Saturday, 31 August 2013

Wishlist #35

Repeat Pattern by Fifi Lapin iPhone Case - How cute is this phone case? I've been shopping new ones for when I finally upgrade to my iPhone 5 in January. Does anyone know if I should wait in case they do like a iPhone 5S or a iPhone 6?
Strawberry Balmi - This looks cute in it's spherical casing! It's a little different for a lip balm and I like that :) And like a cheaper version of EOS but not by a lot. I like the flavours better for Balmi. I may buy the strawberry one. They just look so easy to use and perfect to pop in your bag!
Blue Tapestry Jacquard Trousers - Slightly obsessing over trousers now. And these look lovely for AW13! I can imagine wearing it with the swing top next to it...
Blue Metal Trim Racer Back Swing Cami - Yup this swing top! I love that it's so pretty and simple with a cute metal detailing. I'm looking into investing more into plainer more wearable tops to go with my printed trousers. 
Vivienne Westwood Derby Purse -  I'm looking for a new purse in my life. Again, I've had the same one for 2 years and I need something to replace it with! I think either this pretty one, or this Ted Baker one would do nicely!
Floral Playsuit by Lashes Edit - I love a playsuit and this is a great all day playsuit swapping our flats for heels! I love things you could wear all day like this...! It's so versatile, and the print on this one is lovely.

I'm starting to become more sensible with my clothing, wanting more versatile pieces!
Does this happen when you get older, haha? >.<
CAT xo

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

What Cat Wore: #CharityWeek

Cami, Jeans AND Shoes - Cherry Lodge Cancer Care Charity Shop

My whole outfit is from one charity shop head to toe! Looking for a cute outfit for this post, and also for a bargain I picked up this up quickly on my lunch today for under £17 in total! Not bad for an in-style cami (£3.49), a pair of Topshop skinny jeans (£3.49) and a brand new pair of heels (£9.99)! It's a perfect outfit because it's an 'all day' outfit. Just swap out flats from the day for heels in the evening!
The thing I love about charity shops is that you're always going to find, bargains, high street items gone vintage and always a hidden treasure. In this case, the whole thing is a bargain, the jeans are Topshop and the shoes I found right before I left. They're beautiful and when hoping and wishing it in my size, I saw they were labelled size 9, and my heart sank. I then realised they looked too small for a size 9, slipped it on and found out it was a true size 7! MY SIZE! It was fate: unworn and brand brand new. I was so excited, I went back to the cash desk there and then and bought them. My hidden treasure.

It's amazing that this lot cost me such a little amount of money compared to shopping full price high-street. There's so many things you can find in a variety of charity shops, and where I live there are about 7-8 charity shops dotted through the high street, all with their own bargains! I have my favourites but I've found hidden treasures in all of them. I do forget they are there and about the many things I can find. This outfit right here has made me want to charity shop some more, and I can't wait for my next rummage!
My best buys have been not only this whole outfit but also a scarf print skirt from Primark, a tunic I jazzed up with rhinestones, and a Lipsy dress I like to wear on nights out.

I think everyone should give charity shops a chance. So if you have a local charity shop, see if you can find yourself some hidden treasures too. Not only do you get something but you donate money at the same time! They've always got something different every week or so, so it's worth regular visits! My favourite ones are the Cherry Lodge Cancer Care charity shop and also All Aboard who distribute the donations to a group of charities they support including GOSH, and they always have some good things! If you'd like to donate to these charities, click here for Cherry Lodge Cancer Care or go to the All Aboard website and donate to the charity you'd like to donate to that they support!

CAT xo

Monday, 26 August 2013

Aug: 19 - 25

Last week has been particularly emotional for some odd reason. I'd been having a frustrasting one and sometimes you get those, so excuse me for being a grumpy cat. Last week, in attempts to cheer up, I spent most of my evenings relaxing, from painting my nails to attempting to draw. After losing a love of art, I'm find it hard to sit down and draw again but I've been slowly regaining it, so I'll be drawing lots more soon I hope. Baby steps. I need some real inspiration to start up again and find my style. Not good for someone with an Art degree.
I've also been spending my lunch times outside the staff room for a change. Spending so much time in one place feels like you're going to go mad, so a solo trip for a sophisticated pig out at Costa was in need, and John also met up with me one lunch and we had a McDonald's, which was very fat of us...! (We must stop!) *hehe* But getting out for lunch and having a change of scenery helped cheer me up and made the day lots better. John also cheered me up after a bad Thursday with a pretty plant to put in my room. I never had a plant to look after, apart from my mum's many many orchids so it'll be nice to be responsible for something, even as small as a plant. But isn't it pretty and exotic!? :D
I also went to see We're The Millers in the cinema last night and I have to say it was totally worth going! It's hilarious, and I was very sceptical about how good it actually was until I went. But it was a great film. We went with a couple of friends too, so it was nice going with another couple for extra company!
This week I plan on having geeky game sessions with my boyfriend, and giving my uncle a lovely birthday weekend by taking him to the zoo for the first time on Sunday. I know it's for him but I love the zoo, and I can't wait myself! Haha :)

CAT xo

Sunday, 25 August 2013

Save Water - #CharityWeek

Charity Week continues and today's task is to write about Saving Water. I do a few little things to save water where I can, much these weren't born out of the 'saving water' state of mind. I make sure I've turned the tap off nice and tight when I've finished using it because I hate the sound of water droplets, but it also helps save water. A dripping tap will lose about 90 litres a week, so by having a little pet hate I guess I save 90 litres a week! That's good right? I also give the plants around my kitchen the rest of my water if I haven't finished my drink, or if I've used it just to clean vegetables. It's not going to hurt them, so it's a better use of the water that would have otherwise been poured down the drain.

I've also calculated my water footprint on the BBC website here to find out how much water I use, and where I could be saving on it. I would like to mention that there is 6 people living in my house so we use a fair bit of water. After calculating our water usage I was shocked to find out that most of our water usage comes from taking a shower, and using the toilet, which are everyday essentials.
I already shower instead of bathing because not only do I prefer it, but it saves a whole load of water especially with 5 other people fighting for the shower too. This Water Footprint Calculator also told me that, even though we are a large household, we use an average of 123 litres per day when the UK average is 155. But to explain a little less, here's a screen shot of my results:

On a more personal level I think that I don't do enough to save water where I should. Things like running the tap when I brush my teeth. I'll be investing in a small tumbler to rinse from. I've also read the BBC's A-Z of saving water to see if there is anything else I can do that I don't as well as for more tips. There isn't much I can do alone, but to turn the tap off when brushing my teeth instead of letting it run is a first.
I also liked the idea of keeping a jug of water in the fridge so you won't have to run the tap for a cold glass of water, and I also like the idea of putting ice cubes in plants when you've accidentally dropped them, so they'll melt into the compost rather than throwing them down the sink.

In Britain we're lucky enough to have a safe and clean water supply constantly running, on tap at any time of need. Other countries aren't lucky enough to have this sort of luxury we take for granted. Frank Water Projects help set up sustainable community owned clean water project to the poorest communities in India. 2 Water does a somewhat similar job in Malawi, Zimbabwe, Ghana and Mozambique, creating borehole and water pump systems in an attempt to end water poverty worldwide, starting with the people who need it most. Don't forget to donate to these charities (click on the named link) if you want to help people who don't have the luxury that we have of a constant safe, and clean water flow. Even the smallest donation can help.

Saturday, 24 August 2013

Real Techniques Eyes Starter Set

Recently in Boots they had the most amazing special offer going! Buy anything two items in the Real Techniques collection and get the cheapest half price. I've always wanted the starter sets for both eyes and face and with enough points on my Boots Advantage Card I was able to buy them both on the deal with my points! I saved myself £33 that day, and I pretty much got my Real Techniques Brushes for free!
I've been using these over a week now and I don't know how I was doing my make up before... Especially with the eye starter set.

The eye starter set comes with five brushes, all labelled so you know what each is designed for. From left to right on my images, we have: the Duluxe Crease Brush, Base Shadow Brush, Accent Brush, Pixel-Point Eyeliner Brush, and last but not least the Brow Brush. Being totally honest I've not used the eyeliner brush yet, just because most of my eyeliners come with the wands already, but I may test it out with my L'Oreal Gel Intenza Eyeliner soon.

The brushes come in an easy to use case that doubles up as a stand so you can use your brushes easily to hand. I'm currently using the cases but may pop them into storage, as after a much needed make-up organising session I'll be popping them in my brush pot for easy everyday access.
I've already got my favourite brushes here. I'm particularly favourable of the crease brush and accent brush. I'm a fan of colourful eye-shadow designs, so I'm always creating either colour clashing eye designs or smoky coloured shadow designs, and the crease brush is great for contouring, adding the darker colour to the crease for a smoky definition. I also like using it to build up colour around the outer corners.
I love the accent brush for under the eyes, and adding darker or more vivid tones in places where needed. Under the eyes I always found difficult and attempted many times using a brow brush for this, but my new accent brush is small enough to create the effect I want without a problem.
As for the other brushes, I had a brow brush before, but this one seems to work a lot better for me, I usually use it for shadows being applied to the outer corners of my eyes. I love this one to fill the gaps in my eyebrows though. I don't usually fill in my brows as they're quite thick and dark anyway but I have a gap from a childhood scar that make them look ridiculously odd all the time, so this is perfect for making my brows a little more defined and even.
The base brush is as simple as, it adds a lovely even layer of a base colour. I like this for blending too as it's soft and fans out a little.

I really love these brushes, and I've had so much fun with them already. I feel like all my make-up looks since have looked so much better than they would have been, had I used my other brushes as per usual. I have the Model's Own starter set of brushes, and though I do still like them I prefer these, and am really getting into applying my make-up with brushes. I am still an amateur with brushes, but I'm quickly learning their benefits and properties, especially with face brushes more than eye ones, and for that I'm also going to review the face starter set too, which I love just as much as these. And just to show you, here's two looks I've created with the brushes since (you may have seen these already if you've got me on Instagram), the first being the most recent and the second image being the first look I created:

I did watch Samantha Chapman from Pixiwoo's tutorial on using these brushes on the Real Techniques YouTube channel to help me learn how to use these brushes, and it's an amazing tutorial. I suggest if you buy these, or want to buy these, to watch this at some point because you really learn what these brushes are for and the many ways you can use them.

Have you got this starter set, and what do you think of them?
And do you recommend any other Real Techniques brushes in particular?

Friday, 23 August 2013

Wishlist #34

Red Check Smart Trousers - Oh. I'm so obsessed with the check trend. I've just bought into some check monochrome pair of cigarette trousers after trying them on for fun. I fell in love with them. Ideally I'd love these to join them... I absolutely LOVE tartan print. I think I may have said this in the last three wishlist posts...
Oversized Solid Shirt - Oh yes. I saw this in my Miss Selfridge delivery today and knew I would have to get this at some point. It's exactly what I've been looking for in a versatile shirt. To go with my pinafore playsuit, jeans, my denim skirt, my gold pencil skirt... Oh the possibilities!
Knitted Sleeve Jacket - Okay. So I'm not a khaki person, but I've always wanted a khaki jacket and after trying this on since I always liked the knitted sleeves, I loved the fit and I liked the style for a lovely casual jacket between summer and winter.
Light Wash Patchwork Kiss Denim Skirt - This one's a cutie with the 'kiss' belt, high waisted-ness and pencil fit. I love the style and I wouldn't mind having two styles of denim skirt to prance around in!
Floral Dress With Long Sleeves - This pastel dress with long sleeves looks perfect for the winter. I love the collar and though I'm not sure if I would suit it I find it cute and colourful! Buy it for me please? :)
MINI Block Heel T-Bar Shoes - Shoes shoes shoes. I go through them like I go through socks. I swear I walk funny to make mine wear down faster! Either way, these are cute for everyday wear. I have one too many heels in my collection and I haven't got many everyday shoes. I think I fee a flat shoe phase growing.
Black Two-Tones Chelsea Boots - A pair of boots to add to the collection. I would of wanted a pair with a cut out but as much as I love the trend, I don't think it's for me. Either way, my collection of boots quickly condensing, because they're all knackered. I think I need start again. Starting with these very versatile booties from River please!?
What's on your wishlist?

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Give A Smile - #CharityWeek

First of all I bet you're wondering what Charity Week is? This Charity Week was set up by Elizabeth at Elizabeth's Fashion, and the aim is to help raise money in our own ways. She's taken a group of us bloggers to take part in Charity Week, and set us tasks to write posts about particular set topics which last two days for the rest of the week! You could win gifts by checking out Charity Week on Elizabeth's blog so head over there now to see how you could win a some gifts!
The week starts off with giving a smile, how we've given someone a smile.
Only this week, I made someone smile. Not in a charitable way, but still for a good cause: to make someone happy. My mum in fact. She needed a little bit of cheering up, (whether she would admit it or not) after working one too many hours recently. So I decided she deserved something to make her smile, and tell her in the simplest way, "we love you, and we appreciate everything you do, and we care about you". This simply was said in bunch of flowers left in the living room for her when she got home. She didn't believe it was for her, until I told her they sincerely were and I got the biggest hug! A simple yet beautiful bunch of pretty pink flowers was enough to make her happier than I thought it would. And making her smile, made me smile. Mum are important, and sometimes we need to let them know how important they are and how much we care on ordinary days rather than just on Mother's Day, Birthdays or Christmas.
For Charity Week make someone smile too, whether it be starting with charity at home, or to a bigger cause like:
Spread A Smile who help children who are seriously ill and have to stay in hospitals for a long time. Donate to help them keep their mind away from their troubles.
Or Winston's Wish, who help children through the tough times of passing immediate family such as parents and siblings. They help these children smile, through the toughest times.
What these charities do are for the children, but they make these children's mothers and fathers happy. If someone donated money to help your child in their most desperate time of need imagine how happy you would be. This is why I've chosen these two Charities to be linked in with this post today! Click on their links to donate, even just the smallest amount... Because you could make someone smile if you did.

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

What Cat & John Did: Brighton Pier

I've been a very busy Cat this last month or so. It's not often I get to do these What Cat Did posts, and I recently thought it would be nice to include the boyfriend's name in this post since he's a big part of my life and we do a lot together. I think it's a nice thing, and I think he likes it too :)
So on Saturday we ventured down to Brighton with his family. I'd never been out properly with his family, so it was a new experience for me and I got to get to know everyone and talk to everyone a lot more. I had such a good day, and so did John! It did rain a little bit towards the end and was really windy, but we didn't let anything stop us :)

When we arrived we all headed down to the stony beach and had a little sit down. We'd just had an hour long journey from London, so chilling was in order! We enjoyed the fact that we'd finally arrived, and a couple of us walked down to the sea for the view. There was a small wave that had reached a lot further than the other waves, and got so close to our feet, we almost got all our shoes wet. Typically, I got caught and had a slight wet foot, but it dried quickly due to the strong winds I'd like to believe!

After a while, we all ventured on to the pier where we walked the length, and entered the arcade to play games, 10p machines and attempt to win teddies. There was a lot of 10p machine love, I think I enjoy them a lot more than I do the games, there's one especially. A Pac-Man one, where the coins drop down and when falling through a coloured fruit trigger the video game in the centre and add coins to your game!
We all also got frustrated with a little grab machine who wouldn't give out. The entire family tried to grab this little minion a little too many times! And once getting frustrated we left and started becoming irrational when it came to winners. Closer to the end of our trip, John's dad walked up with a minion to hand and gave it to me. I was like a child when I saw it with wide eyes thinking "omg how!?" and thanked him lots for winning it!
John's brother had also won a Sweep from Sooty & Sweep that was pretty cute. SO at least a couple of us had got something for all our efforts!

After having been on the pier, we started looking for a place to eat and found a fish and chip shop opposite the beach area we had been sat at and we all had line caught cod and chips. It was really nice food, and lovely to have everyone sitting down for a meal enjoying the company, the view and the entertaining seagulls who'd decided to bin dive for dinner!
After that a trip to the lanes to find the favoured fudge shop for fudge of course, and visit Choccywoccydoodah. We found the fudge shop where all three brother's had stocked up on their favourite types of fudge, and I had bought a sugar mouse. I don't often like to buy fudge, because I won't eat the lot since it is well too sickly for me. I find this weird though, because my sweet tooth is almost beyond compare! I think I'd just rather have my fudge IN my desserts rather than alone. After that we found Choccywoccydoodah not too far away, and they had a beautiful display of The Wizard of Oz themed cakes! It was a little hard to take pictures of the cakes with the shop window glare, but I managed a few and upon entering I found the place crowded with people amazed by the sights, as was I! I loved it all, the chocolate, the art, the sweets! I was going to buy something but I couldn't justify £9.99 for even just a devil shaped chocolate lolly or a bag of chocolate drops which was a couple of the most popular and cheapest items available.

After visiting the lanes, and doing all the things we had wanted, we went back to the pier for a little while as it had started raining quite a bit. We enjoyed a few more arcade games, sat down for more tea but eventually headed back to the cars to go home, all feeling worn out and ready to sleep!
I was so happy to have been invited and to have gone out with everyone. I had the loveliest time and lots of fun, and I hope everyone else did too!

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