Saturday, 31 May 2014

Wishlist #60

Dress | Bag | Watch | Midi Dress
Shoes | Skort | Converse

Oooooh, I love all of the above and I'm lusting a variety of random things these last few weeks from designer beauties to pretty prints and I want it all. I'm terrible aren't I? Always wanting something new...
I'm still loving my pastels and florals of course as always, and I'm trying to venture out of my comfort zones and want to wear new things like dress shapes I wouldn't normally go for and the fancy skorts like I used to wear back in the 90s! (Oh god, that makes me sound so old.)
I've also been eyeing up a fancy bag that I'm feeling a need for in my life and I'm looking for a cute bowler bag like this Paul's Boutique one to fit all my stuff in, as well as some fancy going out sandals such as the pretty nude ones on the bottom left! I love that chunky heel and I haven't got any nude shoes so this would be a perfect addition to my wardrobe. On top of that watches seem to be a growing accessory and I'm lusting a few cute cheap eBay ones as well as this lovely Olivia Burton one on the Topshop website!
I'm not sure if adding those converse to my wishlist counts either since I bought them about 10 minutes ago with a lovely voucher from that made these a HUGE bargain for what they are. I was going to go for the simple traditional white ones but then I saw these and I felt like it was meant to be... I think they're arriving Wednesday and I'm so excited! I've been wanting a pair of white converses since my red ones died a while back, and now I finally have a pair! Eeeee!

Everyone deserves a pay day treat! Have you got yourself a treat for payday?

CAT xo

Thursday, 29 May 2014

Four Years Blogging

Yesterday was my four year blogiversary! I can't believe I've been writing on my little space on the internet for four years now. I didn't think I would carry on when I started, and it has become so much more than what it was four years ago. Yeah, I'm no famous lots-of-followers blogger but if I was meant to be now I would be and if I should, I will get there. I've enjoyed my little spot on the internet all this time and I carry on to enjoy it, maybe more now than ever really! I have achieved a few things this year through blogging that I didn't before and I think over the last year my styling has got lots better too, which is only influenced by your beautiful blogging ladies and your inspirational style. I guess what I'm trying to say is, I love blogging, there's no way I'm stopping any time soon. I also want to thank all your girls for following me, and I hope a few more of you can enjoy my blog and maybe even follow me and my stylings for more in the future!

I think to make this post a little more special than just saying the usual thank yous and how happy I am about my little blog is to share what I've achieved in the last year.

In the last blogging year, I have:
# Attended my first fashion bloggers event where I met lovely new blog friends!
# Bought my own blog domain and swapped from being a to just a!
# Collaborated with a bunch of companies to create lovely new content for What Cat Says.
# Gained a bunch of new followers
# Was featured on the MSN Lifestyle homepage thanks to      

It's not much but I'm proud of myself and I intend to achieve more in the next year such as starting a YouTube Channel and also attending more events, and creating better content for you girls to read and see.
Sorry I haven't been around much recently, I've been so busy with so much stuff and I haven't really had the time to enjoy blogging, and I'd rather not blog at all than blog something rubbish. I'm having a good blogging night although, so there should be some more content up this week! :)
Hope you're all having a lovely week!

CAT xo

Sunday, 25 May 2014

What Cat Wore: Frilly Hem Everything

Jeggings - Topshop
Sunglasses - Outfit
Necklace - Topshop
Trucker Sandals - Topshop

For days when you want to look nice and you need something casual. That is what this pretty frilly top from Laundry Boutique is and I absolutely love it. Laundry Boutique generously sent this to me along with the Dip Hem Dress which I will cheekily mention that has been featured on the editor's choice page on and also on the MSN Lifestyle homepage! I was speechless and complete and utter shock when I saw that today after a friend pointed it out and sent it to me on Twitter, and I'm still so 'Ohhh my godddd' about it. Check it out if you'd like HERE.
Off topic there... But carrying on: I adore this top and will be wearing it to death for sure! It's just so comfortable and pretty... the frilly sleeves and hem are so cute and different to anything I have in my wardrobe, and that is what I love most about it. It's not your usual high street find, but it's so me! I love anything cute and frilly! I simply wore it with my super comfy jeggings and my sandals with my cute new frilly lilac socks! I'm a sucker for frills and pastels ♥

Hope you're enjoying your bank holiday weekend? Is anyone else working but me tomorrow?
CAT xo

Thursday, 22 May 2014

TREND LOVE With Fashion Union

I am seriously in love with all the trends at the moment. All the neons, and the pastels are all shouting out to me, and leaving me imaginatively broke. If I could spend all of a years worth of clothes money, it'd be on this season because it's so me. I'm simply adoring the shapes, colours and fabrics this season especially the midi skirts, co-ords and pretty crops in neons, pastels, and white. Fashion Union have these trends down to a tee and I'm adoring their entire range. Even their monochrome and I'm not a huge lover of black clothing! I can't help but want it all. I already have an eye on my definite payday treat which is this Melda Dolphin Co-Ordinating Top and Skirt!

Both trends are carry some lovely pieces that hint a 60's vibe with a modern twist. Aith midi length circle skirts and gingham prints, I'm in love with it all as well as a 90's neckline making it's way into a couple of the pieces. I'm also adoring the dress and trainers look too, and reminds me of the years I was obsessed with tennis dresses and only wore Reebok trainers back in the 90's!

Those pastels are just my absolute idea of a perfect wardrobe and I'd probably do anything to have it all. I'm head over heals for all the mint, lilac and whites as well as my all time favourite pink, and all in cute florals, colour blocks and gingham, with flattering shapes and feminine fabrics. I'm really looking into getting this beautiful Mint Satin Jumpsuit for any weddings or evenings out I may have this summer, or this Floral Pastel Skater Dress for day time outings or Sundays to feel pretty.
I've never been a huge fan of neon but this year I want to be out there braving the neon! They've created some brilliant neon pieces: simple dresses in outstanding colours as well as floral or aztec prints with pops of neon colour like you couldn't believe. It works when pairing them up with simple white or black pieces to break it up, and not make it so 'in your face' as you'd think. I'm lusting this Neon Floral Printed Shift Dress, I just love the print and T-Shirt style dresses is one of my new favourite shapes I didn't know I loved!
What I love even more about the trends in Fashion Union is that it is really affordable and you can probably get a little bit more for your money! I wouldn't normally think of buying coordinates but I'm definitely going to be on the bandwagon grabbing a two piece for just £40!

Oh I'm dying with all this trend love right now. What's your favourite trend this Spring/Summer?

CAT xo

Sunday, 18 May 2014

What Cat Wore: Lilac Dreams - Featuring Laundry Boutique

Necklace - Vintage
Cup - New Look
Cleated Platforms * - Glamorous
Sunglasses - Outfit
Hair Bow - Lavender Latte

What an AMAZING Sunday we're having in England right now!? I've already been for my run this morning and happily did over 2 miles in this lovely weather. It's only been a week, but for someone who hasn't done much for exercise since school I think that's pretty good don't you!? It is absolutely boiling outside and there is no way I'm going to miss out a trip to the pub garden for a drink out in the sunshine!
As well as the weather being perfect for a barbecue, a trip to the pub garden, for a run, or for a trip to the seaside, for me it's perfect weather to wear out my lovely lilac dip-hem dress courtesy of Laundry Boutique. I am in love with this dress! The shape is so different to anything I've worn before and I love the t-shirt style top half with the peplum style dip-hem! Of course, my favourite shoes are out again for the day and I've finally wearing out my coral seashell necklace that my Aunt Olive gave to me a few years ago. I wasn't really fond of it back then, but I love it now!
Also obsessing over my new 'Stabucks Style' cup from New Look that I bought the other day! I love it so much, and it comes with a screw on lid so spillages are basically impossible, as well as the straw being non-detachable from the cup when it's closed. I have bitten a crack into the top of the straw... Force of habit!

I'm out to go see John now and see if he drives me to our local pub garden, which is also where we had our first date! Hope you're all having an amazing Sunday in the sun!

CAT xo

Saturday, 17 May 2014

What Cat Wore: The Cool Blues

Cleated Platforms * - Glamorous
Socks - Topshop
Necklace - Topshop

I may be wearing blue but I am seeing red after Arsenal's amazing FA Cup Final Win! I'm so happy they won, and there was a whole 2 hours of tense game watching and crazy tweets between a bunch of us Gooner Girls on Twitter about our hope for the result that we happily ended up with!
Today I'm wearing my newest dress from, which is this pretty electric blue t-shirt dress. I am in love with the shape of this dress and think it works great for a casual day like today or for a night out since it's so versatile! It's such a lovely thick material, and so comfortable to wear. A dress that shouts style as well as comfort is a dream come true! I decided to pair this dress with some cute baby blue frilly socks and my favourite shoes, which are the Glamorous cleated platform in white! I love the socks and sandals look so much it's ridiculous... I can't get enough of it and who would have thought it would look so good!?
I may not be heading anywhere today but you've got to dress up on the weekend! Especially when you don't get to during the week. But I'm sure I'll be wearing this outfit out a lot over the summer, it's a real favourite.

Hope you're having a good weekend! Who's happy about the FA Cup Final too!?

CAT xo

Friday, 16 May 2014

What Cat Wore: Dogtooth & Pastel

Shirt - F&F Tesco
Top - Miss Selfridge
Skirt - New Look
Necklace - New Look
Hairband - New Look
Sunglasses - Outfit
Shoes - Topshop

So today for work it was non-uniform day! Saying that sounds like school, but I get pretty excited about it because it means I don't have to wear black and I get to dress up nice! It was all in aid of Teenage Cancer Trust and we donated £3 to wear what we liked whilst managers wore black. Basically we swapped uniform for the day!
I thought it was time to debut my pretty lilac shirt from Tesco... And I just found out as I linked it to this post that it's gone down half price. Now that's bloody typical isn't it!? I colour clashed it with my neon/peachy cami that I was still yet to wear, and thought it went quite well together! I really like this outfit, it really fits today's hot weather perfectly and I was so happy to not have to wear a coat or cardigan out for the first time this year! I've also got to give credit to a friend too as the way I wore my shirt was inspired by my work friend Laura who wore the Topshop Silk Shirt open with a midi skirt and crop top underneath. She's quite the stylish gal!
I felt in my element in all my colours and pastels today. I'm always so happy when I get to style out my own clothes... It's a comfort thing, and I believe your personality shines through when you wear what you like, how you like!

I think I'm going to be meeting some friends for drinks now. I hope you're all having a lovely Friday night and have a great weekend!

CAT xo

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Blogging with

I'm sitting here drinking a cup of Hot Chocolate courtesy of and I'm enjoying the fact that I've forgotten less things lately, and that my blog planning is a little more colour coordinated and to plan! At work I think I could be the most organised person ever, but at home it all goes down hill... especially when it comes to planning blog posts and so on. Strange for a girl who loves storage and stationary and organising things when the time is there ay? But when offered to send out some stationary goodies, I couldn't pass the chance!

Sunday, 11 May 2014

Wishlist #59

Top | Crop Top | Playsuit
Wedges | Midi Skirt | Tassle Bag
Pants | Mom Jeans | Dress

I'm really into jeans, delicate prints, fabrics and colours at the moment. And also loose but flattering pieces like the pants and the lilac dress! I've recently discovered Laundry Boutique online, and I am happy enough to be working with them very soon! I'm literally obsessed with their collections and know I will be buying a few pieces from them in the future. I'm considering all the things I've listed here as future purchases, especially that gypsy top! I'd love to dare the leopard print playsuit but I don't know if I could pull it off!
Topshop also have some lovely pieces including the cute printed mom jeans and that midi skirt in all sorts of colours. I'd love to add the lilac one to my wardrobe!
I'm really coveting all these pieces right now and when you haven't got the cash to splash it's hard to pick which ones you want the most! What people you pick if you only had to buy one? I think I'd go for the lilac dress, just because it's an outfit all on its own, and different to anything I already own!

CAT xo

Thursday, 8 May 2014

I Chose You: Lavender Latte

The other day I was having a browse on Etsy. I don't know how it came about but I searched pikachu, and there it was; A cute little Pikachu hair bow that was oh so cute, for oh so cheap! And instead of just buying it there and then I started browsing the seller, Lavender Latte and discovered even more amazing hair bows!

Friday, 2 May 2014

Wishlist #58 - Pink, Lilac & White

Sunglasses | Shoes | Trousers | Shirt Dress | Boots | Kimono | Satchel Bag | Dress

It's been so long since I did a wishlist so I thought I would get back on track with them. I'm seriously loving white and lilac right now and I haven't got enough of it in my life. And pink too!
There are so many beautiful pieces out there at the moment and I want them all SO badly... If I could have all these on this post right now, I think I'd be happy for well over half the year! I've finally come to the conclusion that I want a white leather satchel bag when I finally get round to getting one, and that I need another pair of white shoes in my life... Preferably those boots from Miss Selfridge. Another kimono wouldn't go a miss, and a pair of pink cigarette trousers to make some cute smart casual outfits! I may actually buy them very soon....
The most wanted on this wishlist is the beautiful 100% silk shirt dress from Topshop. I WANT IT SO MUCH. I almost bought the black one on my work uniform, but one of the other girls got there first and it was the only one... She makes it look amazing, and I wondered if they did it in other colours, and on my search found this lilac one. I need it in my life as one of my wow pieces. I can imagine this with my white Glamorous cleated sole platforms... Just perfect. Buy forking out £85 is quite a bit... An investment piece maybe. What do you girls think? Should I eventually get it?


Thursday, 1 May 2014

April Beauty Favourites

Well hello, I haven't done a favourites post since... November! And I miss doing them, so here we go. I have a lot of favourites that aren't just beauty this month, but I had so many beauty faves I decided to split it into beauty and fashion faves which will be a first for my little space on the internet! But for now, here are my favourite products that I've been using religiously this last month...

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