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Saturday, 14 September 2013

What Cat Wore: Enjoy Coca-Cola

 Sweater - Primark
Boyfriend Jeans - Warehouse
Boots - New Look

I cannot tell you guys how busy I've been this evening! I've been in A&E all evening because my sister sprained her foot during her Gymnastics class, and on top of her I had two other little munchkins to look after since the whole family are at work today. I'm glad my little miss is okay though, she's still in a little pain but I'm just glad it's not a broken bone. I've not got much done otherwise, but I did take a few outfit photos before it got crazy, as I thought it would be nice to share my usual casual Saturdays outfit.
After a recent trip to Primark I found this cute Coca-Cola sweat and starting thinking about how I had nothing casual and comfy to lay around in for days like these... So, excuse made I bought it! I decided to make it look just a little bit more fashionable by wearing my ripped boyfriend jeans and a pair of boots I've had for a long time. These are always perfect winter boots, and although they are slowly falling apart they're not worth throwing away yet! I still have a couple of winters in them.
I can't stand dressing up for a day where nothings going on, and a casual outfit like this is perfect. What do you like to get into on for a casual no plans day?

CAT xo