Saturday, 30 November 2013

Wishlist #47 - The Non-Fashion-&-Beauty Edit

I'm always doing fashion and beauty related wishlists, and on the run up to Christmas I thought it would be fun to share a non-fashion-and-beauty related wishlist. This was also inspired by the boyfriend who says I like nothing but clothes, shoes and make-up! Haha!... He's not far off, but he's not right either! Here's those (almost all) non-fashion things that I'd love to be getting my hands on.

Hudl - Of course, everyone is asking for Tesco's newest gadget and I've heard nothing but great things about this! I have the iPhone and I have a laptop so why would I want this? I guess an on the go type thing, and of course the apps are different too. I'd love it for blogging when I don't have my laptop to hand, and it's one of those: "I want it but I don't know why" things that you can make reasons for. Like I have now ;)
FujiFilm Instax Mini - To capture those moments just as they happen and have them to hand right there and then! I love this and I've always wanted something like a Polaroid camera so this would be lovely. I like the idea that you can't delete the picture after just because you don't like it :)
F**k Kitten iPhone 5 Case - Too cute. I'll be getting the iPhone 5S in the new year, and I'm shopping for a case or two for it. This cute kitten would be lovely on it, as well as the:
Moschino Violetta iPhone 5 Case - Yupppp, this is a bit on the expensive side but I'm loving Moschino's newest additions Violetta the Bunny and Augostino the Panda. I love Augostino but I wouldn't mind seeing Violetta under the tree either way :) They're just both too cute!
Bunny Lamp - Who doesn't want a cute little lamp to brighten up their room. I love this one, and it always manages to make it's way back into my wishlists around Christmas time. It's so cheap I might just buy it.
Notebooks! - I have an obsession with notebooks, much like Louise from Sprinkle of Glitter does. We'd be best buds with this shared common interest! I love notebooks and have done for ages, and I want to start collecting different ones properly. I don't know what's happened to all my old ones but I'd love a shelf filled with lots of new ones!
Nintendo 3DS -  I bought myself the first generation Nintendo DS back in the day, and now I've had it for a while I think it's time for an update. Especially since it's completely battered. Complete with Pokemon Y and Animal Crossing please? ;)
Books - I love fun books, with facts, inspiration, or anything interesting to learn and read. I am especially fond of the ones Urban Outfitters release around Christmas time. Last year I got F**K I'm In My Twenties and a Listoography book :) I love them, and I've picked out these that look fun from this year's collection!
Plush Bunny - I love making stuff and though I don't do it as often as I would like to, I really want to get back into my creative spirit. I love that Hobbycraft are making plush toys to decorate, patchwork, whatever you like really and I was especially fond of this bunny one. I can imagine how cute I would make him already...
Tapestry Kit - Again creativity! I like the idea of making pillows and cushions since I've got a new fondness for them, and to have one with a cover I made myself would just be lovely! I love this design I found on the Hobbycraft website!
Have you got any wants that aren't beauty or fashion related? I'd love to hear what they are :) 

CAT xo

Thursday, 28 November 2013

What Cat & John Did: Winter Wonderland

Saturday evening, John took me out for a surprise date night. I knew we were going out a few days before hand, but didn't know where and why it was so much of a secret if we were just "going out for dinner"! On the way, I still had no idea where we were going until we drove into Marble Arch and I saw the beautiful carousel lit up and then I knew... Winter Wonderland!!! I'd never been before and always wanted to go, so I was so excited and happy when we got there, and even more excited when he said that we were going to see The Magical Ice Kingdom!
Luckily, I bought my camera with me, despite the secrecy I sensed I would want it. I took a few photos of The Magical Ice Kingdom, and some after, but not too many since I have power issues. It was -8°C in the Ice Kingdom and we were soon freezing our noses off but totally worth it, I was amazed at the sights, but instead of just writing all about it... Take a look for yourselves...!


We first entered what felt like a warehouse sized freezer, and walked into the most beautiful wonderland of mushroom houses made of snow, and farmyard animals and woodland creatures cut into ice. Instant amazement. The detail and the effort put into it is beyond what I expected, with so many sculptures big and small surrounding you!

After the magical snowy woodlands, we'd walked round the corner to find a troll and his two beefy ice dogs! The creatures became more and more mythical, and we came across the biggest of all the snow sculptures... The griffin. I think this was one of my favourites (mostly because I knew what it was).

Unfortunately my camera crashed after this part of the castle (Yes there was lots more!). This is literally only half way there, and took centre stage for the show. We walked into the beautiful ice castle to find a medieval ice dungeon, complete with ice jail! This was a lot of fun for photos, with ice jail, and a grim reaper ready to behead. By this point we were completely frozen, but still wowed and not caring. We were also curious as to find out what people were queuing up into the top of the castle for so we joined the long queue just to discover what would be at the end of it: an ice slide! It was a funny moment, and the children in us slid down. I say slid, dragged ourselves down since the ice wasn't slippery enough for anyone to slide!
After that, more mythical creatures were to be seen, and there was even an swan cart like thing where you could have your photo taken and printed as a memoir. I was also impressed by the ice bar they'd made too, where you could go and buy a drink!

After enjoying the ice cold Kingdom, we ventured out into the - what seemed warm - outside and went for a Boxing Day classic: the turkey, stuffing and cranberry sauce roll! I can honestly say, this was the best sandwich ever. It was drenched in gravy, cooked to perfection and hit the spot after the cold tour.
Venturing the rest of Winter Wonderland, we enjoyed looking around and attempting a few wins on some of the 'fun-fair games'. It was almost impossible, but John did win me the cutest little Rudolph plush for the collection, and then hooked a bag to win a cute little lilac teddy! The market was missed just for the sheer fact that there was too many people, and it was getting a little full. But we did step in and get a few sweets in, a hot chocolate and a couple of Christmas decorations to take back with us.
I was so happy John had surprised me with the trip and I left a very very happy Cat, especially since I'd never been before. A perfect wintry date night ♥

CAT xo

Sunday, 24 November 2013

A Christmas Party Outfit with M&Co: Modern Vintage Christmas

Recently I received an email from the lovely people at M&Co letting me know about their current blogger challenge! The challenge is to take one of the dresses from the M&Co website and create a Christmas Party Outfit fit for the season. I love a challenge and of course accepted, and here it is; my perfect Christmas Party outfit.

Velvet and Velour always reminds me of Christmas, and even more so in red. So when I saw this Red Velour Cowl Back Dress on the M&Co website, I knew this would be the dress I'd be basing my outfit upon. It's the perfect bodycon, in a rich Christmas red colour. The side ruch gives any figure flattering curves, and the high neck and cowl back adds class and sexiness all at the same time.
To add a little sparkle and shine to this outfit I thought this gorgeous Gold Jaquard Jacket would look perfect on top for those cold winter nights. Gold is yet another Christmassy colour, and the print on that jacket is just beautiful. Add a Gold & Black Lace Clutch from Miss Selfridge to match the jacket of course, and a pair of simple statement Black 2-Part Court from Dorothy Perkins, keeping on trend, not too flashy and taking no attention away from that perfect dress!
Last but not least, some jewellery. I think when the dress is perfect enough, less is more. But to add a little sparkle when you're not wearing that jacket, a pretty Gold Vintage Gems Necklace for a little statement at the front when they can't see that beautiful cowl back. 

I love this outfit, and I'd definitely wear it out to a Christmas party! Would you wear this too?
And have you entered the M&Co Blogger Competition yet?

CAT xo

Saturday, 23 November 2013

Wishlist #46 - Beauty Edit

This month I've seems to put all my focus and blog content towards make-up. With the weather being ridiculous and cold, I've stopped taking outfit photos, but I'm going to get back into the swing on things soon! For now, here's a special beauty wishlist! I've never done one of these before :)

Sleek Blush By 3 in Pumpkin - I'm really into blushers at the moment and I almost bought this the other day Christmas shopping, but I managed to somehow put it down and just keep solely to presents. I will have to get it soon....! I love it to switch up from pinks to corals as and when you'd like to.
Bourjois Blush Pot - After trying one of these blush pots in Rose D'Or, I really want to try some other ones. This one in Rose looks pretty.
Sleek i-Divine in Celestial - Again, another Sleek item. I'm a big fan of Sleek's palettes as they're amazing in colour and pigmentation. This palette looks perfect for winter evenings.
Revlon Chalkboard Nail Art - I almost bought the Ciaté chalkboard nails set, but it was a little too out of my price range for nail polish. I do really like the look of this Chalkboard Nail Art pen from Revlon though! I really want to try it now!
Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupte Lipstick - I have always wanted to buy a YSL lipstick, it's just the matter of which colour would I go for? I'm thinking a Classic red. I'm pondering on whether to invest in one after Christmas...
Clinique SuperPrimers - Bloggers have been raving about the Clinique superprimers a while now, and I really want to try one. I just don't know what one to go for. It's between the redness correcter or dullness for deeper skins correcter.
Bourjois Volume Clubbing Mascara - I swear I'm running out of every mascara I have! I just don't know how it goes so quickly... I'm always up for trying new mascaras and at the moment am a fan of all the Maybelline ones, especially the Rocket Volume mascara. But I've always wanted to try this one by Bourjois. Anyone reviewed it yet?
Katy Perry Killer Queen Fragrance - Oh I'm fan-girling over Katy Perry these days and I've even made my phone ring tone 'Roar'. It's hard to answer it these days... Anyway! Her new fragrance has definitely caught my attention. I am still yet to smell it, but I'm sure it's going to be amazing. 
MAC Fix + - Recently I've noticed a lot of bloggers using make-up fixers, and I've been intrigued to find out more about these and try them myself. This one by MAC seems to be the favourite. Do they really work?

I've enjoyed making a beauty edit wishlist! I'm thinking of doing a few more themed ones, like this or by trends? Is this something you'd like to see more of? Let me know in the comments below :)

CAT xo

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Little Beauty Giveaway

This year has been a good one for me and my blog. I've gained a few more followers than I thought I would this year, met a load of amazing Herts/Beds bloggers, been invited to so many events (that I couldn't attend due to late notice and work hours - boo!), and I think it's safe to say I think I blog better these days too.
I've really enjoyed it more than I have done before this year, and I'm happy to say, you girls have really been a part of that. I'm no big time blogger, I'm not super-popular and I'm still just a girl sharing her views on make-up and beauty products, her style and fashion choices, and sharing bits of love and life with you, but I really feel happy with where me and my blog are.
Just as a thank you, to show you girls how much I appreciate you following, reading and commenting on my blog, I want to do a little beauty giveaway. It's not a big thing, again just a little thank you, since now there are about 600 collectively from GFC and BlogLovin' and it's also just a little fun too!

You could win all this
A Cat Make Up Case, Maybelline Babylips in Pink Punch, Maybelline Color Show Vintage Leather in Red Grained, Barry M Lash Vegas in Black Waterproof and Sleek Make-Up i-Divine Vintage Romance Palette.

Just a few simple rules....
1. The giveaway will run for 3 weeks, as 3 is my favourite number.
And I also don't want it to run too close into Christmas and get lost with Santa's presents!
2. It will be international too, so anyone can enter!
3. The winner will be picked via Rafflecopter and given 48 hours to reply. Failing to do so, I will pick another winner via Rafflecopter.
4. I am open to all entries from compers and bloggers (as I am an amateur comper myself), but I won't be taking entries from people who make accounts solely for giveaways. Just because I don't think it's very fair.
I will also be checking every entry to verify they are all real to make this fair for everyone.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck and again, thank you for following my blog whether it be a day or a year :)

CAT xo

Monday, 18 November 2013

Rimmel Scandaleyes Shadow Paint

Rimmel Scandaleyes Shadow Paint in Golden Bronze and Mercury Silver

I recently developed a fondness for metallic colours in my make-up. Anything with shimmer, and anything that hints to the metallic colour spectrum. And after a recent visit to Boots found these Rimmel Scandaleyes Shadow Paints which look like liquid metal in a tube, and excited me at first swatch.
The Scandaleyes Shadow Paints come in five different colours, but I was more drawn to: Golden Bronze and Mercury Silver. I felt these were the most naturally metallic of the five, and I knew I could do so much with them, given they were just what I was looking for.

Swatched on my arm they look amazing and highly pigmented. They have that liquid metal look you'd want and expect: vivid colour, that 'wet look' and the metallic shine. When applied to my lids, it looks just as in the tube and in the swatches. The 'wet look' does fade a little as it dries, as if it's transforming from a cream into a powder form, but it doesn't lose vividness. The product's soft doe-foot end applicator helps makes application super easy to apply and control. Not only do you get a decent consistency, but it helps give a high density colour application with every stroke.
It wears very well too, lasting pretty much all day (Rimmel boasts 8 hour stay, but I can vouch for longer), without a crease in sight, as you can see below. You can also see I apply it quite thickly for a vivid opaque colour, but if this isn't your thing you can easily blend it out for a more subtle colour. Though I warn you, you'll have to work quite quickly because of it's staying power: Once it's dry, it's dry, and it doesn't go anywhere!

Overall, I am loving these two shadow paints, and I'm most probably going to purchase the other three at some point or another since the colour is just perfect every time, they have amazing stay power and apply so easy. I've created so many looks with them already on their own and with other shadows to create many looks: The silver mostly as a base for smoky looks and the bronze for subtle metallic eye looks.
I'd recommend this if you're looking for a decent liquid metal or any sort of metallic shadow. I wouldn't be thinking of buying the other three colours if I didn't like it so much. Which colour would you buy of the five?

CAT xo

Sunday, 17 November 2013

The Christmas Tag

The funny thing is is that just as I started writing this, the new John Lewis advert began playing on the TV and is getting me more excited for Christmas by the minute! I love the John Lewis adverts, they always make the best ones! #bearandhare.
I'm definitely one of these people that get crazy excited over Christmas, I love making people happy with presents, putting up the tree and all sorts... And I think I'll start off the excitement with the Christmas Tag! I've already made my Christmas Wishlist, so it's only right I keep with the Christmas theme.

2 kewl 4 skewl ♡ | via Tumblr

What time of the year do you start your Christmas shopping?
I usually start around the end November, beginning of December but it's always best to start early and get that stress out of the way. I can proudly say I've already started this year, and because I've always left it to the last minute when all the good presents are gone. This year I am to finish by just before mid December!

Do you have any festive recipes for food or drink you limit solely to the Christmas season to share?
I don't have any seasonal foods or drinks recipes to share, but I do like making Gingerbread houses around Christmas. I do want to make my own gingerbread cookies this year after seeing some pretty cookies on!

Tell me how Christmas goes down in your home.
In my house, we all wait for everyone to wake up before we do presents. We spend the morning doing presents and every so often my mums runs off into the kitchen to check on the turkey she's normally put in there at 4am! After presents, we tidy up and me mum and dad go do the Christmas Present giving round before returning fpr Christmas dinner, which me and my brother set up on the table. Usually we have other family come round, like my uncle and this year I know my aunt and cousin are coming too, so we'll have a super full table! This is my favourite bit about Christmas at home, because we all sit down and have the best meal of the year together! My favourite bits are the parsnips and the stuffing... Usually after all this the family passes out in the living room, and the little ones go play with their presents, whilst I go see the boyfriend and exchange presents under our own Christmas tree in his room. I usually spend the rest of the evening with him, and that concludes my Christmas Day!

Do you have any Christmas traditions?
I don't have many Christmas traditions but I have one with the boyfriend. Me and him always put up our own Christmas tree in his room. We've got all our own decoration including C and J letters, and lots of little special decorations we've bought the last couple of years. I want us to go out and buy another two this year, along with new lights since ours don't wrap around the tree properly, and we also need a tree topper since we don't have one...! I love this, because we know when we move out we've already got a tree for our first Christmas!

Do you have a favourite festive coffee?
I don't have a particular one but I do love a Gingerbread Latte. I always go to Costa and try all the festive drinks they have. This year they have the cutest cups for them!

What's your favourite Christmas song?
I know everyone says The Fairytale of New York by The Pogues, and I love that one too, but I do love Winter Wonderland and Baby It's Cold Outside.

What do you do on Christmas Eve?
I usually work! This year I've been given the day off, but I'm not a Christmas Eve person. I love Christmas but every Christmas Eve my whole family works, until 10pm, so I enjoy working because then I have something to do. I also love talking to people and being in the middle of all the Christmas spirit that day. Usually once everyone's home we have a nice Chinese takeaway though, which is what I look forward to the most.

What's your Christmas wrapping strategy? Do you have a strategy?
I like buying a load of colour combines Christmas paper, ribbons and labels and I go round the boyfriends house and wrap everyone's presents there so I'm not caught out! I like to have everything neat and tidy so I never have a corner out of place! The boyfriend gets me to wrap his too, which I love doing! And before that,  I wrap his at my house, before taking them over and putting them under the tree. I trust him enough to not peak!

What's your dream gift this year?
This year I'd love a Ted Baker purse! THIS is the one I have my eyes set on. I'm also lusting after the River Island Mongolian Fur Tote since it's just too beautiful, and THIS Moschino iPhone case for my upgrade in January! I want to get the white and gold one, and this won't go with it, but it's a Panda!

Describe your Christmas tree. How tall? Real or artificial? How is it decorated?
Mine and John's tree is 6ft, and it's the traditional green artificial tree! We like lots of different decorations that have special meaning more than a theme and symmetry! I do like a perfect tree, but I think one with lots of different decorations has much more of a personal feel, and a lot of love. Cheesy, but I don't care :)

Do you decorate just the tree or other areas of your house e.g. windows, banisters?
At home I decorate the tree, and I also put the extra tinsel everywhere else I can, so the stair banister and everything. We usually put lights outside the door too and a wreath. My mum likes to put the nativity display on the mantle piece too!

What do you wear to Christmas parties and what do you wear on Christmas day?
If I get new clothes on Christmas I usually wear that on the day unless I've pre-planned an outfit. I always dress up on the day, and I plan on getting myself a Christmas jumper this year! To Christmas parties, the prettiest dress I can get my hands on! I have the prettiest purple prom style dress I will most likely wear to the work Christmas party this year because I just love it so much (and they've never seen it before). Unless I find a dress I really want before then...
I've absolutely loved writing out this tag and it's got me all excited for the Christmas season! Christmas is my favourite time of year, and I can't wait for next month. I tag you all to do the tag too, and share your links when you're done, as I'd love to read them! I saw this tag on Amy's blog, and you can click on her name to read her tag.

CAT xo

Friday, 15 November 2013

Bourjois Blush - Golden Rose

Bourjois Blush in Golden Rose - Boots

Searching for a new blusher a few weeks back, I purchased the Bourjois Blush in the colour Golden Rose or 'Rose D'Or' for some. I'd not been too keen on these since I wasn't really impressed by a baked eye shadow from Bourjois I bought a while ago, but this baked blush really caught my eye with it's bright pink colour and golden shimmer tint.
It comes in the loveliest little compact, with a beautiful vintage-styled design. Inside a little blusher brush, a mirror for handy travel use and the product baked into a easy-to-use dome shape.
On first applications I was instantly impressed! The colour applied with a pretty pink tone and a beautiful subtle golden glow. This yellow tone under the rose blush, works perfectly on my olive skin as you can see below, for a more natural shimmery glow.
The blush is well pigmented, leaving a vivid cheek colour and applied with a decent blusher brush, appears soft and naturally blended into the skin. I used a Models Own Blusher Brush to apply mine as the brush supplied is a bit scratchy on the skin.
As for wear, it is quite long lasting. I was impressed that I still had a noticeable blush after a day out and some shopping with a friend a few days ago, which was about 6-8 hours wear.

I really love this blusher and I have worn it almost daily since I've bought it. It's a lovely pink cheek to add to a winter pastel look, or something a little more natural. I'd always walked away from the Bourjois blushers, since I disliked a baked eye shadow and assumed the blushers would be the same, but I'm glad I finally gave it a chance and tried one. I would definitely get another one, and in a different colour since it's such a lovely and long lasting product. I'm wondering what colour I should get now! Any suggestions? And have you tried any of the Bourjois blushers yet?

CAT xo

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Simple: Eye Roll-On

Simple Eye Roll On -

Simple have always been my go-to brand for skin care products since they boast about products good for sensitive skin, having no added colours or perfumes. I love their cleansing lotion and toner, and was sure I would love some of their other products, so I thought I would try their new Kind To Eyes Eye Roll-On, since I suffer from dark circles and tired eyes.

The application of this roll-on is easy. Simply squeeze the tube a little and roll the ball in a small circular motion under each eye, resulting in feeling a cool and soothing effect on the skin.
I've used this a few times now, and my feelings for it were more towards disappointment. I didn't see physical results as I'd wanted and expected, and I even took before and after photos leaving half an hour in between each. Unfortunately, I didn't feel it wasn't worth posting as you can't really tell the difference between the two photos.
Disappointingly, the only positive feeling I felt towards the product is how it felt around my eyes after the product was applied. I did feel more awake, and it did feel cool and soothing, but nothing more, and nothing less.

The fact that it reduced the feeling of my tired eyes will be the only reason I carry on using this, but I will not be repurchasing since I'm looking for something that will physically reduce my tired eyes and dark circles. I'm finding it difficult to find an eye care product with physical results, so if you have any recommendations please share them below as I'll try anything right now. And if you've tried this Eye Roll On, please let me know your thoughts in the below too!

CAT xo

Monday, 11 November 2013

Charity Week Gift Box

Back in August, Elizabeth who blogs at invited me to take part in Charity Week. All we had to do was blog about specific themes given that would last for a couple of days and link it towards a worthy and related charity. I was so happy to have won two of her themes: 'Give a Smile' and 'Charity Shops'. For that she sent me these gifts below! You can see all my Charity Week posts HERE and to see what Elizabeth sent me, read on...!

Before even looking at the gifts I noticed the beautiful cards inside written in the prettiest italic hand, thanking me for my participation in Charity Week and congratulating me for winning the two themes, ''Give A Smile' and 'Charity Shops'. She also sent me free banner space for 3 months on her blog which I hope to be redeeming soon!

With the little cards, she gifted me with all these pretty things inside, my most favourite being the face masks as I love trying out new ones. They're strawberry and vanilla scented so I'll be very excited to try them out as soon as I can! As well as the face masks she sent me two lovely lip balms which smell and taste great, a pumice stone which will come in very handy (as I had been meaning to buy one!). And last but not least the prettiest pastel coloured caviar nails set that I used only yesterday and instagrammed a picture of here.

I think it was really sweet of Elizabeth to send me such pretty gifts and I thanked her very much for them. I can't wait to enjoy them all. I didn't expect any gifts from participating in Charity Week and was just happy to be a part of it and be enthusiastic about her project, since it was such a lovely idea and because I'd love someone to be the same about a project if I created one in the future. Again, thank you Elizabeth and if you'd like to follow her blog, just click her link here: and follow her on twitter here! :)

CAT xo

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Seventeen - Skin Wow 3 Way Highlighter

Seventeen Skin Wow 3 Way Highlighter - Boots

Recently I've become a lot more interested in contouring, especially highlighting and I've been looking for my favourite drug store highlighter, and I honestly love this one by Seventeen. I think this is my new favourite highlighter.

The Seventeen Skin Wow Highlight is a liquid based, shimmery pale pink based highlighter that can be used in three different ways. You can use it to prime your skin, you can add it to foundation for an overall glow, or you can apply directly to cheekbones and other highlighting areas to brighten up your skin. Personally I prefer to apply direct to my cheekbones and I also apply to the bridge of my nose to  make it look more defined and in fact smaller, with the help of bronzer to shadow the sides of the nose. I also love to apply it in my foundation to give me a healthy looking glow when I feel a little dull.

I can instantly see amazing results with this highlighter. It is so subtly blended into the skin, but at the same time gives a noticeable glow as you can see in the picture below. My only concern was that as a liquid it would feel sticky and uncomfortable on the skin, but happily it feels great on the skin, very light and comfortable and long lasting. I also love the pump mechanism too, as it gives you complete control of how much product you want to use each time.

I've been using this everyday since I purchased it a couple of weeks ago and I absolutely love it. It would be something I repurchase when I run out too, and I don't often say that about products. I would definitely recommend it if you're looking for a decent affordable drug store highlighter, and at £5.99 I think this is completely worth the money.

Have you tried this highlighter yet? What's your thoughts on it, or which ones would you otherwise recommend?

CAT xo

Saturday, 9 November 2013

Wishlist #45

With Christmas not far around the corner, I can't stop swooning over all the pretty Christmas gift sets and gadgets you always get at this time of year. When John and I visited Lakeside on Thursday he had to drag me away from one too many shop windows, and from one too many pretty gift sets. I love Christmas time, it's when all the best stuff is out to shop!

Printed Shirt  | Flower Print Top | CyberCandy Grocery Bag Gift Parcel | Cookie USB Cup Warmer
Embroidered Blouse | Twist Front Dress | Cut Out Platform Boots | Things I Like Notebook 

I'm all into printed tops and blouses these days. After seeing the ones in Primark the other day they're all I want and to wear them with the loveliest of leggings! I'm also loving bodycon dresses after buying my Warehouse one a while back, they're just so flattering. And on top of those fashion wants this week I spotted those boots in Bank shop window and wanted them instantly!
As for miscellaneous  wants, that cup warmer would be perfect to keep a tea warm whilst blogging and the notebook for blog notes on the side. And Christmas shopping for other gifts I came across Cyber Candy's amazing gift parcels and fel for the American beauty on that top right corner! Doesn't it just look super sweet and yummy!?

What's on your wishlist this week?

CAT xo
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