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Monday, 5 August 2013

Vivo Colour Block Palette - Show Me The Money

Vivo - Colour Block Palette, Show Me The Money

The Show Me The Money Palette contains 12 bright and bold colours, that seem intimidating together at first sight. I love a big bright make-up palette so this was perfect for me. And on offer at the time!
The colours consist of pinks, blues, yellows and purples and the odd green one and are perfect for blending together as they almost each have a light shade to a dark shade.
Since I bought the palette about 3 weeks ago, I've used it quite frequently, and learnt that I don't like the application of the shadows. They are pressed too hard, making it harder to apply product to your brush and the pigmentation is varied throughout each of the shades. It takes a few applications for an even and vivid colour, which is what I prefer, but I'm not entirely sure it's worth it for the state of the palette afterwards. The pressed shadows are too hard to apply again that you have to add a bit of aggressive pressure to loosen the powder out.

From left to right: Serene, Summer, Crush, Hot, Chill, Night Sky, Sizzle, Stormy, Breeze, Sunrise, Waves, Calm

The thing about this palette is that I do genuinely love the colours, and I do love the mix and using them to create such bold statements. But the product's pigmentation and application is not even worth the £3.99 it retails at in stores. If they created the same palette with better shadow formulas, I would probably buy another one, whether it is a different colour palette or the same one to replace this one. Gutted this didn't work out as well as I wished it did really...

I don't need another compact palette kit for a while, since this one was just for holiday initially, so I'm probably going to invest in a better one soon. If you know any really good ones, will you recommend me them in the comment box below? Thanks! :)