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Thursday, 5 March 2015

What Cat Wore | The Outfit That Got Away

Top / Duster Jacket / Joggers - Miss Selfridge

Sunday evening I was mourning over the loss of some pretty good photos for the blog. I'd accidentally deleted absolutely everything off my SD card before putting it on my laptop and this is the only photo I have (which I posted on Instagram) of a clash outfit I was pretty proud of and never got to show off to it's full extent. I will definitely wear it together again as I absolutely loved it and got so many compliments on my print pairing. And I probably will photograph it again... But yet, I thought I would share at least a snippet of this outfit because I loved it that much. I also lost another outfit in which I had the best post name for... But I'll probably try to photograph and post that one again very soon anyway!
What are your thoughts on the leopard print - floral print clash? Are you a fan?
CAT xo
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