Friday, 27 February 2015

Favourites @ Topshop Unique AW15

This year I didn't watch any of the London Fashion Week Shows and I have no idea why, but I wasn't into it this year. Normally I set up alarms for the shows I'm interested in and then enjoy the live streams and tweet all about them along with everyone else watching along too. But this year I didn't. The only one I felt somewhat interested in was the Topshop Unique show, but that's because it's Topshop and who doesn't love Topshop? It's also really wearable, accessible and affordable for those of us not earning one of those nice high or celebrity wage. What fashion blogger wouldn't like to own something that's been showcased on a legit catwalk!?
The likes of Alexa Chung, Cara Delevingne and Kendall Jenner were on the frow, and everyone was looking fabulous. We also found out that miss Kendall Jenner will be launching a collection with Topshop in the near future, which I'm intrigued to find out more about!
I really love the collection for AW15, it's looking amazing. I love the ideas behind the collection about how they're keeping it very British, all about heritage, posh and like the girls have 'just walked out of boarding school'. The make up is on point with a beautiful flushed cheek and the hair is amazing looking really natural tousled and windswept. To me, though I love the hair and make up - it's all about the collection and here are my favourites:
I'm really into all the rich fabrics and the natural colours in this collection. The fur cuffs, the floral prints, that green fur coat and the high leg split, just beautiful!

Did you watch the Topshop Unique show? What's your favourite piece from the show?
I'm stuck between the red and grey fur coat, the black floral dress and the green fur coat. I need them in my life ♥

CAT xo
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Thursday, 26 February 2015

What Cat Wore | Colour Clash

Coat - New Look
Scarf - Miss Selfridge
Bag - Accessorize
Jeans - River Island
Boots - Timberland

I have been enjoying my red coat quite a bit whilst my navy one has taken a trip to the dry cleaners. I've also noticed that I've been going for this coat, scarf & bag combo everyday this week and I'm really loving it. I feel like the scarf and coat compliment each other really well with the colours running through the scarf being pulled out by the coat and the camel in the scarf bringing out the red in the coat even more. A perfect combination in this cold weather. But please, when is it going to stop raining because I has no hoods thnx.
I've completely worn my green bag to bits too. I discovered a hole in it the other day and the zip is totally knackered but I'm still loving it, though it's become my work day bag rather than my nice weekend bag like it used to be. It clashes nicely with my coat though, don't you think?

I haven't been around blogging and socialising on social media for a while and it's just because I've been focusing on home life recently. With the house being done up and my car falling to pieces I've had a difficult week, but today's day off gave me lots of time to get my shizz sorted and now it is with the car fixed and my washing all done and quality time with the family well spent. Tomorrow is pay day and I have only two more work days until I'm off for a week. I cannot begin to explain how excited I am to finally have some time off and spend it away with John. I haven't had a week off for almost 6 months! Vlog anyone? :)

Hope you're all having a good week!

CAT xo
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Monday, 23 February 2015

Pinspirations | Purple Hair

I actually regretted dying my hair back to a dark chocolate brown from having bright red hair, but I only did it because it wasn't suiting me anymore and I was spending ridiculous amounts of money sorting out my hair every month. That said, I also did it because another idea came to mind, and it's becoming time that I actually try out the idea.
The idea is to have a 'Katy Perry Purple' underlayer in my hair so that a beautiful dark and vivid purple can poke through, twist in plaits and when up show off the colour in all it's glory! I've been thinking about this for quite a few months and I bit the bullet on Saturday, and it went perfect apart from the fact that my hair went a little pink, but nothing I can't correct! It only made sense for my Pinspirations Monday that I would share with you my ideas and where I got them from.

the inspiration
for my mother this with a little less purple could maybe be acceptableeyes, guilty pleasure, hair, katy perry  #hair #purple #cute www.loveitsomuch.comKaty P rocking her dip-dye! For fresh colour like this you need to come into the salon and see one of our talented team call us 01926 831478 #loveleam # hothair
the colour
It looks great *-*COLORFUL HAIR purple done right | photoshopped but still pretty.
Some times I wish my hair was straight like this...or in dreadlocks. Instead I have pain in the butt curls I can do nothing with. #hatemyhairMermaid hair! I wanna do this for underlayers!Purple ombre hair...wish I was this brave
A vivid purple, of any tone as long as it's quite royal - if not dusty.
And yeah I think I could go a little crazy eventually and want mermaid colours in with my purple.

the underlayer style
Multicoloured underlayer.underlayer of hair dyed hairstyles - Google Searchpurple lowlights - Google Search
brown hair with pink underlayer - Google Searchbrown hair with blonde underlayer - Google Searchblue and blonde hair, hair colors, hairstyles, colored hair, colorful hair

the hairstyles
Dyed underlayer of hairI like the amount of hair dyed; possibly the colortumblr pastel hair. brunettes can have pastel hair to!
of course there's many more but these are the ones I found that I really liked to emphasis that underlayer.

My hair came out exactly as it should have except for the fact it dyed pink instead of the purple I was hoping for. I used the Live Color XXL in Purple Punk, and the pink tones grabbed a hold better and I'm assuming because I still have a slight red pigment to my hair. Either way I need to find the right purple dye.  And I can't seem to find a good drugstore one to make it that perfect purple! If you have any ideas pleaaaaaase comment them down below as I'd love to take a look at anything possible right now!

CAT xo
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Sunday, 22 February 2015

Wishlisting | Curtains & Bedroom Linen

Floral Duvet Cover | Hello Cushion | White Throw | Striped Duvet Cover | Black Sheer Curtains
Black Sequin Curtains | Pink Check Blanket | Pink Fluffy Rug
I am still really into planning my new bedroom at the moment and I keep particularly looking at bedroom linens now, because these will be the pieces that really change the room. I think the theme I want is still sticking - monochrome with flashes of pastel colours, particularly pink. But I think now I want the monochrome to be really strong, and I've decided I'd love black curtains and I haven't really looked at curtains until now. I saw both of these curtains from Yorkshire Linen and they have some pretty good prices! I was looking at the sheer ones on the top left, because they'd look great going all the way to the floor even with the tiny window I'll have, but then I came across this beautiful black one with the sequin panelling running across the top and I kinda made up my mind that that is the one I need! It's got glamour and style written all over it and would be the main black piece in my new room. It may darken the room a bit but I plan on having a very white room otherwise. It may work!
As well as curtains I've looked into what duvet covers I'd be into and I'd love to add some black and white ones in there, I particularly love these two sets from IKEA, the floral one is definitely on a permanent wishlist.
Of course, bedrooms are not complete without a rug, cushions and some blankets or throws. I adore this pink fluffy rug from UO, and after deciding I'd like black curtains, I couldn't possibly have a black rug, so I might settle for bubblegum pink! I'm all about the comfort too so this fluffy and soft theme continues when it comes to extra bed warmth and these blankets and throws look so pretty and comfortable to chuck over the bed and wrap up in.
I'm desperate to start decorating my new bedroom. There's so much going on, and the builders are working quite quickly so I'm really impressed, and excited to see what the end result is. My parents told me my room is going to be quite small, but I'm not bothered at all! I've seen lots of pinterest ideas for small rooms, and I'm just eager to see what I'm working with when it's all finished. Too much excitement!
I need help though readers - do you think the black curtains would work for a monochrome style room, mainly in white? Comment your thoughts please! ♥ 

CAT xo
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Saturday, 21 February 2015

What Cat Wore | No 9 + Mom Jeans

Knitted Top - H&M
Mom Jeans - Topshop
Converse - Converse USA

Saturdays are made for comfy outfits, and with lots of stuff going on today I needed something comfortable and easy but of course - I want to look somewhat styled too. Mom jeans seem like the perfect "working" jean - they remind me of the 90s when your actual Mum used to wear these day in and day out just like my mum did! I love these and though I'm still not 100% on how to style them I hope I'm making them work in this outfit. Please be kind enough to tell me if it's a disaster I can't see. I wore it with a baggy lightweight knitted top that I love to wear on comfy days. It didn't look right left loose so I tucked it in and bagged it a bit. I love a working girl look, and I wish I wasn't actually doing work so I could wear my pretty Timberlands to complete this look. I should have just for the photos really. Dammit. Either way, I like to keep true to my #OOTDs.

And I know every other blogger is posting their awesome LFW outfits right now, so this outfit is pretty dull compared to what's going on in the blogosphere right now, but I thought I'd share it anyway! I'm not gonna lie: I'm totally jealous of anyone going right now and that I couldn't get the time off work to go and finally see what all the fuss was about. Maybe I'll dress up tomorrow and pretend I'm going to LFW. 

CAT xo
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Friday, 20 February 2015

My Little Frenchie Box

Ah, another My Little Box. I still get so excited when I get these and this month's is top in my favourites! This month's theme is My Little Frenchie Box, designed by Chanel muse Ines de la Fressange! I love it when these boxes are made by someone I will be honest here - don't know and never heard of, because I find new and inspiring women to look up to. When I read her story in the My Little World magazine that came with this box I was inspired - this is a woman who didn't give a shit what others though, did what SHE wanted and carried on going up in the world. I 100% need to take a leaf out of her book!

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