Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Life Diary | My December

This month flew by so fast I didn't have time to think about it. I can't believe it is NYE today! And looking back, I didn't take many Instagrams. Was bloody too busy to do anything fun like I'd planned!!!
This month of course has been all about Christmas! I was consistently busy with either work, buying Christmas presents, or crafting for a Christmas Fair my friends and I did in which all the money went to charity. It was a huge success and we're super proud of ourselves because all the effort we made was worth it in the end.
Christmas was so much fun this year, with everything going according to plan. Everyone loved their presents from me and I loved the ones I got (Christmas Haul still yet to come!). Christmas dinner was amazing as usual and I got to enjoy quality time with the people I love and this year, without the squabbling!
It was my birthday a few days before Christmas and although I didn't do much, it was a lovely day spent with my boyfriend. He bought me the most beautiful watch that I can't stop staring at... So pretty!
But the end of my month was slightly ruined since I got the flu on Boxing Day. I was bed ridden for 3 days and I'm still not 100%, but it did mean my shopping trip that I'd planned for so long was cancelled and I spent a very free weekend on my sofa feeling sorry for myself. But alas, I am well enough to celebrate NYE so I shall and I will very much enjoy myself after a few JDs and coke! Naughty.

I don't think I'll be doing my usual gather up of the year this year. I've got a lot stronger feelings to making next year amazing than thinking about what's happened this year - onwards and upwards and I can't wait to have an amazing 2015!

I hope you all have a lovely and safe New Year's & whatever you get up to, enjoy it and look forward to a fresh new year! ♥

I love you all and thanks for a great year of blogging! ♥

CAT xo
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Tuesday, 30 December 2014

What Cat Wore | IN 2014

This year I upped my blogging game and I posted a whole load more outfits than I ever thought I would! Looking back I personally think my style's got better, It's definitely somewhat matured (pa-ha, never completely), I've gained some beautiful pieces along the way and I'm glad I've been able to share them with you. I've really found what I love doing on my blog and I love posting new outfits and style as often as I can. I did this round up post last year and I think it'd be fun to do it again. That said, I started doing it and got to about April and realised I'd started to frequent posting outfits a little more by then and there were way too many to put them all on one post. So instead: My Favourites of 2014! Enjoy ♥

I love clothes. I love styling, I love challenging myself every morning and I love loving something that I can use and be seen in everyday. I'm hoping 2015 will bring me to challenge my style more, be more fashionista and dress better everyday! I want to dress my best everyday and though it's not totally possible, I'll try my best to get it as close to 365 times as I can. Here's to a new year and bring on the trends!!! ♥

CAT xo
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Friday, 26 December 2014

What Cat Wore: Bambi on Christmas Day

Bambi Christmas Jumper - Primark (Gift)
Textured Tube Trousers - Miss Selfridge
Grey Boots - New Look
Check Coat - Miss Selfridge
Red Fur Stole - TU @ Sainsburys

Ah Christmas Day this year was spot on. I got to wear my Bambi Jumper, I got lots of lovely presents and got to give lots of lovely presents too. Expect a Christmas Haul very soon... At my house we had a really nice chilled out time, we played Just Dance 15, rode electric scooters, ate the traditionally huge Christmas dinner and then monged out for the rest of the evening! If I am happiest about anything from Christmas Day is that everyone genuinely loved their presents from me; it makes me smile to know I did a good job.
So John and I exchanged Christmas jumpers a day early in order to be able to wear them on Christmas Day and he bought me this really cute light up Christmas Bambi jumper! I love it, and the lights around his neck are so bright! It's like a disco ball in the dark... It's pretty impressive, but now my only predicament is how to wash it... Oops!
I wore it simply with my favourite black tube trousers from Miss Selfridge. These trousers/leggings never fail me and they're as flattering as ever! I love them ♥ And then I wore it with a cheeky pair of Christmas socks and my new boots from New Look. I got these when my red ones fell apart - I was gutted and really annoyed about it because I really loved them and they didn't have my size, so I settled for a grey pair which I'm loving more and more each time I wear them!
I did pop out so I wore my check coat on with a red fur stole my mum gave to me to jazz it up! I wish there was a way to keep them in place though... If you have any tips, please leave them in the comments!
Hope you all had a lovely Christmas too! Let me know what your favourite gift was... I got an amazing pair of Timberland boots! ♥ expect to see them A LOT.

CAT xo
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Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Olivia Burton | Midi Dial Mink & Rose Gold

Olivia Burton | Midi Dial Mink & Rose Gold

I've never been much of a watch girl. I have my Casio mini watch and also a white jelly watch for when I want to change it up a bit, but I've never had a proper high quality branded watch. I've always wanted one I could really enjoy, needed to look after and that pushed all the right buttons; It would have to have style, simplicity and be the right colour so that it would sit well with any given outfit. And when I first saw an Olivia Burton watch, I just knew it had to be one of those. Olivia Burton subtly mixes modern style with vintage which is right up my street, and I spent ages looking through them all for the perfect one that would do all I wanted it to and added it to my Birthday/Christmas wishlist.
I was so lucky to have got this as a birthday present this year from my amazing boyfriend, and he'd even gone to all the trouble of finding it in the colour I wanted too - and I say trouble because it's actually sold out on most stocking websites at the moment so I don't know how he would have found it! The mink leather strap is nice and simple sitting harmoniously with the rose gold dial and I love the simple face with the Roman numerals. It's simple, light, sleek and just utterly beautiful. I love it and I don't ever want to take it off!

CAT xo
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Sunday, 21 December 2014

Birthday Haul

So yesterday was my birthday, and I got a few nice presents throughout the day from both family and my boyfriend. I'm very lucky that they're all very thoughtful when it comes to presents and I love absolutely everything that I got, so I thought it would be nice to share them in a 'birthday haul'! So here's what I got for my birthday!

From my family, I got the big fleecy pink robe, and I've been wanting a new robe for the last few months to replace my old one which wasn't as cosy any more. I'm not going to lie, I ended up wearing it all morning and falling asleep for another hour I was so cosy in it!
I also got the Now 89 CD and Zoe Sugg's book Girl Online from my very thoughtful little brother :) Can't wait to give that a read! I also got some birthday money to spend from them too, and my uncle was really lovely and paid for my car's MOT! A present that helps me out for an entire year is always a great one. I also got a litre bottle of Bioderma Micellar Water from my mum after I'd taken these photos which I was really happy about since I'd just ran out of my last bottle, she knows how much I love it so grabbed one for me when she last went to Paris!

From the boyfriend I got 21 and 22 Jump Street, we'd been talking about watching it for ages and just never got round to doing it, so he bought me both DVDs so we could have a nice movie night together. He also got me a pretty awesome tripod that won't die on me like my old eBay job! He knows how much I love blogging and camera gear so this lovely and I was so excited about it. I've already tried it out and I'm loving it!
And finally he bought me the most amazing Olivia Burton watch! After a little while I realised it was the one I actually put on my Birthday/Christmas wishlist, which was so sweet! He'd gone as far as finding the right colour and everything ♥ That's love right there. I'm so happy to have a really lovely designer watch that looks good with absolutely everything and is just simple and forever in style. BEAUTIFUL.
Of course I got some chocolates, when don't you get chocolates!? I adore the Lily O'Brien ones that my boyfriend's mum got me which are nearly all gone, and the Ferrero Rocher was from his brother. And on top of that John bought me the Guylian's too. Talk about chocolate haul! I don't know how I'm going to get through all of it.

All in all, I had a lovely day yesterday and I'm really happy and grateful for all of my amazing presents, and that I get to tick a few things off my birthday/Christmas list. And the funny thing is, is that I get to do the whole present thing again in 4 days - naughty!
Now that my birthday is over, I'm extremely hyped up for Christmas that I decorated my bedroom with red glitter snowflakes, a mini tinsel Christmas tree and wrapped everyone's presents already!
Hope you liked seeing what I got for my birthday. Share your Christmas excitement by telling me what's top on your Christmas list this year. Mine's a Vivienne Westwood bag ♥

CAT xo
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Saturday, 20 December 2014

What Cat Wore: On My Birthday

Shirt - River Island
Tee - River Island
Jeans - Miss Selfridge
Boots - Sorry I don't know! Present ♥
Necklace - River Island

Today was my birthday, and you've always got to look nice on your birthday. I had a nice simple day ahead of me so I bought myself a nice casual outfit to wear for the day yesterday.
I bought this really soft shirt in RI after spotting it behind a few others and though I was originally looking for a blue or green one, I saw this and needed it. It's a really nice aubergine colour and even though it is aubergine it still reminds me of the Gryffindor colours with the yellow running through it! I bought this shirt a size too big too just to have it, but I quite like it oversized.
Underneath I have a tee I was looking for in my local RI, so when I was looking for something to go under this shirt and found this one sitting alone behind a bunch of other ones in my size, it was definitely my lucky day after finding the shirt too! Not only the last one, it was on sale too - result! I pretty much love it because it says blogger and city girl.
A simple but lovely outfit I think - especially for a really nice casual day out.
Now it's time to look forward to Christmas - 5 sleeps ♥

CAT xo
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