Wednesday, 30 April 2014

My April

Sorry April? Where did you go!? I don't think I even had a chance to say hello... Yes April is gone as of in 20 minutes from the time I am writing this up. I thought about the things I did this month and there wasn't too many, but there were a few highlights to mention...!

April only means Easter, and that being said I was excited to have the family meal at my grandparent's house! It was all I expected, and I enjoy it so much because I get to see all my family at once and catch up, which was nice. As well as that, I've seen a few friends and gone out for dinner countless times which has been a nice change to the normal routine, and it was also my little brother's 21st birthday! I made him world's most awful 21 cake, but it was yummy! And I promise to make him a better looking cake next year...
This month I also helped a little hibernating hedgehog back out into the world after we found him coming out of hibernation in out garage! How he got in there in the first place is beyond us, but being a plump fellow and opening up the garage for the first time in a long time, we guessed he'd been hibernating in there over the winter... Cheeky and clever fella.
The big highlight of April for me was definitely McBusted! I had the BEST time with Jess and the boys, having lottts of drinks, listening to the best of Busted and McFly and having a mission and a half to get home! It was a memorable night indeed and I'm still yet to blog about it!

There's lots I'm still yet to blog about on top of my McBusted experience (and AHEM, Mr James Bourne following Miss Jess! *undetectable high pitched squeak*), but I'm planning a lot in this May, and I'm eager to get going with them. I'm feeling very inspired right now, so I hope you're in for lots of posts!

Hope you all had a lovely April too! What was your April highlight?

CAT xo

Sunday, 27 April 2014

What Cat Wore: Floral Kimono

Kimono - New Look
Crop Top - New Look
Necklace - New Look
Floral Hairband - New Look
Joni Jeans - Topshop
Skater Shoes - Topshop

So last night I went to see McBusted with John, Jess and Jess's boyfriend Scott and had such a great night out listening to all their greatest hits and drinking 2 for 1 cocktails at the O2 lounge! I'm not going to go into too much detail because there will be another post all about the night up soon!
As for my outfit... It wasn't very McBusted-y, but in fact more spring floral hippie. With the sun out, I really wanted to wear something pretty and comfortable. I settled for my comfiest jeans with a simple crop top and my very comfortable TIKA2 skater shoes. I was stuck on what to throw over to keep me warm in the slightly cold O2 arena, so I decided I would wear my new kimono. I finally bought my first kimono and I'm absolutely in love with it. It's so pretty and easy to wear and I was missing a couple of easy things to throw over simple outfits, so this was a perfect purchase! I did also treat myself to some new accessories. I was missing an easy wear floral headband, and a long necklace to pretty up outfits, and worked well to pretty up this one. I was probably the most girly dressed girl there, in all my pastel and pink!
I also dyed my hair red again! I waited 4 weeks to dye my hair a little brighter and I'm so in love with the colour! I've never had all-over red hair and I think I'm going to keep this for a while, since I love it so much. I think I finally found my colour! What do you think?

CAT xo

Monday, 21 April 2014

Ora Kiely Optic Stem Wallet Case

Ora Keily Optic Stem Wallet Case *

Recently, I was given this pretty Ora Kiely case to review for my iPhone 5S. I've not always been a fan of the wallet cases for the iPhone, and always thought that they were just for the people who love practicality, where as I'm an all for fashion girl, and would prefer to be pulling out an iPhone covered in decoden pieces 90% of the time! But when I was given a choice of three cases, I chose the Ora Kiely wallet case over the clip on cases, because I wanted to try something new, I really love the simple and cute print and colours... and I kinda like the practicality! I also thought about my phone's safety too, since I am forever dropping my phone. Luckily, since I upgraded I haven't dropped my phone more times than I count on my fingers!

It's pretty simple, and holds the phone in really nicely, and all buttons and the speakers are accessible and free. The wallet's exterior is made of almost like an oil cloth material, so any near spills are easily avoided and cleaned off. It's also got a easy carry wrist strap, and three card slots which would be so useful for maybe a night out or when you don't have a lot of space in your bag for both your phone and purse, or you just don't want to carry a bag and just need your phone and a couple of cards!

As for everyday use, I've had this case a few days now, and I've had to get used to how I hold the case for texting, tweeting, and calls. Now I'm used to it, it's not a problem but it was a little annoying at first. The only thing I'm still not used to is that the popper faces the back, and I'm opening it from the back to the front, which I think should be the opposite way round... If you know what I mean. That being said, it is the only thing I'm not too keen on with this case, and other wise I love it! I'll probably use this case for those times I pop into London and need my phone to hand and safe, or for nights out, or when I don't have space for my purse in my bag. I've got this case just in time for McBusted on Saturday which me and Jess are super excited about! I'll have my phone to hand for a lots pictures, and on my person at all times for safe keeping!
What are your thoughts on wallet cases?

CAT xo

Sunday, 20 April 2014

What Cat Wore: Easter Bunny

Jumper - Dorothy Perkins
Skirt * - Dahlia (via Swap Shop)
Socks - Primark
Sandals - Topshop
Bunny Scrunchie - Primark

Oh, so my photos kept bleaching out thanks to my super pale jumper today but I couldn't not post this up, because it's an outfit I really wanted to post, being themed all Eastery for Easter Sunday! Me and the family are just about to go out to my Nan and Granddad's house for our annual Easter family dinner! I'm so excited for it, since I haven't eaten any of my Nan's amazing greek food in such a long time! And it's nice to catch up with family isn't it?
I'm wearing my new bunny jumper that I bought in the Dorothy Perkins sale last week and I'd been keeping an eye on it since it first came into store. I managed to get the last one in my size and I love that it's a thin knit and tight fitting since I haven't got one like it. I was going to wear my duck print skirt, but I decided to wear the Dahlia skirt I managed to nab at the Blogger Swap Shop Party back in Feb. I love it! It's all easter themed with the bunny jumper and the egg shell coloured skirt here! I've even got mini egg looking nails and my bunny scrunchie on me. Cute no? ;) 
I hope you're all having a lovely Easter Sunday and get lots of eggs!

CAT xo

Saturday, 19 April 2014

What Cat Wore: Daisies & Denim

Swing Dress - Primark
Denim Jacket - Vintage
Skater Shoes - Topshop
Necklace - Topshop
The weather was very deceitful this morning! It looks so warm and sunny out there, but when I stepped out there was an unexpected chilly wind! I was clearly tricked by the weather, and being in a rush out his morning didn't help as I decided to wear one of my favourite casual dresses, thanks to the pretty daisy print, the super comfy fine knit meaning I felt that cold wind quite easy! I then ended up opting out black tights from my outfit, but doing this meant I got to show off my latest purchase, my white skater shoes! I've kept my eye on these white beauts from Topshop for a while, then I finally caved and bought them earlier this week. I've really got a thing for white shoes at the moment (I've got a pair of white boots next on my list), and I knew with that in mind and these being perfect for casual days, it was an absolute must! I will be honest and say they hurt a little bit the first couple of times I wore them, but after few wears they're broken into and start to get super comfortable! I think I need them in a couple more colours... Maybe the tropical print and the gingham ones? I love them! How do you feel about the skater shoe trend?

Friday, 18 April 2014

Lipstick Collection

Today I thought I would share with you my lipstick collection! A beauty post is long overdue, and I've had this idea in my little notebook a long time so it was about time!

I have a specific love for lipstick more than any other beauty product and it takes up a decent space in my makeup box. I experiment with a rainbow of lipstick colours, from pink to red and orange to purple, but I'm still yet to explore the wilder side of blues and greens! It looks small in the pictures, but it is ever growing and I have also cleared out some old and overused and abused ones recently.

I won't be sharing them all specifically but just some of my favourite collections and brands within. I hope you enjoy!

So first off, my Seventeen Stay Pout collection misses one that is hiding in a bag or coat pocket somewhere but this collection is fast becoming a favourite for it's stay power and vivid colour! Saintly is my most recent and loved lipstick, and the missing one is Make An Entrance which is a vivid red lipstick with an electric orange tone to it! My most favourite and used of these is Rule Breaker, a classic red darkened, with a plum tone to it.
Revlon is a brand I don't delve into as often as I wish... I often find myself avoiding it for the higher price bracket, but after buying the Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm in Elusive and the Laquer Balm in Provocateur, I'm definitely digging them! I really want the rest of the colorburst collections in both laquer and matte balms! As you can see again, a favourite has disappeared into a pocket somewhere and I haven't been able to show it off!
Not too long ago I won a Twitter giveaway with Bourjois and won the four Shine Edition Colours. I wasn't too sure how much I'd like them because I'm not a gloss girl, but I fell for these quickly when I saw how well they applied and non sticky they were! I love these and though not having tried more than the two bourjoios lipsticks pictured above before, fell for them. They gave me a good four in completely different colours so I haven't yet felt the need for a new colour in the shine editions yet, but in time I'm sure I'll buy into the rest!
Ah, my most favourite and biggest collection yet! The Maybelline ColorSensationals have stole my heart, and I've bought seven different colours over time and still have a couple in my mental shopping basket...
I've always adored these after buying my first ones last summer: Neon Red, Electric Orange and Shocking Coral. I then went on to buy a couple more and only last week added Tantalising Taupe and Hollywood Red to my collection. I love the packaging and the colours even more. The stay power and opacity is just brilliant too, and I've always got one of these in my bag to brighten up any of my makeup looks!
I've not yet wandered into many Celeb inspired lipsticks, and have never really understood the hype. I bought these lipsticks solely for the colour, but they also made me think about the other lipsticks in each collection. The Kate Moss lipstick is great for gothic makeup days and the Collection Privee (Eva Longoria's Nude) is perfect for natural makeup days. Opposite ends of the spectrum for each hey!?
Finally, I thought I would share my top 8 right now. I was going to stick with 3... and then 5, but I couldn't pick 3 or 5 absolute favourites right now, so I picked 8! Each of these is different to the next and depending on my mood that day, depends which one I go for. I love my lipsticks and though I have my top favourites, they always change. I re-shop my stash every now and then and recover a long lost love for another lipstick, as I've done many times. Maybe that will be my next beauty post: a "shop my stash"! What do you think?

And which is your favourite lipstick of my collection?


Monday, 14 April 2014

What Cat Wore: Floral Mod

Dress * - Glamorous
Platform Sandals * - Glamorous
Necklace - Topshop

I was in my element yesterday being a summer girl at heart. I was so overjoyed with the warm weather, and even more so since it meant I could debut my newest favourite dress that had been hanging there waiting to be worn for the last couple of weeks. This beautiful bird and floral print shift dress from Glamorous is my new favourite.. I'm absolutely in love with it. I love the shape, the print, and the fabric feels just lovely on. I accessorized this beaut with my statement 'C' necklace to add a little detail, and I eventually headed out with my long green cardigan to keep warm during that light evening wind we were bound to get.
As for those amazing all white platforms... I pre-ordered these lovelies after falling for them at first sight, again from the Glamorous website! I knew I wanted them and with a new found love for white, I had to have them. They are so so comfortable it's unbelievable and I can't wait to wear them again. I honestly can't! 

I've got a new found love for Glamorous and I've got my eye on quite a few pieces in there at the moment! I may have to come home to some more white sandals, and possibly a couple more pretty dresses. Maybe... *insert monkey covering eyes emoji here*

CAT xo

Friday, 11 April 2014

Wishlist #57 - Wedding Edit

This summer I have a wedding to go to, and of course with every wedding comes a new dress to look pretty aand sophisticated in! The wedding is one of the boyfriend's work friends, and I really want to look great next to the boyfriend in his suit get up, so I'm beggining my hunt!
I'm floating towards pastels with simple prints, flattering silhouettes and that steretypical, 'I'm going to a wedding' outfit. I'm loving all of the above, but I'm particularly drawn towards the pink silk playsuit, but I'm not 100% sure on whether its "attending a wedding material". I'm also loving the Jones & Jones dresses since I've always wanted one. It would be a great excuse to finally buy one, but keeping pounds per wear in mind and how many wears after I would get out of it makes me think twice about the beautiful skater dresses...
If I had to go for one right now, I think I would pick the lilac midi. It's the one I love the most after the playsuit, and it's standing out to me more than the others. Its simple, its classic and its just such a perfect colour! Ahhhh the choices, there are too many! Which one would you pick?

CAT xo

Thursday, 10 April 2014

I Love Spring Tag

Spring to me means it gets warmer and the world gets prettier with all the flowers and longer days. There's always so much more to do too... So to share my love for this time of year... a tag! Enjoy...


Favourite spring nail polish.

When it comes to spring, I pull out all my pastel polishes and any brights that tickle my fancy. This year, I'm being drawn towards nudes and neutral tones, and I am loving my Barry M Silk Paints, especially in the pink and blue. I've also fallen for the Barry M Gelly Hi Shine in Sugar Apple.

What is your must have lip colour for this spring?

Spring calls for all the pinks and corals when it comes to lipstick. I love wearing my Maybelline Colorsensational Vivids in Shocking Coral and Electric Orange. I recently bought Hollywood Red and Tantalising Taupe which I am totally in love with. The taupe more than the red since I've been really enjoying neutral nails and makeup recently.


Show your favourite spring dress?

This spring I can see myself wearing my new Glamorous pink floral bird shift dress a lot. I'm yet to wear it, but once there is a dry weekend I'll be slipping right in that! I've also got quite a few tea dresses yet to debut on the blog. Right now, out of the dresses I have, it has to be my Motel dress, because it's such a pretty print, so easy to wear and super flattering.


What is your favourite flower?

I've always loved daisies the most - the big ones that you get. They come in all colours and are just so simple and beautiful. I also love orchids after recieving the prettiest one for valentine's day instead of the typical roses one year. They were beautiful and they lasted for ages too :)


What is your favourite spring scarf or accessory?

I'm not much of a scarf person, but if I do have a fancy for a new bag every spring. This year its my little blue rectangular bag from Primark. It's small enough to wear anywhere and big enough to fit all my essentials in.


Which spring trends are you most excited for this year? (Fashion, beauty or both)

This year its definitely all the pastels and white. I'm also loving shoes with the trucker soles and making them look cute with any frilly sock under the sun.


Beauty wise I'm loving being playful with eyeliners and pastel nails.


Favourite spring candle.

I only got into candles this winter, but I do love Yankee Candle's Clean Cotton and would smell amazing during spring... I may have to buy that tomorrow!


Favourite perfume or body spray this spring.

Bronze Goddess by Estée Lauder all the way. It smells like summer in a bottle and I love to wear it during spring to get me excited for summer!


What is spring like where you live?

In England, spring can be many things. Sunny, warm, chilly winds, rainy and sometimes snowy. I think we may have had a stroke of luck this year... There's only been a few days of rain, and the sun has been shining in the sky. I've even spent a few lunch breaks outside this week!


What is your favourite thing about spring?

I love it when the trees grow their leaves and the flowers bloom. It means the days get brighter and prettier and the smell of fresh spring air is one of my favourites. Also easter... for the eggs. *insert piggy emoji*


Are you a spring cleaner?

Yes! I'm planning a huge eBay selling spree and a carboot sale when my local one starts. Out with the old and some cash to bring in the new! ;)

Though I'm not the tidiest person so spring cleaning happens more often than it should!


Any plans for a spring holiday?

I've already had my spring holiday this year, up in Norfolk with John. We had a lovely time and you can read all about it here if you'd like!


I tag you all to do this! I love a good tag, and this one's helped remind me about all the things I love about spring and all the things that come after it!


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