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Camel Stripe Skirt | Panelled Crop Jumper | Pink Coulottes | Off Shoulder Jumper
Knitted Midi Dress | Pink Cigarette Trousers | Roll Neck Jumper | Cigarette Trousers 2
Grid Print Skirt | Floral Playsuit | Grey Crop Top | Sleeveless Camel Coat

Oh my... Isn't Missguided looking beautiful? After a little browse online checking out the new trends I discovered how much I'm loving on the Missguided website. It kills me slightly to know I'm doing a whole wishlist dedicated to their new season when I actually have never purchased from the website. I know... You don't need to tell me. But I don't think it'll be long until I pop my Missguided cherry after seeing all these beauts that I'm lusting on their website... It's just I wish I had lots of money to have all of this. So what do I pick!?
They're all of course so versatile and I'd love these all in my wardrobe! I'm really falling for the pink coulottes, off the shoulder jumper and the sleeveless camel coat. All of these because they're like nothing in my wardrobe, and so versatile... Oh the possibilities! If I had to pick five only, it'd be the items linked in bold... I'd be happy with just those. I'm too excited for all the new season beautiful fashions and after a maa-hoo-sive clear out, I have a half decent excuse to inject some goodness into my new to-be wardrobe. Wouldn't you say?

CAT xo
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  1. Oh wow! These picks are amazing. Missguided are doing so well! You definitely need to pop that cherry! I need that camel sleeveless coat and striped skirt - gorgeous x
    Julia in Disguise| UK Fashion Blog

    1. They are aren't they? And I don't know why I haven't yet! I would love to pull off that coat but idk if I can! I might have to try.... Xx

  2. Lovely wishlist! That floral playsuit looks great

    Made in Mauve

    1. Thank you! It's awesome isn't it? I wish I could have it all.... Xx