Sunday, 30 November 2014

Life Diary | My November

This November hasn't been as cold as I wished it would be. It sounds weird to say but when it's November you expect cold and the beginnings of Christmas. When the ice hits overnight for the first time you know it's winter and that means Christmas is coming! I've already heard all the Christmas music and seen all the lights in London, but I've been getting into the Winter/Christmas spirit in my own way - by enjoying countless hot chocolates, stacks and stacks of toast, buying Christmas things like nail polish and clothes and also taking my first visit to Winter Wonderland exactly a year after last time. Thanks for letting me know Time Hop. (best app everrr?)

This month has also been great for blogging and networking - I attended the Blogger Swap Shop with Sarah from Loved By Sarah and the M&Co SS15 Press Day (M&Co press day video here & my blog post here). They were both loads of fun to attend and I met a bunch of new blogger friends along the way!
On top of all that, I went to Winter Wonderland. I love the place and visiting with the girls I got the chance to browse the Christmas Market which I don't often get to with John - because let's face it... What boy likes shopping!? I'm planning on going again to see the attractions and eat all the amazing food, which is what I love Winter Wonderland for the most ♥ Who'd like to see a vlog of it next time I go?

This month's been a little long and quite the busy one too - and I don't expect next month to be any quieter! In fact I'm more than too excited about all the Christmas stuff going on and not to forget my own birthday which happens before Christmas. It's going to be a busy and expensive one.
Who's excited and prepared?

CAT xo
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Saturday, 29 November 2014

What Cat Wore: Monkey Emojis

Emoji Tee - Primark
Bomber Jacket - Papaya @ Matalan (via #VCSwapShop14) 
Leggings - Miss Selfridge
Boots - Miss Selfridge

Please don't judge or even look at my awfully outdated bedroom spot, I just had to post this outfit and it was absolutely pouring outside and my usual inside spot was in use for arts and crafts... Boo. I'm glad although that by the summer time I will have a wonderful new bedroom that I'd be happy to take photos in and enjoy having in the background of future photographs. On top of that I'll enjoy finally having my own space for once in a veeeery long time complete with my own decorating... Ahh.... *day dreams*

So this tee is just the best. I adore the monkey covering his mouth and usually use it as a giggle emoji rather than a 'speak no evil' emoji! I have an inside joke with the boyfriend about what emoji we are, and this one his mine because it's most like me and used so frequently. His is the just hatched chick... Don't ask why because it's the longest story!
Anyway - I wore this tee with both my red tartan leggings and these monochrome ones recently. It's such a soft tee and easy to wear. I can't help it when I walk into Primark and find yet another t-shirt with a cool print I can't resist. I must have the most ridiculous collection of t-shirts in the world.
Another animal tee to my wardrobe zoo!

CAT xo
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Friday, 28 November 2014

Oh My Love! #BlackFriday

This is probably the UK's first full on Black Friday. And we've taken influence from the Black Friday fans in American when it comes to shopping it. I mean, relax people - yeah it's a good deal but is it worth a row!? That's why this Black Friday I'm ONLINE SHOPPING. Yeah, half the websites are down but there are some great deals going out there including the ever so gorgeous Oh My Love!
They're offering an amazing 30% off everything this Black Friday for you to enjoy and here's the discount code for you to be able to take full advantage of it. I'm hovering my mouse over this Metallic Silver Midi Skirt and this amaze Grey Faux Fur Jacket to buy at the moment. So beautiful!


CAT xo
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Thursday, 27 November 2014

What Cat Wore: Aztec in London

Jumper - Topshop
Jeans - MinkPink (via #VCSwapShop)
Biker Jacket - Primark
Boots - Sperry

These jeans are probably the brightest thing in my winter wardrobe right now - I say winter wardrobe... They're an all year, any time piece really. I adore them, and I feel so lucky to have picked them up and nabbed them in the VC Swap Shop a couple of weeks ago.
I wore this 'rock-chick-y' outfit to London last week for the M&Co Press Day! I may have been the brightest person there and looks right out of place, but hey-ho, when I wake up, I style my outfit to what I feel like wearing that day or what style I feel fits what I'm feeling that day. It's weird how it works out - how most of my outfits come to mind...

The way I style my outfits in the morning is with this quote in mind: "When a woman says she has nothing to wear she really means I have nothing for who I need to be that day" - Caitlin Moran. There's always something in my wardrobe a little like who I'm meant to be that day if not completely who I'm meant to be - and this day I needed to go a little rock chick! 

CAT xo
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Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Wishlist #74 - Christmas Jumpers ♥

Penguin Jumper | Scottie Dog Jumper | Penguin Jumper
Candy Jumper | Fairisle Jumper | DIY Gingerbread Man Jumper
Christmas Skirt (!!!) | Bow Jumper | Reindeer Jumper

Christmas Jumpers, all the Christmas jumpers! I've got my eye on one too many and now that I have full flexibility on what I wear to work I'm pretty sure I'll be wearing Christmas jumpers for at least the last two weeks around Christmas. I already have three pretty awesome jumpers, but there's room for one or two more in my life. My ultimate favourites are definitely the skirt for something a little different, the first penguin jumper and the DIY gingerbread man! It's the tartan print that wins me over with the gingerbread one.
These are all so lovely I wish I had them all...
My favourites are a quite lairy, but I am wandering towards the quieter ones like the bow jumper and reindeer jumper for their simplicity and cosy look. I don't actually think I could choose if I'm honest - I'll have to just go with what comes to me first!
I'm so excited for Christmas and I'm half way through shopping it all. Who else is excited for Christmas???

CAT xo
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Monday, 24 November 2014

My AW14 Pinspirations

Oh, I'm loving winter this season. This year I'm excited for it all! I've always said I'm a summer girl and at heart, I really am! But somewhere in there lies a girl who's so in love with winter and everything that comes with it, that I completely contradict myself and go against everything I said when the sun was out.
Not only does the winter bring me all the celebrations: Christmas, New Year, all the birthdays and anniversaries - it also means I get to wear my coats and jumpers, cosy up under a duvet with films and have any excuse to buy all the hot drinks I possibly can. It's just glorious! It's not yet hit that peak when it gets really icy and cold here in England, but when it does I'll be ready for it. I kinda hope it snows too.
So in the spirit of all that's autumn and winter, and with my new Pinterest obsession, I've made myself a little Autumn/Winter board with a few inspirational visual aids I'd like to share to get you really feeling this season as much as I am.
Enjoy, and if you like it let me know if you'd like to see this sort of thing more often!
Lavender Hair & Purple Lips hair makeup lavender purple hair long hair hair ideasI love snowflakes in people's hair. It looks beautifulG
Winter Hair: curls au naturelle, full of snow or under a hat. Possibly with some purple at some point.
collar, shirt, lace, knit, jumper, mustard, autumn, winter, fashion, styleXo
Always in jumpers. Or as often as possible.

white coat, grey sweater, plaid scarf, black pants, + black ankle booties- so cute for WinterStyle crushing on the pairing of diaphanous skirt with major mega knitStyle crushing on her OTK boots + denim + bright knit
love this combination, with the red scarf Aztec Cardigan With Long Boots and Leather HandbagOasis Tokyo Coat // Zara Scarf // Blanc Denim Vegan Leather Pants // Christian Louboutin Iriza Leopard Shoes // Michael Kors Selma Tote (sma...Belted Scarf & BaubleBar earrings...
Fashspirations: Layering, jumpers, tartan - a lot of it, over the knee boots eventually, big scarves, clashing prints and dark colours.
I so would do this for winter..Like this shade
the green pulls out her green eyes !Pritty like me!
My winter make up will be: dark lips, vivid eyes in dark colours and christmas colours, wintery fingertips covered in glitter.
I love getting Pjs on, a book, hot chocolate, blanket and my dog and just getting cosy.
Bonnie (@Bonnie Barton) | Lazy Sunday morning before workin on a shoot ❤❤ | Intagme - The Best Instagram WidgetThis is one of my favorite resting places...
Winter is: Snuggling by a fire, in big thick socks, blankets upon blankets, doing bugger all, or reading endless Christmas themed blog posts and drinking as much tea as possible.
Winter Warmer Next knitting project me thinks!Love your Mug
right hand image full credit to:
This delicious dumpling stew does not require you to brown the beef, which makes it ideal for a slow cooker.Cheesy Tomato Soup with Garlic, Mozzarella, Gouda, Parmesan in a Bread Bowl
Endless hot chocolates (on top of tea) and winter warmer food is all I want. I want to try making my own dumpling stew and bread bowls this year ♥
Winter Wonderland, Hyde Park, LondonTelephone booth plus falling snowA walk along by the River Thames in the snow. What could be more romantic?
London in the winter. It's amazing. I want to see snowy London this year, and winter wonderland again. I'll go shopping in the new year and enjoy the lights around Christmas time.

Beautiful Winter Photography
As difficult as it may make life, will the winter sky bring us some snow please?

CAT xo
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