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Sunday, 6 October 2013

Wishlist #40

After shopping this week for a new pair of glasses, I ended up buying two on a buy one get one free deal at Specsavers, so I'm not wishing for too much this week after spending a little! In fact not too much for the rest of the month! I did although spot three pretty dresses that I fell for this week that I will add on to the endless wishlist...

Ofelita Velvet Skater Dress - I love a simple dress, and this velvet dress in a royal blue is perfect this season! So many ways to wear it as a dress made for winter. I'm thinking tights, a pair of out there boots and a coat with a fur stole swung over for a date night out look.
Gabey Rose Embellished Swing Dress - Ooooooh. Isn't this one just the prettiest sparkly one of them all!? I spotted this one of them all first, and fell in love with it being a swing dress and completely embellished. I'm not an owner of a swing dress yet but I really do want one. Maybe not as loud as this yet, but it could bring me to buy this later on as a Christmas party dress!
Floral Velvet Body Con Dress - After seeing this when it popped in stores this week I instantly fell in love with it. It's so much more vivid in colour and print than in the picture and it's no doubt I need it in my life! Such a pretty dress... Will someone buy it for me please? Or all three???

I couldn't pick which one out of the three though... If you had to get one. Which one would you pick?

CAT xo