Saturday, 25 April 2015

What Cat Wore | White Shirt Blue Jeans

Drape Shirt & Razor Knee Jeans - Miss Selfridge / Pumps - Primark

I love a simple white top, blue jeans outfit. I think it looks great, always fresh and timeless!
I bought this shirt the other day and I'm in love with it. It's the staple white shirt I've been looking for in my wardrobe. It feels good on too - such a good fabric. And with jeans, this outfit is a go to for any occasion looking both smart AND casual. I'll be wearing this all the time.

On a tangent, I'm totally annoying myself right now. I can't remember what I really wanted to write in this post. I had it for a second and lost it in that second too... Dammit. Does anyone else do this? It's not just me right?

CAT xo
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Thursday, 23 April 2015

Tuff Love

RainbowTuff Love *

Tuff Love is another one of the many brands I  discovered at  Bloggers Love Fashion Week last month. I had a really lovely chat with Naomi - the founder of Tuff Love about her brand and how she came to create it. The prints on her t-shirts are all her own, and are very much inspired by nature. I absolutely loved this rainbow one and I was so happy when she kindly gifted me with one. I really love the high quality in this t-shirt as well as the bright gradient colour and the print. So much effort has been put into it, and it's also unisex which means there is a great variety of sizes for both men and women. The one I'm wearing is a XXS (!!?) and I'm a size 10 so it's really quite generous as I'd expect to normally go for a Small. I adore this t-shirt and I'm glad it's made it's way into my collection. I've always been a printed t-shirt kinda girl so I'll be wearing this often without a doubt!
There are so many other prints available on the website and I'd strongly recommend checking them out because the quality is there for a great price. Naomi has also just released a beautiful new collection of printed 100% silk scarves made in Britain which are to die for... Give me the Speckled Wood scarf any day ♥

CAT xo
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Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Wishlisting | All The Whites & Pastels

Striped Skirt | High Neck Cami | Sleeveless Duster Coat | '?' Bag
Embroidered Dress | Cactus Dress | Marble Top | PU Skirt | Sandals

I can't help but suddenly change my favourite colour schemes, because they're always something new and pretty in the fashion world. How can you ever be on trend!? At the moment I'm seeing a big love for baby blue, pink and white. I always loved white, and I love how much popular it is this season but I didn't know how much I'd love this blue colour! ♥ LOVE. It could be because the sun is coming out and spring is upon us, but who's complaining!? Because I sure ain't! Right now I could happily live in denim, white and all the things on this post plz. Especially shoes and that cactus dress.... Gimmie.

CAT xo
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Sunday, 19 April 2015

My Little Dream Box

Can we admire this beautiful box cover for just one minute before we go into the contents!? I mean... It's just beautiful! The art work is gorgeous and it looks like the box cover of all dreamy box covers. I think I need to display this somewhere in someway. Or use it for something special!
Done awing over the beautiful box? Let's continue...

Saturday, 18 April 2015

Never Lose Your Keys Again

What is this you ask? A keyring. But not just any keyring. This Kease keyring is the answer to your key losing problems by saving you from losing your keys ever again in a clever but simple way! Read on to find out more...

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

100 Aker Wood

Last week, I thought it would be nice to take my younger siblings to the park for the day since I had a mid week day off and I hadn't treated them to something fun in a while. So with Easter holidays it was a good opportunity to and I decided to take them to Aldenham Country Park. There they have a small farm, a play area for kids, a nature walk and Winnie The Pooh's 100 Aker Wood. It's a super dog friendly park too, so we took Dolly out with us too! The 100 Aker Wood is definitely my favourite thing about the park, and Winnie The Pooh was a big part of my childhood so it's always lovely to go to a place where they recreated that childhood friend's home for many to enjoy...

Monday, 13 April 2015

What Cat Wore | Culottes

Culottes / 90s Crop / Sandals - Miss Selfridge

I've had people mention before that I always seem to be dressed in entirely Miss Selfridge. And those people aren't wrong! Working for the brand, my work outfits are Miss Selfridge and I'd say 50% of my wardrobe is for that reason Miss Selfridge! The other reason being that I actually really really like the brand and is very my style. Sometimes I see something in store and I'm a like "wow, I'd love to wear that but I don't think it'll suit me", and then my urge to push my style limits makes a purchase and I'm trying something new and it's exciting! For some reason with Miss Selfridge, I feel like I can do that.
Yesterday I wore culottes for the first time, and I'm in love with these bad boys. They're 'OMG' comfortable, with those great wide legs and a lovely high waist fit. The length is on point, and I'm a fan of the chiffon material for the summer. I wore this with a bright 90s style crop top in this lovely weather and popped on my white sandals which for some reason are a little loose... I hope my feet aren't shrinking! I love this look, and I'm keen to wear it again. I need to find more ways to style culottes because I seriously dig them and I'm rubbish at finding new ways to style new things.
Have you tried culottes yet, and how would you style them?

CAT xo
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Sunday, 12 April 2015

Red Lips Bracelet

At Bloggers Fashion Week a few weeks back, I met a lovely woman called Sam who I spoke to about her brand Iridescence Jewellery. She showed me all her beautiful jewellery and I was lucky enough to receive one of her many beautiful pieces after it caught my eye and I've been wearing it almost everyday ever since!

Red Lips Bracelet* - Iridescence Jewellery

This cute glitzy lips bracelet has been sitting ever so nicely next to my Olivia Burton's watch on days where I need a little more colour in my wrist wear. It's a great piece to brighten  up an outfit, and has often added that nice little bit of colour to a monochrome outfit. I love wearing a red lip with this too to keep the theme going! It's such a pretty bracelet and it's not the only pretty piece I've seen from Iridescence. I'm loving this statement butterfly necklace and this pretty embroidered purse is just beautiful!
The interesting thing about Iridescence is that they are now hiring party consultants to host their own parties and events where they can showcase and sell the jewellery and other accessories on offer. I've seen these sort of parties for Avon, Ann Summers and even Tupperware so it's great to see a fashion related party available now! I think it's a great party idea for fashion lovers of all ages - there's going to be something to suit everyone. To visit the Iridescence shop click here and if you're interested in being a consultant for Iridescence Jewlerry click here to read more about how you can apply!

CAT xo
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Friday, 10 April 2015

What Cat Wore | Zebra Joggers

Joggers - Topshop (SS14) / Cami - Miss Selfridge / Sandals - Miss Selfridge / Sunglasses - Forever 21

I can't believe that I have never ever featured these much worn chiffon zebra joggers here on my blog! I bought them last year from Topshop and I adore them! They are the comfiest, loveliest joggers and I love the print oh so much I decided to wear these to Aldenham Country Park the other day, where I took my little brother and sister for the day. With our parents working so much and it being half term it was only fair to give them a nice day out - and the dog! Especially with such beautiful weather.
I decided to pair my joggers, this time with something a little brighter so I went for this peach cami, which I think works really well. It was a nice change from the usual black or white that I go for when I'm trying to play it safe. I didn't actually end up wearing my sandals out to the park in fear of ruining their lovely white colour and I'm glad I didn't! It was pretty muddy, and I ruined a pair of Primark pumps instead. Oops!

I've got a post up about our trip to the country park coming soon, it's worth a visit for Winnie The Pooh fans! ♥

CAT xo
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Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Wishlisting | Etsy Things

iPhone Case / Terrarium / Mason Jars / Fox Bowl / Amethyst Necklace
Hedgehog Print / Tourmaline Necklace / Candle Cup / Bloggers Tee

I love crawling through Etsy these days finding beautiful new handmade things to buy. It's become a time passer that I've very much enjoying at the moment. I've also discovered the favourite button for shops and items, so you can keep track of them. That's a cheeky little one to put there isn't it? I love keeping tabs on my new favourite shops, and I'm always inspired by the beautiful things I've come across, because you can see how much passion, thought and care has gone into their products. It's something worth appreciating and supporting and I'm all for independent businesses at the moment.
So I thought I would share my favourite things on Etsy at the moment that I'm keeping a super close eye on. I've linked them all so you can check out all the stores for yourselves.
When we all finally move back in I'm sure to be placing a few orders on some new things for my room... A terrarium is number one. I like the idea of a little garden sitting inside on my future desk space. I'm also keen on buying some pretty jewellery from Etsy too, because there's so many different pieces I've never seen anywhere else before. I love the individuality.
 If you've got any cool Etsy shops you'd like to recommend, link them down below! I'm always keen on finding new little shops to visit.
CAT xo
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Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Little Happys

Whilst scrolling through my Facebook feed about an hour ago, I came across Louise - Sprinkle Of Glitter's last Facebook status. She wrote about her 'mini happies' from her day and I remember her doing this a few weeks ago too. I really enjoy reading these statuses of hers, because they make me happy to see someone else so happy, enjoying life AND appreciating it. It makes me think about mine and the little things that make me happy generally whether it be that day, because of the time of year, things that happen all the time, or things that just are. I want to share my current little happys with you, because I think it's important to share the good vibes just like Louise does. Sprinkling happiness wherever she can! I think this will be good for me on a down day too because then I can come back to this post and read about the things that make me happy and inspire me to find something happy in that crappy day. 

do more of what makes you happy. simple.

My Current Happys:
  1. Spring is here. All the flowers are really starting to bloom now and it makes me happy that warmer days are yet to come. Those are my favourite.
  2. Writing really neatly without any mistakes. I'm told I've got quite pretty "teacher" handwriting, so when I write something all pretty without any mistakes it satisfies me. #HandwritingGoals.
  3. Doing a really good job. I love the visual merchandising side of my job lots, so when I make something really visually inspiring I feel so accomplished. Today I did that and I was made for my days work.
  4. A new CD in my car. I just bought the Ariana Grande, My Everything album and I can enjoy drives to and from work again. Such a good album too.
  5. Fresh perfectly painted nails. 
  6. Sitting outside for my lunch hour and enjoying the sunshine. I did this today for the first time this year and I finally felt like it was spring!
  7. Watching Better Call Saul on Netflix with the boyfriend. Having a new series to watch on Netflix with him is my favourite. We're both really good and wait to be together before watching a new episode. We did it with Top Gear too before it ended.
  8. Good Morning & Good Night Texts. 
  9. Cuddling my Dolly. I miss my little pooch so much right now that we're temporarily living apart, but I'm so excited to be taking her out for the day tomorrow so we can spend some quality time together.
  10. Family Time. I have learned to appreciate this so much more with everyone staying in different places during the double extension build. Any family time is precious, and I realise how much I love them and their little habits (though annoying in lengthy periods) when we're all apart for such a long time.
  11. Taking my make up off at night. This is one of the most satisfying tasks of the evening (apart from taking off your bra), there's something about going to bed with a fresh face clean of anything and everything. Bliss.
  12. Lying in on my days off. 
  13. Taking a really good photo for my blog or Instagram. I feel like I've lost my photography skills from 6th form and uni, but I'm keen to get them back. Taking a good photo really makes me happy these days.
  14. Cute puppy videos on Facebook. This is basically all I use Facebook for at the moment. Anything cute and puppy related brings a smile to my face and there's always some cutie ready to make me 'aww' at them. Today I watched a dog teach it's foster puppy to walk down the stairs. Adorable.
  15. My Boyfriend. Sometimes I think he doesn't think I appreciate him tolerating my whinging and moaning about crap that doesn't actually matter, but I really really do. He doesn't just tolerate it though, he listens and makes me feel better about it afterwards. He also bought me a Reese's Peanut Butter Bunny for Easter too ♥
There are a couple more I'm sure but this is all I could think of for now. Why don't you share with me in the comments what makes you happy right now?

CAT xo
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Saturday, 4 April 2015

March Favourites

Last month most of my favourites came in the form of non photograph-able things. But I have quite a few favourites from the month of March, and it's time to share them with you.

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Life Diary | March

This month I:
  • Went away to Hastings and stayed in a lodge with John. We went to a different town everyday and spent evenings in making dinner, watching crap on TV and chilling on the sofa. It was the perfect break away and we enjoyed being well away from reality and it being just us.
  • Discovered Dunkin Donuts about 20 minutes from my town and went all the way there just for doughnuts. Clearly I have a doughnut problem.
  • Spent Mother's Day with my family going to the cinema to watch Home and then having Nandos. I'd like to say it's one of the best mother's days we've given my mum :)
  • Wore a striped jumper from Zara a lot.
  • Went to Bloggers Love Fashion Week with Isabelle from Tainted Blues and got some lovely freebies I'll be keen to blog about.
  • Found the skin care product of my dreams and that it works a bloody charm.
  • Finally renewed my passport!
  • Got a new blog banner made for me thanks to Jaymie O'Callaghan I still haven't blogged about.
  • Cut my hair short!!!!

I hope you like this new set up for my Life Diary posts - that's if you do read these. I'm trying to make it easier to read without having to explain all the details of my month. I always say I do these for me, but of course I like it if other people enjoy them too, and I think the bullet points make it easier and more enjoyable to read. Plus I can link to relevant past posts. people and things withing the point! *cue to begin clicking links* Let me know if you do like this for some feedback I can use in the future :)

So all in all, March has been good to me, and I thank it being so good :) I hope March has treated you well too? And what are you looking forward to in April? I'm looking forward to Easter with the family and to possibly joining a Boogie Bounce class! I suggest googling it - it looks so friggin' awesome.

CAT xo
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