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Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Are You Ever Happy With Your Wardrobe?

For most of us girls, we chase the dream of achieving "The Perfect Wardrobe", but what is the perfect wardrobe? It's a question that came to mind not too long ago whilst shopping, and then lingered in my mind whilst at work, mostly. Working in a fashion retail environment, I've become accustomed to hearing the same phrases said by woman after woman, as well as friends, family and including myself; "I've got nothing to wear", "I need something new to wear", "I wish I had a better wardrobe". The list goes on, and this made me wonder: are we every happy with our wardrobes?

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My conclusion is simple. We aren't ever happy and probably won't ever be. There are a few lucky ones, who do love their wardrobes and I envy them, and most of the time would love to steal their wardrobes they're so amazing. But the perfect wardrobe is almost impossible to achieve, is it not? We may love it at one time, but it's not long before you feel it's outdated or you grow bored of it.
With the trends changing every season, hypes, must haves and personal style changing more often than not, each addition will only be loved, liked and then archived to your fashion history until you decide it is time to say goodbye to that piece, or you have a new found love for it when you find it again, tucked behind everything else and remember how much you used to love it.
I'm no different, also being haunted by my own perfect wardrobe dream. I wish I had all the clothes I could dream of in my wardrobe, one of everything. From versatile pieces, staple pieces, statement pieces, one off's and memoirs. I long for having a "one of everything" type wardrobe, or the wardrobe with versatility. A wardrobe where I have that chiffon shirt that I can wear with anything, the polka dot dress perfect for day wear or the beach, the jeans that will never fall apart, a top collection I will never get sick of and a wardrobe full of colour coordination! These are just prime examples of the many things we look for in our limited wardrobe space. We don't want just one of these things, we want all of them.
But trends change, and we try to keep up. And so do our opinion of what's fashionable and what's not. Our style develops, moves on. We can't keep up all the time. We're not all millionaires and we haven't all got walk in wardrobes to fill. It's clear that it's almost impossible to have, because our idea of this perfect wardrobe is eventually going to change, and will change more often than we expect.

If we can't have the perfect wardrobe, I think the only thing we can do is love them for what they are, and what we've built them to become. They all represent our own styles and our fashion history. They are the things we loved and the things we are loving as well as portraying our individuality and personalities! I know I will never get my perfect wardrobe, so instead I will do what I just said, and love mine for all that it is. I'll always add pieces in, I'll maybe say goodbye to some, but I'll love it for all that it is.

Will you do the same?

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  1. This is a great post and so so true. I adopted a "one in one out" policy when buying new clothes so my wardrobe is left with things I love. Of course.. I always want new things and but since my new job and having more income I've been able to buy pricier things which seem a bit more special and I want to keep and wear the more.

    Karys x

    1. I'm glad you liked it! I try to do that but it doesn't work. I don't think my wardrobe is big enough too too be honest though!
      I noticed now that I can afford pricier things I like those better and become staple pieces! Agree competely!

  2. Great post! I'm never happy with mine. I do know what my dream wardrobe looks like but just can't ever seem to get it right. Do I give up? I think so :)

    Great blog too! Following on GFC, BL and shesaidbeauty xx


    1. I don't think anyone knows what it looks like but if we could all start again and get all the things we wanted we would know... But it wouldn't be for long! Haha XO

  3. This is so true, I am always thinking how I have nothing to wear even though I have drawers stuffed full of clothes that I have worn once or twice and decided I didn't like. I think the best thing is to buy a few items every few months and throw away old ones you don't like anymore, that way you can keep on top of it all :-)
    Loved this post! x

    1. Almost every girl is in the exact same position and it'll never change! I do that almost every day and I wear black to work every day!
      I try and throw some away but I think I'm a mini hoarder....! Haha!
      Glad you liked the post :) Thanks for commenting! XO