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Saturday, 27 July 2013

Wishlist #31

Check Crop Top - After buying some lovely smart dunagrees on my uniform yesterday, I'm lusting over this crop top I saw in my break down of Miss Selfridge's new trend Rebel Doll, to go with it. I'm obsessed with the trend bringing all new style, flooding with English heritage and a St. Trinian's style! I've been a big fan of tartan print since Scotland in March, so I may have to invest in this to make the outfit I'm dreaming of come true!
Miaow Boots - I've kept my eye on these for a good few years now, after spotting them in Schuh. I love them, and think they would be a great investment, but I'm not one to spend £100 on a pair of boots. I may have to though, because I've wanted these a long time and I'm not going to stop wanting them any time soon!
Lace Panel Playsuit - This cute number caught my eye at work the other day. Red seems to be coming back quite quickly, with all the new A/W 13 trends coming into place, and this would be an amazing Christmas Time number for those special occasions! *ehem, my birthday*
Ted Baker Dachshund Clasp Purse - Again, another piece I've wanted for a looong long time, and it's not on the Ted Baker website anymore! I need a new purse, and a cutie like this would be perfect! It's the little dog clasp as well as the print that's won me over. SOMEONE buy it for me pleaaaase!!!!
Maybelline Baby Lips - I've seen almost every blogger rave about these and I want to be in with the hype! I love a good lip balm and these look fun! I'll have to pre-order them like everyone else!
Gosh Kohl White Liner - I've recently bought a pink liner, and a gold one. Realising I haven't got a white one either. I do but it's rubbish... And I'm really pushing my eye make-up recently trying to create lots of looks and perfect my make-up application. This would do nicely in my make-up collection!

I'm going to have to try and find that Ted Baker purse. I'm loving it, and is top on my wishlist!
What's top on your wishlist at the moment!?