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Monday, 26 August 2013

Aug: 19 - 25

Last week has been particularly emotional for some odd reason. I'd been having a frustrasting one and sometimes you get those, so excuse me for being a grumpy cat. Last week, in attempts to cheer up, I spent most of my evenings relaxing, from painting my nails to attempting to draw. After losing a love of art, I'm find it hard to sit down and draw again but I've been slowly regaining it, so I'll be drawing lots more soon I hope. Baby steps. I need some real inspiration to start up again and find my style. Not good for someone with an Art degree.
I've also been spending my lunch times outside the staff room for a change. Spending so much time in one place feels like you're going to go mad, so a solo trip for a sophisticated pig out at Costa was in need, and John also met up with me one lunch and we had a McDonald's, which was very fat of us...! (We must stop!) *hehe* But getting out for lunch and having a change of scenery helped cheer me up and made the day lots better. John also cheered me up after a bad Thursday with a pretty plant to put in my room. I never had a plant to look after, apart from my mum's many many orchids so it'll be nice to be responsible for something, even as small as a plant. But isn't it pretty and exotic!? :D
I also went to see We're The Millers in the cinema last night and I have to say it was totally worth going! It's hilarious, and I was very sceptical about how good it actually was until I went. But it was a great film. We went with a couple of friends too, so it was nice going with another couple for extra company!
This week I plan on having geeky game sessions with my boyfriend, and giving my uncle a lovely birthday weekend by taking him to the zoo for the first time on Sunday. I know it's for him but I love the zoo, and I can't wait myself! Haha :)

CAT xo

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  1. I hate those times when you feel down for no particular reason, it's so frustrating. Glad you're feeling better now though - sometimes all it takes is a change of scenery! I really want to get a plant for my room, always brightens the place up :) xx


  2. That Sinful Colors polish looks gorgeous!