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Saturday, 6 December 2014

Barry M | Christmas Tree

Barry M - Christmas Tree

I've been loving my Barry M Nail Paint in Christmas Tree since I bought it in early November. I was well into the Christmas spirit then and I've made a significant dent in the bottle after only 4 weeks! Today I layered this on top of my greenest polish which was the Topshop Nails in Overcast. I was going for the actual Christmas Tree look. It was this dark teal, an acid green or a metallic teal. I really need a basic vibrant green in my life because that would have perfected this look!
The polish is simply everything you could imagine a Christmas Tree themed polish to look like: the green glitter comes in three different shapes, with flecks of gold, chunks of red and the odd star here and there! Now if that doesn't say beautiful Christmas Tree nails what does!?

CAT xo
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