Sunday, 30 March 2014

What Cat Wore: In The Sunday Sun

Top * - Regal Rose
Necklace - Topshop
Jegging - Topshop
Socks - Primark
Sandals - Topshop
Bomber Jacket - Matalan
Shopper Bag - Warehouse

Today is Mother's Day and early this morning, me and my brother decided to take the long hour drive into Portobello, London to go pick up my mum's (and my) favourite cakes from Lisboa Patisserie for her to go along with her new perfume and orchids we gave her before we left! If you ask a Portuguese guy or gal from London, they'll probably know one of the three patisseries they have in the city! But the one in Portobello is definitely the best and busiest of them all! I'm even planning to meet fellow Portuguese gal and blogger Ana here sometime soon to get some cake and finally get to know each other!

I was looking for something different to wear this morning and remembered this top (which is supposed to be a dress) from I won a voucher on Courtney's blog, Courtzmelv and bought this. I was kind of disappointed when it came because I thought it was going to be long enough to be a dress, but it's not. And it's also so super see-through, that I've had to wear a top underneath! I might buy a boob-tube to wear underneath, because I love the shape and the fit, and would love to wear it more often!

I wish I had some funky leggings to go with this, but it realised I have no printed leggings... Either way I wore my trusty bleach jeggings along with my pink bomber for a casual yet dressy look for today. And I've added my favourite statement necklace to add a little detail to my outfit.

I think I'm going to go chill out with my mum for a little bit now, and order a takeaway for us all after. It's been a lovely day and amazing weather too, so I want to make it last! I hope you're all treating your mums to a lovely Mother's Day, and if you are a mummy already, I hope you're having a great day and Happy Mother's Day to you!

CAT xo






Wednesday, 26 March 2014

What's On My iPad Mini?

I've often seen bloggers and YouTubers do a 'What's On My iPhone' post showing off all their latests apps and things! I find my phone is a little more private than my iPad so I thought I could share what my iPad instead for you. Apologies, it'll be very wordy explaining all my nerdy stuff to you girls! Here goes:

With two home pages and 6 sub-pages (is that what they're called??) within the second page, I've kept my iPad Mini pretty and organised, including the relevant emojis in the titles of each sub-page to keep things cute! My background was made with Monogram Lite for a personal touch, and I'd recommend downloading if you want a personal touch to your apple device too.

Of course, everyone has their social page, with all their social media. You can find me tweeting on Twitter and Posting selfies on Instagram the most, and then you can find me watching countless videos on YouTube and catching up with the family on Facebook. I also use Facebook Pages for the blog's page and to manage The Golden Plaice page which is my mum and dad's chip shop. Random Fact: All the chip shop food in Eastenders is from my mum n dad's place!

On my blogging page I of course have Blogger as a must have and BlogLovin' to keep up to date with all your lovely blogs! On top of that I have Blogsy which I've found to be the best blogging app so far that I've found! I've used it a whole lot lately and you wouldn't be able to tell because I can create posts exactly the same as I would on my desktop blogger. I don't like using Blogger for posts since their isn't many editing options so I'd definitely recommend purchasing Blogsy because it's totally worth the money and you've got the option to switch to editing in html mode too! If you know of any other blogging apps, leave them below because I feel like this page needs to stock up on blog things!

I have a page solely dedicated to editing and picture apps, and I've popped them all under photography. For collaging, I use Moldiv and have done since my first iPhone 4S, photo editor for any simple edits and then Rhonna, A Beautiful Mess and Bleach are all for playing with photos for Instagram use the most! If I had to recommend one of these apps it would 100% be Moldiv! just because I've used it the longest and love it for collaging the above images and a lot of my outfit ones too!

Games. I have only one or two on my iPhone because I prefer games on here. Yes, I am one of these geeks who play Minecraft and understand it, and I'm currently obsessing over Disco Zoo and Farm Heroes Saga (thanks mum). I'm always out for new games so if you have one that I could be totally addicted to, let me know.

My iPad is also TV central to me. I love to watch things on the Cartoon HD app when I'm feeling like satisfying my inner child's need of Pokemon or Disney films. Unfortunately I don't think this app is no longer available, but there are similar ones out there. Of course, regular catch up TV channels like BCC iPlayer and ITV Player have made their way to the Pad and I've only just added 4OD after realising I watch copious amounts of their TV including Gogglebox and First Dates... Where do you come up with this amazing entertainment Channel 4!?

The shopping page is a page I like to try and avoid but searching for deals on Groupon and checking out eBay is just a must! You don't want to lose out on amazing deals do you!? I have Amazon just in case I need it, and the all new Miss Selfridge app to keep up to date just in case I miss something for work. I would have downloaded all the other apps like the Topshop one and the ASOS one but with the iPad mini, I can shop on safari a lot easier, meaning there is no need to waste the app space when Safari is right there!

I use my iPad more for fun, games and blogging more than anything else. I love it and it's probably the best Christmas present ever thanks to the amazing boyfriend. It's great for the internet as the pages on Safari come up like normal and the games are so much more fun on a bigger screen. With my iPad being a mini, it's so much easier to carry around for a cheeky play on my lunch break and to blog, since it's a lot more fun to this way, and it's easier. If you got any recommended apps, leave them in the comments and I'll be sure to check them out!


Sunday, 23 March 2014

What Cat Wore: Hashtag Question Mark | Featuring

Jumper * -
Treggings - Topshop
Boots - New Look

I love a surprise, as much as I say I don't, so when offered to send me a surprise something in the post I was happy to accept! And I was even happier when they sent me this cute jumper with a hash-tag and a question mark, suiting me and my relationship with the internet (particularly instagram) perfectly! I love a hash-tag on Instagram, and if you follow me, you see that I pretty much hash-tag every picture. It's a hate for some people but personally I don't mind them at all! I have two jumpers similar to this in the same colours, one with saying 'XOXO' on the front and the other 'GENIUS'.

I wore the jumper with my tartan treggings, spotted in the bottom of my drawer when looking for something other than jeans to wear with it today. They go together really well and I love the colour combination. I'm thinking this jumper will be great with my denim skater skirt too and potentially with some of my body-con skirts that I have in mind. Only trial and error will see!
Because I also was going to be walking through a potentially muddy field for car boot sale shopping this morning, I wore my over the knee boots my mum got me for my birthday. I love these boots and almost forgot all about them, but I think I've rekindle my love for the slouchy, comfy and warm boots today, and I expect to be wearing them all week!

On other notes, I've not been feeling very well for the last four days. Headaches, appetite loss and feeling weak... I don't know why and I hope it goes away. I've been sitting in the same spot cuddled up with my fleece blanket, laptop, iPad, iPhone and notebook for the last 6 hours trying to drink lots of water to make myself feel better! I'm also hoping the Chicken Tikka Masala that is due any minute now will help regain some sort of appetite and strength! And will be oh so yummy!.... MMMMmmmm. I love my Tikka Masala. What's your favourite curry dish?

CAT xo

Saturday, 22 March 2014

What Cat Wore: Crocheted Rose | Featuring

Jumper * -
Skirt - Topshop
Shoes - Primark
Hat - eBay

So a few weeks ago contacted me asking me if I'd like to review one of their items, and since I'd never heard of them before I decided to take a look at the website and do a little googling. SammyDress is a online retailer selling things from clothes to toys at wholesale and low factory prices, which definitely entices me, as I love a bargain! From what I could see online SammyDress has a lot of mixed reviews so I wanted to give my 100% opinion on it and happily agreed to do a review!

They sent me this cute fluffy knit jumper with a crochet rose detail on the shoulder, which I instantly loved. It is really soft, really comfortable and you can wear the jumper either way that the rose can be on either shoulder. I've worn mine here very loosely so that the jumper falls slightly where the rose is, but you can wear it with the rose right on your shoulder if you'd like. It's also asymmetric at top as well as the bottom which you can't see here because of the way I've styled it, but I didn't like it at first. I eventually started to like it and decided to wear it rolled up at the bottom, the same way the model wears it on the website to make it look more slouchy which I love with a jumper! It's so easy to wear with anything from jeans, skirts to leggings. Overall I'm super happy with the item and I can't fault it from the three times I've worn it already, and it's only been a week since I received it!

A lot of the complaints SammyDress have got is from expensive shipping, but this isn't something I know about as it was shipped to me for free. All FAQs are explained on their website and there is also a tab where you can shop items with free shipping if this is a problem. I have no opinion about this at the moment since I haven't yet experienced it but it got to me in 2 weeks so as for shipping time, I think that was good considering distance, and I do like the website and the items that they sell. Cheap and fashionable pieces are right up my street and I've spotted a few things on there that I'm loving and wouldn't mind getting my hands on. I'm initially not fond of expensive shipping but it is being shipped from another country, but dependent on the size of my order I don't think I would mind paying £5-£10 on shipping. Anymore than that and I would revise whether it's worth it.

On to general chit chat, I've done a table top sale today that didn't go very well. No one really turned up since it wasn't advertised that well so that means I still need to do a car boot sale to get rid of some of it. My car boot is literally stuffed with old unwanted clothes! Buy it all from me?

CAT xo

Friday, 21 March 2014

Wishlist #55 - Jumpsuit Edit

I have never owned a jumpsuit, but with all these beautiful ones popping up on the high street and online I'm very tempted to get one or two! I think I would suit one... I'm really loving 1 and 2 on my wishlist the most. I love florals and pastels at the moment more than anything so any of these choices would look great in my wardrobe right now.
What one would you choose of the six?
Also I'd love to know what posts you'd like to see more of! Do you like the outfits and wishlists or domyou prefer beauty reviews or my adventure posts? Tweet me at @CatttSays letting me know :)

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

What Cat Wore: Neon Safari

Vest - Miss Selfridge
Blazer - F&F Tesco
Joggers - Primark
Trucker Sandals - Topshop

Sunday's weather was beyond amazing! And because the weather was so nice, I thought I'd wear out my new chiffon joggers. I'm a sucker for crazy prints and I couldn't resist these beauts when I saw them there, and my aunt being so lovely treated me to them! The colours are perfect for Spring/Summer, and I love the floral prints layered on top of the aztec print. I thought I'd wear it simple, but smart since I was heading out to meet Jess from Jess Loves xo for a catch up, and then seeing the man later, so I threw on an old grey vest, and my slouchy waterfall blazer, which to my surprise worked quite well!
I didn't know what to go for on footwear, as I wanted to avoid the easy pumps, so I went for my trucker sandals that I've been wearing a hell of a lot recently. I've been trying to get out of my comfort zone a little, and trying edgier things in my wardrobe, thus the shoes. And I wasn't expecting to love them as much as I do! I wear them with quite a lot and with so many different things, so I'm glad they were such a great versatile investment. I haven't been very good with outfit posts recently, so I was yet to show them off, making this their debut. You may see these more often with frilly or crazy printed socks underneath, as well as bare footed!
I am really loving the trends at the moment for Spring and Summer. I love all the pastels and simple, yet girly prints and styles. Have you got a favourite trend this season?

CAT xo

Monday, 17 March 2014

What Cat Wore: No 9

Jumper - H&M
Jeans - Topshop
Trainer Heels - ASH * (via #VCSwapShop14)
Bomber Jacket - Papaya, Matalan * (via #VCSwapShop14)
I thought today I would share the only outfit I took photos of whilst I was away. I'd planned on taking them everyday but I didn't think about blogging or photo taking pretty much the entire time! But I had to photograph my newest favourite jumper. I love the print and the thin knit, and having never had a thin knit jumper like this before it was about time I got one.
I wore it casually, but jazzed it up with my newest additions to my wardrobe from the #VCSwapShop14! Thanks to the beautiful weather, I was able to just throw on my new bomber jacket which I am completely loving right now, especially slightly oversized like it is!
I also wore my trainer heels also from the Swap Shop which I love wearing to dress up a casual outfit, they're so comfortable too, and go with a hell of a lot! My favourite shoes right now!
What are your favourite wardrobe pieces at the moment?


Saturday, 15 March 2014

What Cat & John Did: A Week In Norfolk

Hello again! So I've been away pretty much the whole of March and I'm back to tell you where I've been and things!

So the first week of March was finally holiday for me and John and we spent the week in a super luxurious lodge with a private hot tub, in the beautiful county of Norfolk. With no phone signal and internet access, we forgot about the outside world completely and enjoyed each others company, as well as enjoying days out in Norwich, Great Yarmouth and North Walsham. I didn't take loads of photos because... well I was having such a great time that I forgot to! But here are the few I took to share...

The Lodge
The food hamper was immense, the hot tub was a dream and the lodge was perfect!

Food Moments
All the goodies, from sweets shops in Norwich, hidden restaurant gems, John's homemade burgers and Pancake Day!

Places We Went
We're kids at heart, so the arcade was a place to be! We took loads of walks on the seafront and parks, drove for miles.


We has such a great time, and though I feel the pictures don't do it justice, I wanted to share those moments we'd captured! I loved our time away and we both came back very relaxed. I definitely recommend staying in a lodge if you're thinking about a getaway in the country, it's perfect for relaxing and discovering the countries hidden gems.
I was lucky enough to look forward to something when we came back as I has family visiting from both France AND Portugal so I've been super busy going out and enjoying time with my family. I've also been trying to settle into my new routine, so I apologise for being away for so long. Have I missed anything?

CAT xo

Saturday, 8 March 2014

Wishlist #54 - Shoe Love

Oh shoes. As a woman, it's a simple love affair with these bad boys.
Recently I've been loving anything in the new summer colours, or with a chunky heel. I'm particularly loving white shoes at the moment looking clean, crisp and girly, but the idea of buying a pair and ruining them makes me feel like I would just be wasting my money. But thus I am thinking about getting those lace up boots every other day...
The chunky heels excite me too! They're just so easy to wear thus their chunkiness and statement look - especially when you're wearing a pair of bright frilly socks underneath! Chunkiness means walking in them is comfortable AND looking good at the same time, so this is a great trend for everyone. And with heels in all heights and platforms, there's a chunky heel for everyone.
The most toned down pair I've picked here are the black courts on the bottom right, just because I actually don't have a pair of plain black courts. I have them in all colours but black, so an investment in a pair would be totally worth it, and stop me freaking out countless times on what heels to wear when the simple black courts would solve everything!
I love shoes, and though I have quite a few pairs, there can never be one too many pairs can there!? I surely think not!

CAT xo

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Sleek Blush By 3 - Pumpkin

A new found love for Sleek as a brand has caused an untold  and endless list of wanted products by them. One of them being the Blush By 3 palettes in ALL the colours.
After searching for an orange/coral toned blush as well as something a little different, it led me to purchase this very brightly coloured Blush By 3 palette in Pumpkin. With the red, the orange and the hot pink blushes all in one palette, it's perfect for travel, especially when you can't decide what colour to go for.
All three colours are highly pigmented, vivid and matte. The red is a really strong hot tone and really gives you a strong blush, where as the pink is your usual bright blush, and the orange gives a lovely glow in a non-umpa-lumpa way! (I think!!!...) They apply exactly as they appear on the palette, and with one sweep of a brush you've got a blusher brush loaded with colour! I usually tap my brush or shake it a little bit before I apply, but sometimes it still leaves me still with way too much product, and I have to blend it down, or brush off as much as possible!
I quite like a bold cheek, so this is a great blush palette for me. I think the palette is more suited to darker and olive toned skin, just because the orange is really vivid in colour and the red is quite difficult to pull off. I'm on the paler end of olive toned skin, and I think I just about can manage the red without looking like I've been in the sun for too long.
You can see how they applied for me below. I didn't take pictures for any other but the orange, so I thought I'd re-use a couple of outfit pictures where I used each colour, just to show you what they look like on:

Pink | Red

As you can see they are really noticeable and I can honestly say I love this product, and recommend it. I'm even tempted to buy another palette too since I love this one so much! I'm pretty in love with Blush By 3 in Sweet Cheeks! The lilac just looks amazing, and I'm intrigued to see what it looks like on! Have you tried any of the Sleek Blushes?

CAT xo

Monday, 3 March 2014

Wishlist #53 - Bedroom Interiors

With the known fact that I will finally be having a new bedroom and on my own by the end of the year, I've been online browsing for the prettiest things I will eventually decorate my room with. I've already got a theme in mind, and with a brightly-coloured-anything love like mine, I am thinking a white theme with bright colours popping here there and everywhere that clash, but co-ordinate all at the same time. For example, my lilac bean bag, with lime green curtains, and a bright pink fluffy rug and clean but pretty prints everywhere. I think the picks above give a little glimps of what I'm going for. I'm so excited for work to start on our house. I've been sharing a room for a very very very long time, and it's finally time for me to have my own space! <3 p="">
I've always wanted a dressmaker in my room, and I think this would look perfect with a favourite dress draped over it, new waiting-to-be-worn items or just a few favourite necklaces. The one pictured above is just perfect. I love the colour and the print!
As for the selection of cushions, I am a lover of throw pillows. I like mis-match ones with things written on them, or pretty pictures. These would be perfect thrown over the bed I plan to buy with it! But I'm keeping that one a secret...
I really want my new soon-to-be room to be a fresh space, where I can relax and really feel happy. I want it to be the room of my dreams too. I'm honestly too excited. Work won't start for a couple of months, but by the end of the year I will finally have my dream room, and though only for a couple of years it will be worth it! What do you think of my picks?

CAT xo

Sunday, 2 March 2014

#VCSwapShop14 Haul

In today's post, I thought I'd show you what I got at the Voucher Codes Blogger Swap Shop party that I blogged all about on Thursday. I'm really excited about all my new pieces, and I'm guaranteed taking them with me to Norfolk for mine and John's week away! At the swap shop my aim was to get a few pieces that would fit into the new look that I'm going for, so I was looking for pastels and bright colours, bold prints, pretty detailing and anything that would fit into my girly bright and on trend look I'm hoping to achieve. All that with versatility being key!
On with the pieces that I picked up....!

The first thing I picked up at the swap was the PU Skirt from Dahlia. I spotted this on Jemma's Instagram, and fell in love with it instantly, so when I saw it on the rail, I made a dart for it. Also on Instagram I spotted Selina's amazing converse style trainer-heels from ASH, and even though a size 6, I tried them on in hopes they would fit, and they did!!! I've always wanted a pair of these, I just never managed to find a pair I loved.
As well as those, I managed to pick up this pretty tropical body-con dress from Primark with a beautiful faux necklace detailing, perfect for a night out. This dogtooth print body-con skirt also from Primark, is right on trend this season, and was a perfect find to add some versatility in my wardrobe and build up my skirt collection. As well as that amazing bright pink bomber jacket from Papaya (brand new with tags) to layer over outfits all through the spring and summer was a winning piece. Although in a medium, looks great oversized!
I can see so many outfit combinations with these items and I'm so so happy with what I picked up. If any of these items are yours I'd love to thank you for them, because they truly are lovely pieces!

I was lucky enough to get a goody bag too, and managed to pick up this pretty beaded necklace from Dorothy Perkins (that I'd actually had my eye on!), a cute Boden coin purse, Model's Own Nail Buffer, Nair Brazilian Spa Clay and £10 Matalan Voucher which I cannot wait to spend! I did get some Haribo... But I ate that on the train home. *insert cheeky monkey emoji here*

I think haul from the swap shop was super successful, and I hope it was for everyone else that went too.
Comment links to your haul posts if you've done one!

Again, thank you Voucher Codes for inviting me to the swap shop and also to all the brands who helped make it happen! I had so much fun and made some great additions to my wardrobe.

CAT xo
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