Monday, 30 September 2013

My September

As some of you may have noticed, my weekly updates have disappeared over the last two weeks or so. I decided that it was taking up a lot of my time posting them and sometimes even having no content for them so I settled for doing monthlies now! That way I can tell you about my monthly highlights rather than the boring and repeated, "I watched Netflix today and ate another take-away" that you probably don't want or need to know.
Either way, it also gives me more days to give you real posts like beauty reviews and outfit posts! Do we like this idea? I do. So onwards with my month!

As a round-up I've done quite a lot this month. Right at the beginning I took my Uncle to the Zoo for his birthday and we saw all the animals! The weather was perfect, so we had a lovely day out. You can read all about it and see the photos I took in this post.
The in-between bit of the month is always a bit laid back, so after a little weekend shop of socks and new monochrome trousers, it was all chilling from there, from blogging to playing with henna. My sister also ended up in A&E with a seriously sprained ankle, so we spent a Saturday evening in there. Luckily she's okay now, but still a little limpy! The next day, me and my older brother went to Kensington to a Portuguese Cafe to buy cakes for my mum as a surprise since it was her birthday and they are her favourites. We sat down for a cheeky one ourselves before hitting the London traffic again! It was a long journey but it was okay for me as I was all hyped up on the coffee from then on!
The boyfriend treated me to a few things this month (the sweetheart)! He bought me the Final Fantasy X game on PS2 so I could finally see what it's all about, We'd been going on about me playing it for ages so he took action for me to get started. Anyone who really knows me knows I like a little fantasy and that I'm a geek with my computer and playstation games at heart. Don't ask me to play Call Of Duty though because I absolutely suck at that. So I've been sucking myself into the world of Final Fantasy X for at least 2 weeks now. He also bought me the longest charger in the world! It reaches the top of my bed from the plug at the end of my bed... Totally amazed! Now I can have my phone next to me as I sleep!
Towards the end of the month I had to visit Enfield for work and I got to wear normal clothes and I treated myself to a nice slice of Red Velvet cake and a Mocha Latte at Caffe Nero. The highlight was wearing normal clothes for more than just the weekend! I also went to the Waffle House in St Albans with the boyfriend and wasn't too impressed with the waffles. They were like those ones you put in the toaster? If anyone has been there before they weren't like that before were they because I remember them being hot and amazing. But we did sit outside, enjoy the atmosphere and drink a cracking pot of tea together! It was lovely, and a change to our usual Sunday business.

All in all my September was quite a busy one at times. It's of course mostly at the weekend but I've almost always had something going on. I'm looking forward to this month, as I haven't got much planned to happen. This sounds weird but I've been doing a lot recently and it takes it out of you! And to me it means I can get back into my own things a little more, like my gaming and my drawing as well as blogging a lot more. I've got lots of posts lined up this week! There may be one everyday... Be excited!

How has your month treated you? Did you do anything fun and different?

CAT xo

Topshop Lip Bullet in Covet

On a recent visit to a Topshop not so local from me, I found the make-up section that I often pass by whilst thinking: "Topshop do amazing clothes... How could they possibly make amazing make-up too?" Yet to find out I was wrong when I swatched and fell in love with a couple of things.

One of my buys was this Lip Bullet in the colour 'Covet', which is a peachy-nude toned lipstick, encased in this pen-like packaging. I love the colour, as it suits me quite nicely. I have olive-toned skin and find it hard to find nude/pink lipsticks in lighter colours that match my skin tone, but this ones perfect with it's peachy tone.
The thing that won me over most, apart from the cute colour, was the casing. I liked the idea that it was like a pen, or a crayon... Easy to use, with it's twist-up system like a normal lipstick, but more of a defined tip for a more precise application.
On application the lipstick is consistent in colour, leaving a lovely satin finish. You can build it up for a stronger colour, but I don't think you'd need to too much as it leaves a lovely colour with just one coat. It feels nice on your lips too, it doesn't feel like it's drying out and it feels quite like a cross between a lip balm and a lipstick. But saying that, the only thing I noticed that I didn't like was, although the colour lasts quite well, it started to dry out over time towards the outer corners of my lips and my lip lines. I did find a solution although, to apply lip balm before hand, but I wouldn't want to do this every time I applied it again.

This one issue I found is the only thing putting me off buying another one, but then again sometimes it's just the one colour that has the issue, as I've read a couple of other reviews on this product. Some bloggers noticed the same thing, but only in this colour! So it may not be the same for the other colours (I hope)! I was eyeing up the Lip Bullet in Joy Ride which is a bright red colour... Maybe a little later on, but not just yet. 

Have you got any of the Topshop Lip Bullets? How did you find them?

CAT xo

Sunday, 29 September 2013

What Cat Wore: Let's Brag Vintage

Tee - Primark
Jeans - Brag Vintage
Shoes - Keds

So I'd like to share with you my first pair of vintage levi's that I bought from Brag Vintage. Brag Vintage is an online vintage shop based in the uk and they sell everything vintage from, shirts to skirts and jumpers to jeans! I found them about a couple of weeks ago and I ordered these beauties which are a pair of straight leg Levi's in a 28 waist and 30 leg, otherwise a size 10. I thought they would look great with my latest buy from Primark which plain and simply suggests the days of My Little Pony being the 'Glory Days' which I very much agree they were. What a tee to pair up with vintage jeans!
As for the jeans, I wanted to try a pair of straight leg as I'm attempting to venture away from the typical skinny jeans these days. Before buying I measured myself to make sure I would buy the right size, and I measured up to a 28 waist. These are a 28 waist happily but I think for my next pair I will buy a size up, as I felt they were a bit on the tight side, (maybe I need to re-measure... Ahhh!). I think I just prefer a little more room, but luckily Levi's come in a 29 waist so I could either go up one or two inches if I wanted to. I am eyeing up a pair on the site now too, which are just amazing but again a 28 waist. I wouldn't mind squeezing into those though!

I guess I'm just used to those stretchy thinner jeans we get these days where a size 10 stretches to you. But now I've joined the world of Vintage Jeans lovers, I think I'm more likely to buy them because the quality on these jeans are amazing, they don't stretch and they look great. They look like the real deal of what Topshop are duping with their 'Mom' Jeans! The value for money is awesome, these being £24.99. Most of the jeans on the website are £24.99 and cheaper, so you're really getting a deal for a pair that will last you a while, where a pair from the high street sometimes can last you a lot less time before ripping, or fading away. You can feel by the quality, and they don't feel like they're going to rip or budge any time soon.
I like that on the Brag Vintage website, you know it's the one and only of everything. It makes it feel a little special when you know you're the only one that's going to get them when you click buy... They update their stock often too, so it's worth a new visit every week or so because you're bound to find something new! I suggest taking a visit now! :)

I'm loving my jeans and I can't wait to wear them again!
Have you got any vintage jeans, and what do you love about them?

CAT xo

Saturday, 28 September 2013

Wishlist #39

Wool Lined Biker Coat - In searched for my winter coat this year, I think I narrowed it down to a biker coat, since it's quite like a boyfriend coat with some great detail. I love this pink one with wool lined on the inside that I saw on the Topshop website, but I'd quite like to see it in person to see if I'd really like it. I love the pink colour but would it be too bold? Would I really love it? I'm not sure, but I'd definitely want to find out, since it's gorgeous!
Fur Collar Textured Biker Jacket - This black one is vs. The pink one! I saw this one at a Topshop nearby and I think it's beautiful. I love the texture and I love the fur. I'm swaying more towards this one (it's also a lot cheaper). I should have tried it on, but I just love it anyway. The only thing putting me off is that it's black... I hate this thing I have for not wanting to buy black :(
Liz Earle Eye Bright - I saw this on someone's Instagram and they said it was a life saver! Now I want to try it. Have any of you tried it, and what's your thoughts?
Origins Clear Improvement Mask - Lily Melrose is good an influencing people without knowing it and has probably popped it into many of our heads to get this! She's reviewed it and put it in her favourite's videos and I know I want to try it now. The only thing putting me off is the price.
Steel Cap Litas - How nice are these!? I was looking around to see if there were any normal black with the wooden heel Litas but I came across these and quite like them. It's sort of what I'm looking for... With a metal steel cap at the front. Love.
Barry M, Royal Textured, White Pearl - Again, hyped by bloggers I really want this colour in the Royal Textured collection! It's reminds me of snow and winter. I'd love this for a winter polish.
Barry M Classic Matte, Black Espresso - Another Barry M hyped by bloggers is their new Matte collection. I would want the black one most so I can play around with the idea of designing chalk board nails. Plus I also think it would make a lovely winter colour too!
Blog Inc - I've wanted this book for a while but I don't know what's putting me off buying it. I think I'd need to visit a Waterstones to see it wouldn't I? Have you read this yet? Would you recommend it?

BTW! I'm planning to do a blog giveaway soon too! So keep blogged on if you want to enter a cute little giveaway and, it should be up by the end of next week! :)

CAT xo

Thursday, 26 September 2013

EOS Lip Balm - Tangerine

EOS Lip Balm in Tangerine - My Natural Market

As we all know Miley Cyrus was supported by the lovely people at EOS in her We Can't Stop video, where she advertises the use of her EOS lip balms. I'd heard about these before and how good they were and the video triggered the memory so I went off and bought one. I'd like to say it wasn't because of the Miley video but I can't lie... And I love the song! Anyway, back to the lip balm...
The lip balm comes in the most amazing packaging. It comes in a sphere in the colour coordinating to the flavour, that twists to reveal the dome shaped product inside. The reason I love this so much is because it makes it so much easier to apply as you don't have to dip a finger in or break the bullet in half, and a bonus is you won't lose half the product in just applying it. It also helps hygiene issues as you don't have to touch it with anything but your lips meaning bacteria won't transfer from your hands and you'll always have a clean application. It's also very travel friendly being so easy to pop in your bag, find and use with it's unique shape and soft outer casing.
As for the product itself: It's a great product giving a consistent coverage and a decent amount of moisture to the lips as well as tasting great. I'm a fussy one with lip balms and either find most of them too slippery, thick or even oily at times, but this one applies a perfect consistency, with no mess! I also love the taste of this... Imagine the orange flavoured Starburst. Exactly like that.
I've used this for about 3 weeks now, and I've seen it looks like I've barely used any at all, so it's value for money on the amount of product you get and how long it lasts. I've definitely noticed a difference in my lips being a lot softer and moisturised. I suffer with dry lips and am terrible with applying lip balm, but using this has helped this problem, as I find myself wanting to apply it rather than feeling the need to and it's formula is perfect for me as it suits the texture and consistency I prefer and want in a lip balm.
AND a little budget bargainsta bonus! I searched everywhere for the cheapest place to find these and you can find them on My Natural Market, they have a decent shipping price to the UK and stock lots of flavours. Here they tell you which products are Gulten and Paraben Free and which ones are Organic too, just in case your fussy with what's in your lip products! I'm debating getting a couple more I like these so much. Possibly Strawberry and Lemon Drop.
Have you tried the EOS lip balm yet? Which one would you get?

CAT xo

Monday, 23 September 2013

What Cat Wore: LRD

Dress - Primark
Cardigan - F&F Tesco
Hair Band - Primark

Sometimes I like having a quiet day, and by that I mean I sometimes like wearing something that's dialled down quite a bit for me. Something comfortable and easy, even if it may be a bright red like this. This is my idea of a quiet outfit. Minimal print, hair up, and a comfy cardigan thrown over for a day where fashion doesn't matter too much. I like having one of these every once in a while and yesterday was a day for this.
I bought this easy LRD (Little Red Dress) in Primark for a mere £5er. I thought this would be perfect for days like this and to layer up with scarves, and jumpers. Plus, a red dress that I didn't have before.
The cardigan making a third appearance in a row (I must stop wearing it) and my newest hair accessory, a rose hair band to make any top knot in any style look cute and stylish.

I think this may be my quiet lazy go-to outfit now. What do you like to wear on a quiet and lazy day?

Oh, and apologies for the grumpy face. I wasn't grumpy at all...It's just like I'd forgotten how to smile!

CAT xo

Sunday, 22 September 2013

What Cat Wore: Scarf Print Skirt

Skirt - Primark via Charity Shop
Cardigan - F&F Tesco
Shoes - Dorothy Perkins 

I bought this skirt not long ago from a local charity shop, and I loved it for it's scarf print, and asymmetric hem. It's not as obvious in these pictures but it's on the images right side. It's also a comfortable mid length which I'm more into at the moment. I wasn't too sure what to wear it with so I wore a simple black vest with it. I also popped on my newest trusty cardigan, though it doesn't go well because it's starting to get cold and I wanted to be comfortable and warm. I may have to get this in the black too... I seem to want to wear it with everything. It's the fluffiness as well as the warm comfort of it... It's a weakness!
I wore this yesterday to go see the boyfriend. We had a night in which we hadn't in a while and invested in Netflix since we never have anything to watch, and it's worth it I think! We ended up watching films we hadn't seen for a long time and there's a massive selection. They're not all new releases but for the money what more do you want than a movie database in your PS3!?

These outfit posts are becoming more common than anything else on the blog right now! I'm glad to be doing lots more of these and I hope you girls like them. Let me know what you think, and what you want to see more of on the blog. I'm planning a blog sale soon so I'll be selling a few fashion bits, I'm not too sure about beauty products just yet, but I have a few beauty reviews lined up for the week too so come check up on here if you like a lot of lip products! ;)

CAT xo

Saturday, 21 September 2013

Wishlist #38

Surprisingly this weeks wishlist is quite small compared to the ones I've been creating recently. I think now it's that I've wanted them to be more specific, and that I have to really want them for items to make it onto my wishlists. That was the initial concept, so I'm going back to it. 
I really want all the things on this wishlist this time and have been thinking of the ways I will acquire them. I've become a bit more sensible about the things that I want. Will I need them, use them, wear them? How much do I want them? Like these... All I've thought of again after seeing them online, or in stores. That's how I know I want them for real.

iPhone 5S in Gold - The new iPhone 5S has been released and I'm loving the additonal gold colour. It looks more champagne than gold, but I said my next iPhone would be white, but as long as we're getting a little classier with colours, I guess a white and gold one would be extravagant! January upgrade come quick please!
iPhone 5 Faux Fur Case - And to go with this new phone, something cute and cuddly! I know this is really out there, but imagine holding something all cute, fluffy and potentially warm in the winter when you're on the phone, texting or tweeting!? LOVE this.
Plated Holdall - I saw this in store not too long ago and it's the perfect follow up bag from my now wearing down Warehouse one. I've been using my Warehouse Tote bag for most of the year, since Christmas actually. I used my pink satchel for a little while during the summer months for something a little easier to carry but I reverted back to my Warehouse bag when I started really missing it. But this one, is a beautiful colour and just perfect for when I want to swap over! Who wants to buy me it?
White Crepe Heart Print Shirt - Oh, doesn't this remind you of that one Topshop had not long ago. I don't know if it's still availabe but at their price I wouldn't buy it full price. This one is a lot cheaper from Fashion Union and just as cute if not almost the same!
Sheer Flowers Tee - How lovely is this!? I know it's the winter soon but I can imagine having a cute string vest or even a t-shirt tee under this with my boyfriend jeans, a comfy cardigan and some cute heels. Outfit complete...

I think the Holdall is top on my wishlist this week. What's top on yours?

CAT xo

Thursday, 19 September 2013

What Cat Wore: Colour Blocks & Pink.

Top - Primark
Cardigan - F&F
Socks - Topshop (link to white trim socks)
Flatforms - Primark

Today I was lucky enough to get out of the bold and black uniform and get a little dressed up for a meeting at another Miss Selfridge store. I was so excited to go somewhere different for the day, and to be in my own clothes which although sounds a little strange, is not really when you wear black all day 5 days a week. But I felt so comfortable today walking around in a splash of colour!
Although I should have been wearing an entire Miss Selfridge outfit, as it was a Miss Selfridge store visit, I kind of didn't want to spend any money just to get something to wear for today, so I settled for the colours of a current Miss Selfridge trend: The Collective which is the "A-Z styling essentials", and is simply a collection of wardrobe staple pieces. Currently consisting of black, whites, greys and pinks I decided to go for all those colours in an outfit wearing at least one Miss Selfridge item from the collection... my Leather Effect Skater Skirt which I adore. I can't wait to style this with jumpers closer to the winter.
Adding a girly touch to this look, I added an eyelash knit cardigan which I can only describe as adorable and pure comfort. And lastly some frilly socks with my flatforms, as I can't just do the edgy statement look. 'm too girly to pull it off... But maybe once in a while!
I did also realise that I completely avoided print. I kept looking at the photos wondering why I felt my look was missing something and then I realised that a bold print was it. I don't know how I did that, since I love my prints, but I guess I was just thinking more about being well dressed and in trend colours. But sometimes a printless day is nice to tone it down now and then.

I have moved out of this outfit for today and swapped the skirt for jogging bottoms, and the cardigan for a fleeced robe as from now it's a comfy evening in. I could do with one, since I'm not good with early mornings. For me it's now: tea, TV, blogs and cuddles with the boyfriend!

CAT xo

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Real Techniques Core Collection

In a review of the Real Techniques Eyes Starter Set last month, I mentioned I got these beauts on a buy one get one half price deal and on top of that bought these with my points! Since then, I haven't been applying make-up without the help of my new beautiful brushes, and I today I'm here sharing my Core Collection brushes with you, and what I think of them.

 Core Collection Brushes - Boots

The Real Techniques Core Collection set comes with four brushes. From left to right: the countour brush, the pointed foundation brush, the detailer brush and the buffing brush. I've used all of these, and I've come to find my favourite, and I don't think many of you will be surprised to find it's the buffing brush.

And here is why... The buffing brush is just perfect for powder and if you like, foundation application. I find myself using all the brushes, but the buffing brush completes the flawless look by evening out foundation, powder and leaving a perfect and even finish to your look! I use this to even out my foundation after application or to apply powder afterwards. I've never ended up with anything less than a flawless even finish!

I've heard a lot of people don't use the pointed foundation brush, but it's how I apply my foundation. I've always found with other brushes that the brush absorbs so much of your foundation, you end up with half the product disappearing into your brush but with this one it doesn't do that at all, and applies all product on the brush to your skin as you'd like. I do find that with this brush you achieve a streaky look once you've finished applying and this isn't what you'd like if you're not going to apply powder on top, and that it feels like your painting your face sometimes rather than applyign make-up but I do like using this brush as I find you can apply your foundation so easily. And I do like it, but it's always good to go over with the buffing brush when you've finished. It also saves all the liquid foundation over your buffing brush too!

I also like the contour brush! I didn't have anything to contour before and I was competely rubbish at it, but after watching a few video tutorials on how to contour properly and where I got the hang of it and think I'm alright at it now. I find it really easy to use and it doesn't apply too much product at once thanks to it's more spherical brush shape, so this is perfect for anywhere from your cheekbones to your nose.

Lastly we have the detailer brush, which can either be used for lip products or concealer. I've used this to apply lip products in my case as I already have a brush I use for concealer. I don't find I use it half as much as I'd like but it is great for applying a nice thin layer of lipstick or lip products that sit in palettes! I think if I had more of those I'd have more use out of it, but I honestly only ever use it when I don't want to have such a vivid colour on my lips or want a softer more natural look, which it achieves very successfully.

I honestly didn't have a clue what all the fuss was about until I got them. They've changed the way I think about and use make-up and I honestly love them to pieces. I keep looking at all the other sets I'd like and I'm not too sure which ones to get next or if there is a different brand of brushes that are really good. Would you recommend me some #bbloggers!?

CAT xo

Sunday, 15 September 2013

What Cat Wore: Tartan Kitty

Dress - H&M
Scarf - Scotland (Johnstone)
Socks - New Look (old)
Desert Boots - Primark

This dress was a real bargain the day after pay day after I'd found a free delivery discount code as well as a £5 discount code both in conjunction on the H&M website! I don't often shop H&M but I love looking at their stuff online and recently I like a lot of their stuff! But this dress with it's cat print was too cute to pass by especially with the discount code! So I made it mine and ordered it quick!
I would of liked a nice simple cardigan or jumper to throw over this, but I haven't got one that isn't black! It's too cold to wear it without one, and since I'm always wearing black for work so I like to avoid the colour. So I'm thinking my next investment is a couple of simple cardigans and jumpers to throw over my outfits. I added some pop colour with my favourite tartan scarf that I'd bought in Scotland earlier this year and also kept up with my black, white and tartan theme by pairing my desert boots with my tartan socks.
I can't wait to find more ways to wear this dress. I love it so much and it's so comfortable and easy to wear! How would you wear this dress to suit your style?

CAT xo

Saturday, 14 September 2013

What Cat Wore: Enjoy Coca-Cola

 Sweater - Primark
Boyfriend Jeans - Warehouse
Boots - New Look

I cannot tell you guys how busy I've been this evening! I've been in A&E all evening because my sister sprained her foot during her Gymnastics class, and on top of her I had two other little munchkins to look after since the whole family are at work today. I'm glad my little miss is okay though, she's still in a little pain but I'm just glad it's not a broken bone. I've not got much done otherwise, but I did take a few outfit photos before it got crazy, as I thought it would be nice to share my usual casual Saturdays outfit.
After a recent trip to Primark I found this cute Coca-Cola sweat and starting thinking about how I had nothing casual and comfy to lay around in for days like these... So, excuse made I bought it! I decided to make it look just a little bit more fashionable by wearing my ripped boyfriend jeans and a pair of boots I've had for a long time. These are always perfect winter boots, and although they are slowly falling apart they're not worth throwing away yet! I still have a couple of winters in them.
I can't stand dressing up for a day where nothings going on, and a casual outfit like this is perfect. What do you like to get into on for a casual no plans day?

CAT xo

Wishlist #37

I haven't touched my laptop for over 2 days now, and I'm not too sure what happened there! Yet, I am back with a pretty wish list for you gals to gawk over! I've been eyeing up more versatile pieces and things I will wear more often than not. I don't know if that shows through in my wishlists but I hope it does. I'm hoping to have a clear out soon! Would you like to see a blog sale!? Let me know below!

Blank NYC Night Bloom Pants - I've been a very naughty girl and have only recently discovered the amazing website Nasty Gal. They have some amazing stuff and the sale!? To die for... I may have to buy a few bits before they go. But as for these trousers. OMG, I love them, they're cool, they're formal, and floral! They remind me of the H&M floral ones I have now... But better.
Wanted Confessions Skirt - Another Nasty Gal item! I used to have a skirt like this but it unfortunately got ruined. I'd wear this skirt all the time, and though I'm not a fan of black clothing. I need this in my life!
Black Faux Fur Collar Open Jacket - I am looking into maybe purchasing my second winter coat. Something more formal, with a little fur and this looks perfect! I was thinking more of a duffle of some sort but I don't think I'd suit it very well. I like the look of this one, very very much. Someone get it for me please?
Grey Abstract Print Knot Front Tube Dress - I've recently bought a dress in this style and love it so much I can't stop looking at others. I love this RI one. I think the print would be really flattering and pretty!
Adidas Originals X Jeremy Scott | License Plate Miami - In my life I've never had a pair of amazing trainers. Right now I own a pair of running ones, and a pair that are my smarter ones. But I don't love them anymore. I need something beautiful like these Adidas ones that I'd wear all the time and cherish soooo much! I need these so badly! Look how pastel and pretty they are!
I'm Really A Mermaid Sleeveless T-Shirt -  What you didn't know before about me is that this is true. And to have it written on a T-Shirt seems a perfect way to confess. (jks, ofc. #wishes)
Black Flat Smart Ankle Boots - Everytime I walk past these at work I look at them and want them. When will be the day I cave? I think they're perfect smart to casual boots. They'd go with every outfit and they are the perfect addition to my staple wardrobe! I think I have to honestly deserve them before I buy them, since I'm attempting to spend the least amount possible at the moment.
CAT xo
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