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Sunday, 22 March 2015

What Cat Wore | Vertical Stripes

Cami - Dorothy Perkins // Cardigan - River Island // Trousers - Miss Selfridge

On close observation you'll notice I am not wearing any shoes. This is because I forgot to put some on, and upon realising this information I'd already taken all the photos and decided I quite liked them. It was early morning, that's my excuse.
I had to get some style inspiration from Pinterest before wearing these amazing wide-leg trousers because even though I am totally in love with them, I didn't know how to wear them. A little Pinterest inspiration and voila - this was the result. It's probably my most favourite ever outfits to date, and I love how these can go from creating a great statement look to a relaxed one like this. The trousers are actually pretty comfortable, and the flare on these is just crazy taking me back to my days at school where I was obsessed with flares that covered my feet. And though I have had a few giggles and jokes about my "clown trousers", I don't care. They're amazing to me, and I can't wait to style them again!

What's your take on wide-leg trousers?

CAT xo
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