ever be brave enough to do so, or think I would ever know how to even wear it right, and now I love them. I know, I'm a little late on the bandwagon.
I loved this look and can't wait to wear it again... I'm a big fan of comfort and style all at once. It's the best, and makes you feel super confident and happy!

How would you style these harems to suit you? :)

Sunday, 28 July 2013

July: 22 - 28

This Week: The boyfriend took me for a drive in his sexy new car, I did a little shopping, experimented with my make-up lots, ate a ridiculous amount of junk food and re-vamped the blog!

I've had a more interesting week for once. There was a day at work where we had a power cut for about 2 hours, my boyfriend had got his new car in the middle of the week, and I shopped a bit due to the pay day weekend!
The week went by pretty quickly. Next thing I knew it was half way through the week and the boyfriend had just come back from picking up his new car. We were both excited to finally go for a drive in his newest auto-mobile and basically spent an entire evening in the car, which I decided should be called Jeffrey for his many features and functions. It's like a butler car, really. One step away from Kitt. (80s/early 90s kids should know what I mean.)
Pay weekend bought on a night out on Saturday and a little shopping today. I bought a few cute things, mostly from Primark and Miss Selfridge, including a cute pinafore playsuit, a numbers tee, some cute socks, flatforms (!) and finally the pug duvet set which I am enjoying being in right now. Most of these will of course, be featured on the blog at some point in the coming month. I love shopping a little too much I think. I love the idea of having new things, and nice things, but go overboard with it.

I look forward to: Going away again on Thursday, Enjoying my time about in Portugal, and relaxing whilst the family are away on holiday (though I am meeting them out there for 5 days!)

What's your take on the weather? Glad it's finally rained?
I missed the breeze mostly, I love a cool breeze on a hot day.

Saturday, 27 July 2013

Wishlist #31

Check Crop Top - After buying some lovely smart dunagrees on my uniform yesterday, I'm lusting over this crop top I saw in my break down of Miss Selfridge's new trend Rebel Doll, to go with it. I'm obsessed with the trend bringing all new style, flooding with English heritage and a St. Trinian's style! I've been a big fan of tartan print since Scotland in March, so I may have to invest in this to make the outfit I'm dreaming of come true!
Miaow Boots - I've kept my eye on these for a good few years now, after spotting them in Schuh. I love them, and think they would be a great investment, but I'm not one to spend £100 on a pair of boots. I may have to though, because I've wanted these a long time and I'm not going to stop wanting them any time soon!
Lace Panel Playsuit - This cute number caught my eye at work the other day. Red seems to be coming back quite quickly, with all the new A/W 13 trends coming into place, and this would be an amazing Christmas Time number for those special occasions! *ehem, my birthday*
Ted Baker Dachshund Clasp Purse - Again, another piece I've wanted for a looong long time, and it's not on the Ted Baker website anymore! I need a new purse, and a cutie like this would be perfect! It's the little dog clasp as well as the print that's won me over. SOMEONE buy it for me pleaaaase!!!!
Maybelline Baby Lips - I've seen almost every blogger rave about these and I want to be in with the hype! I love a good lip balm and these look fun! I'll have to pre-order them like everyone else!
Gosh Kohl White Liner - I've recently bought a pink liner, and a gold one. Realising I haven't got a white one either. I do but it's rubbish... And I'm really pushing my eye make-up recently trying to create lots of looks and perfect my make-up application. This would do nicely in my make-up collection!

I'm going to have to try and find that Ted Baker purse. I'm loving it, and is top on my wishlist!
What's top on your wishlist at the moment!?

Thursday, 25 July 2013

Would You Rather Tag: Beauty Edition

I've gone a little off track with my blogging. There hasn't been any real 'Cat-Time' since I've been back from Cyprus and with Portugal only over the weekend I'm too busy in the fast-lane of life to even think about the blog! But when I'm back I'll be right on it, along with a full-over blog layout make-over and fresh content out of my little notebook! I can't wait.
But for now, I did a Beauty Tag I found lots of fun! I tag you guys to do it too :)
Would you rather lose all of your mascara, eyeliners, lipsticks, and lipglosses or lose all of your palettes and eyeshadows?
I think I would rather lose all of my palettes and eyeshadows. I think as much as I love them, I think losing my eyeliner and lipsticks would fundamentally ruin my finished face each morning! I could do without eyeshadows for longer!

Would you rather chop all your hair or never be able to cut it again?
I would never cut it again! Too easy since I only ever have about 2/3 cuts a year at the most! I cut it all off once and I will never do that again...
OMG. Short Hair Cat.

Would you rather and a coral cheek or a pink cheek?
I think for my complexion, a coral cheek. I adore a pink cheek, but I have been in awe for a coral cheek recently, and find it suits my tanned olive skin better.

If you had a £1000 to spend, would you rather buy clothes or make-up?
Clothes. I think this was too easy. Just because clothes are worn everyday and I would know how to spend  it, better and definitely more quickly! Just send me to the right place and I could blow that dollar. I think I'd run out of stuff to buy with £1000 on make-up!

Would you rather apply lipstick as eyeliner, or eyeliner as lipstick?
Weird question. I think lipstick as eyeliner? Haha, who said a pop-colour eyeliner wasn't cool!? Plus imagine black lips all the time. No.

Would you rather shop at MAC or Sephora?
Clearly a question aimed at the Yanks, as I've never seen Sephora here so I think it would have to be an easy MAC! I love MAC, I just think it's too pricey. That's why I don't own anything but the Archie's Girl lipstick I reviewed on my blog earlier on this year.

Would you rather only use one eyeshadow colour or one lip colour for the rest of your life?
I would rather use one eyeshadow colour forever, because you'd choose one that suits every look like a subtle but sexy gold for my skin-tone and ready for any day or night time look! And I love swapping between lip colours most so I think I would hate having to wear one colour forever.

Would you rather wear winter clothes in the summer or summer clothes in the winter?
I pretty much wear my summer clothes all year round so I think summer clothes in the winter. I just layer tights on top most of the time!

Would you rather have dark nails or bright nails all year round?
Bright nails! Easy. Anyone who knows me well knows I'm a bright nailed girl through and through unless I'm feeling a grungy dark day here or there.

Would you rather give up your favourite lip product or your favourite eye product?
Hmmmm... My favourite lip product at the moment is my Maybelline Color Sensationals and my favourite eye product is my L'Oreal Black Buster Super Liner. I think it would have to be my eye product just because I can easily create a look without it though I'd miss it so dearly! My lip products make me happy wearing them too!

Would you rather only be able to wear your hair in a ponytail or a messy bun?
I'd live in a ponytail. I already live in a high pony most of the time that I need my hair out of my face, and I can't stand dealing with the hell of taking out my messy buns. I think ponytails suit me better anyway :)

Would you rather never be able to paint your nails again or never use lipgloss?
I'm not a fan of lipgloss, but I do wear it from time to time. And I loooove painting my nails, so I'd rather never be able to use lipgloss again without a doubt!

Would you rather shave your eyebrows and have none at all or Sharpie them in everyday?
OMG. I don't know.... I'd say as an artist I could Sharpie them in perfectly so I would say that. I don't think I would suit no eyebrows too, since mine are pretty big! Haha. Definitely Sharpie then... Just because I would look weirder without eyebrows!

Would you rather live without make up or nail polish?
The hardest question until last... And it's a hard one. Uh-Oh. I have quite an extensive nail polish collection and I hate a day without make-up on my face, so it's a choice that tears me apart! I am swaying more towards living without nail polish... Just because bare nails look good when taken care of and I think if they were bare all the time they could potentionally look in a better state than they are now. I don't know what I would do without make-up... I would look "URGH" all the time!!! I couldn't live without it. It would have to be nail polish. I'm sorry collection :(

Have you done this tag yet!? Share your links, if you have or do do it!
Also, let me know if there are any other fun tags to do :)

CAT xo
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Monday, 22 July 2013

What Cat Wore: Zara Skort Dupe!

Vest - Primark
Skort - eBay (exact link!)
'Barely There' Heels - Primark
Necklace - DIY

I was so happy to have the Zara duped skort I ordered on eBay arrive almost a week before the day it was due to arrive. I'd bought the skort as soon as I saw the white one was back in stock on the cheapest and most popular stockist's listings a few weeks before, and couldn't believe it when it had arrived early! It meant that I could take it away with me on to both my holidays, and with it fitting like an absolute glove, I was super excited to wear it. I'd heard a lot of blogger's hype on the Zara skort and loved it since I'd first seen it, and so me being the bargainista that I am eBayed for a dupe, and at £3.99 I wasn't going to complain. I was even more impressed with the quality when it arrived and is completely worth it! I may have to get a black one too now...
I wore it with a graphic vest from Primark that I thought would look lovely tucked in and being limited on shoe choice settled for my barely there styled heels from Primark. They were a bit colourful for this outfit, but actually looked alright, adding a little pop colour on my feet!
I wore this for our last night out in Cyprus, and we ate traditional greek dishes and settled for a Haagen Dasz dessert in the Haagen Dasz restaurant. We almost fell to pieces after stuffing our stomachs to the brim with ice-cream and all sorts of toppings, and was in pure shock when the boyfriend couldn't finish his. So sickly, but so amazing too.

Have you fallen for the Zara skort hype!?
How do you wear yours!????

CAT xo
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Sunday, 21 July 2013

July: 8 - 21

These Last Two Weeks: I started gearing up for days off with summer drinks, designed my holiday nails, found my ring from Tenerife, spilt tea on my cute travel outfit, had an amazing holiday with my boyfriend, saw pretty sights there, ate ice cream, took lots of photos, got the CUTEST welcome home picture from the littlest bro, was missed by Dolly dog, realised how blonde my hair got, insta-advertised the blog, wore my new perfume lots, had costa with my auntie and enjoyed my last day off! *PHEW*

Wow. So my last two weeks was the only time I've had off since Scotland earlier on in the year. I spent the whole time with my lovely boyfriend, rekindling love, enjoying time off together and generally being that couple we absolutely adore being. Unfortunately work calls, and we have to go back, but not all is bad with going away AGAIN next Thursday to Portugal for a big ol' family wedding! I'm not going to talk much about my holiday since I posted about it all HERE earlier on this week!
Before we were away I didn't do much other than sorting out holiday things and painting my nails since I destroyed them over the weekend. It was also my little sister's birthday so we went to Wimpy for dinner since she was adamant that's where she wanted to go. God knows why, but we all know we won't go back again!
After our amazing antics in the sunny island of Cyprus, being on the beach, swimming in the sea, eating all sorts and chilling in an air-con'd house we had allllll to ourselves, we came back and ended up relaxing together for the last few days we had off. We even ended up up in Peterborough, and the boyfriend bought a car! It's lovely though... I can't wait until he brings it back home. Girlfriend always claims the passenger's seat as her own :P We took a day off away from each other yesterday, and spent today getting back to normal and though disliking the reality of things, enjoyed it lots with episodes of The Zoo caught up and Top Gear.

I've had a mental and amazing last two weeks and I can't believe I've still got more to look forward to next week!
Have you done anything exciting these last two weeks? Or are you looking forward to something?

CAT xo

Saturday, 20 July 2013

Wishlist #30

Croc Chain Purse - I've been needing a new purse for a while now. I've been using the same one since December 2011! Unless I decide to re-vamp the outside of my current one, I think I'll get this pretty one, again from Topshop since I love them so much!
Lisa Cut Out Boot - I've wanted these for quite a while and I think I've wishlisted these before. I still love them and want them so much, even though they are white! I might have to get them eventually... And in black too?
Blush Proffesional 120 Colour Eyeshadow Palette - Another item I've longed for a period of probably 2 years? I saw Pigments & Palette's using this in a tutorial once, and since then wanted it. I may have to finally get it rather than trying to purchase every colour separately!
Panda Face Bodysuit - Just too cute right!? I love this so much and I haven't got a bodysuit since my last one has stretched out to unwearable conditions. And anything with an animal on it right!?
Dog Quilt Bomber Jacket - Thus explaining this wishlisted item. With winter being back possibly next month, or whenever I will need a nice jacket to wear between the transition. I love this little dog print on it, and just seems so nice and simple as well as printed to chuck on top of lots of outfits from, casual top and jeans to pretty day dresses!
Thomas Sabo Globe Charm - This could represent about half of mine and my boyfriend's best moments together, and what we love doing. Adventures, travels and exploration of the world. We aim to do lots of travelling before we settle down one day :) It'll be lovely to have this charm to represent a shared love of travel and exploration!
L'Oreal Matt & Messy - I've started to miss the salt in my hair, though it's only been 3 days since I was last sitting on a beach. It's got an amazing look to it, and the texture is lovely! I'd love to create a more tame beach look... I've wanted this, again for a while and may have wishlisted it before. I haven't seen it in stores though. Might have to be an online purchase...
Bioderma  Sensibio H2O - BLOGGERS HYPE. I think this is one of those things I won't regret getting, and totally worth the viral YouTube/Blogger's hype we have going for it. Have you tried this yet?

I apologise for my rubbish writing. The heat isn't helping, because I can't concentrate.
And whilst finishing that sentence, getting attacked by the monster truck of all moths.... AHHHH. Gotta go.
CAT xo
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Friday, 19 July 2013

What Cat Wore: Laced Up

I wear:
Dress - Miss Selfridge
Shoes - Miss Selfirdge
He wears:
T-Shirt - Supremebeing via USC

DAYUM. It's hot today isn't it? The ONLY reason I'm complaining is because I've been in the car most of the afternoon driving. All for good reason since the boyfriend just bought the sexiest car everrrrrr.
So this is one of the outfits I wore on holiday! I wore this out to Hobo's Steak House at Larnaca's Beach Front, it was a lovely meal and in fact probably our best night out, since the food was amazing and half way into our holiday, we were at our peak of being relaxed and in the holiday spirit.
I think this was probably my most favourite outfit of them all. I'd bought this dress from Miss Selfridge, along with the shoes on their 20% off the sale price event a few months ago, and I got a cheeky staff discount on top so these ended up being super-cheap. I love that it's a lovely creamy white colour, it's simple, loose and not something I'd usually go for since it's not sintched in at the waist (I think that's the right word) but I really love it and is one of my new favourite dresses! It's got a cute girly double layer at the bottom and for a petite dress I found this quite long on me! I wore it with my lovely Victoriana Albert boots which I'd eyed up since it turned up on the delivery one week, and when they dropped in the sale they had to be mine. I wore it with the boyfriend's 'Del Boy' chain, and voila!

What's the last thing you bought out of your usual style but you loved?

CAT xo
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Thursday, 18 July 2013

What Cat & John Did: Cyprus 2013

Looking more tanned than I could imagine, I'm back from a lovely relaxing holiday to Cyprus with my man John. I thought it would be nice to share some pictures so there will be quite a few since we had the loveliest time! I wasn't as snappy happy this year. We were so relaxed and happy just chilling in the house, on the beach and adventuring together, that we didn't think about capturing those memories in pictures. But thus we caught a few good ones, and that's all you need :)
So here is my holiday, categorised for easy reading and looking, from our adventures, food, sightings and clothes! 

We went for a lovely long week, and we stayed at my parent's house that they have out there that they kindly lent to us for the week. It was lovely to have a place to call our own and with the air con it was lovely after days at the beach. We hired a car for our week out there and got a lovely little Corsa that we spent a lot of time adventuring in.
Most days we were sitting on the beach and sitting at bars or restaurants relaxing. We took a day trip to Ayia Napa and didn't really like the scene for the type of holiday we were going for, so we drove on and found Cavo Greko, not far from Ayia Napa's main area where there were pretty cliffs with caves. There were a few people visiting the sights, and we'd walked a little while along the cliff coast and found a nice secluded area that we sat in for a bit just laying down, relaxing and listening to the waves below.

Food is a big thing on holiday. And we ate a lot of it! I am a dessert girl at heart, and of course, ended up taking more photos of our desserts than our dinners! It was too dark most of the time for dinner photos anyway, and I don't think a flash was appropriate at the best of times. We ate somewhere different every day. Bennigan's, Hobo's and Haagen Dazs was amongst the favourites, Hobo's the favourite for the boyfriend as he loved their famous steak dinners. Haagen Dazs for me, for their over sickly amazing desserts.
Breakfasts were at home, we went through 3 loaves of bread eating toast every morning, and with a bakery and supermarket not more than 3 minutes away we had varied it with doughnuts, eggs and bacon.
I also had a favourite cat. Cyprus has probably got about 2 cats to each restaurant and this one pictured above loved me, and was the sweetest cat, though begging for a bit of my burger. And I thought he was the cutest of them all.

Me and John are sightseers and love a good castle. We visited Larnaca's small castle, and though not very impressed by it's history was a good pace to take pretty photos. It had pretty flowers and trees inside, a lovely rooftop for looking at the view. It wasn't the best but it was a small €1.70 a person to go in and have a look, so it was something to do!

We saw a few street art pieces. Most of which I saw passing by in the car, so stopping to take a photo would be silly, but I did see a few shopping and these two were my favourites. Obvious Banksy inspired pieces, but I still liked them as I did some similar art myself for my Fine Art degree.

I wore a lot of new clothes, and although I didn't photo all of them, I will do outfit posts on the ones I did and I'll probably wear them again a similar way. The same was for John, he wore a week's worth of cool new T-shirts including one with a squirrel on, the Tasmanian Devil and some with provocative ladies! Some things I never thought I'd see him wear!

It was in all one of our most loveliest relaxing holidays. Being away from responsibility and reality and being away from time limits was an amazing feeling. Also having a house on our own was nice too, because we could do as we pleased without worry. It felt like a long week too, rather than one of those short ones.
We both wish we could go back for a little longer but we still have Portugal to look forward to now, so it's not all clouds and rain. I can't wait to be away with him again, because me and my bunny lad always have a great time! (holiday joke)

Portugal in 2 weeks!
Have you been or have a holiday to look forward to?

CAT xo
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