Saturday, 27 June 2015

What Cat Wore | A Festival Look ft. Target Dry

Festival season is here and if you're wondering how you're going to keep yourself dry yet still fashion forward without getting soaked - I got the parka just for you! Khaki is very much in this season, and this water-proof, wind-proof and breathable Emily Parka from Target Dry is something I'm sure you should be investing in for the festival season! It's got a super colourful polka-dot print inside to add a flash of colour and excitement to it as well as roll up sleeves in case it gets a bit warmer!

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

My Little French Riviera Box

This month's box is finally here and it's a good'un! I love the ocean, the coast and anything to do with the beach so this box was right up my street to ready me for the summer. The French Riviera Box is a mixed one this time, so I was excited when I saw what was inside...!

Sunday, 21 June 2015

What Cat Wore | Gypsy Girl

Everyone always asks me why I wear so much Miss Selfridge. And well, it's because I work for the for them and the clothes are amazing. Simple as! I've got so much Miss Selfridge in my wardrobe it's hard to go a day without wearing something from there. Plus, they're very much my style so I don't mind too much!
Today I wore this outfit inspired by Gabriella's (VelvetGh0st) current style she's got going on which I'm totally loving. At the moment I'm fan-girling over wide leg trousers, but struggling a little with top options to style with them and after seeing how the lovely Gabby was wearing hers, I bought this cute gypsy bardot top that I'd actually been eyeing up since it came in the shop! It just made sense - inspiration + cute top for sale = outfit made. It's such a great combination, and I felt like a proper stylish gypsy girl ready for a festival or something. An outfit I'll definitely be wearing a few times over before I'm bored of it.

But hey! What's your take on wide leg trousers?
How do you, or how would you wear them? I'd love to see or know how you'd style these!

What I'm Wearing:
Gypsy Top - Miss Selfridge
Wide Leg Trousers - Miss Selfridge
Sandals - Miss Selfridge

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Thursday, 18 June 2015

Wishlisting | For The Summer

Wide Leg Trousers | Waterfall Jacket | Bardot Top | Culottes | Bardot Dress
Earrings | Pendant | Suedette Kimono | Sunglasses | High Neck Cami Top | Shoes

Summer is my favourite time of year. I love the style, and I love the weather. It's the best time of year for us style and fashion bloggers because the days are great for taking photos in the sunshine, and showing off all our best outfits.
It seems like anything goes in summer too but this year I'm particularly loving two trends. I really love the 70's festival vibe going on with tile and Japanese prints, fringing and wide legs. And I also love the monochrome and navy trend with lovely black on white stripes. They are two very different trends, but I like having the choice of styling a smarter monochrome outfit with flashes of blue, or a having a more casual festival feel to a look.
I also really like yellow and orange this year. But like bright yellow, and bright orange. I'm not the only one right?

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Wednesday, 17 June 2015

What Cat Wore | Summer Time LBD

I love this LBD and I'm not the sort to buy a little black dress, but I loved the strappy detailing on this dress and how versatile it is. I've worn this a couple of times, dressing it down with a shirt tied up and smartening it up with a blazer, but I love wearing it with this light duster at the moment, especially on warm days like today.

Though an LBD, I feel pairing it with this duster has added a lightness to this outfit. I've even popped on some lace up kitten heels I bought from Miss Selfridge a few years back that I think go really well with this outfit to keep it light and summery.

I'm off to my late shift at work now, but it's okay - I have friday off! I hope you're all having a lovely day ♥

What I'm Wearing:
Little Black Dress - Miss Selfridge
Floral Duster Jacket - Miss Selfridge
Lace Up Kitten Heels - Miss Selfridge

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Sunday, 14 June 2015

Lil' Cacti Case by Sighh

This phone case is my new favourite of all my phone cases, and also the beginning of my cacti/succulent obsession. Seeing all the lifestyle bloggers with their little cacti, succulent gardens and terrariums over the year has set me off on wanting to create my own little terrarium for my new room, and loving all things small and plant-like. And now I can't wait to move into it in a couple of weeks so I can finally get started on making a succulent garden of my own.
For now as I said my obsession begins with this super cute iPhone case I bought from Polly's shop Sighh. It's such a great shop that you just have to visit it for yourself. All art work is her own, and she makes some amazing pieces! I just had to have this case though - super cute for the summer and great quality! I really like this pencil case and notebook too - I think I need them too.

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Saturday, 13 June 2015

What Cat Wore | Tile Print Wide Leg

Oh my. Aren't these trousers just amazing?
The other day, I decided to take a little wander into Topshop as I hadn't gone in let alone browsed online for a really long time, and I ended up going in and coming out with these beauts. I'm really into wide leg trousers this season and I just had to have these. Not only do they look great but they fit well too and are perfect for the summer when you don't want your legs out. And they can go from having a real festival vibe to looking really smart! I have two pairs already but I want more in different prints!

I actually really wanted to buy a pair of these beautiful Japanese printed culottes when I went in, but the fit was so weird that I couldn't justify the tightness or the looseness between a 10 and 12. I'm literally either a 9 or an 11 these days and they're not even real sizes. Come on. What's that about? Retailers need to stop making the sizes too small and weird. I find that either the boobs don't fit or my hips don't. It really doesn't make anyone feel good and I'm seeing it becoming a common problem at the moment. Sort it out shops. Pllllease!
I'm not the only one seeing this am I? Let me know what your thoughts are on fits at the moment!

I hope you're all having a lovely weekend! It's raining and it sucks but, at least its the weekend! Whoop whoop! ♥

What I'm Wearing:
Tile Print Wide Leg Trousers - Topshop
Latino Suntop - Topshop
Shoulder Bag - Primark
Lace Up Wedges - Primark

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Thursday, 11 June 2015

What Cat Wore | Gingham & Yellow

Jeans - Miss Selfridge / Vest - River Island / Kimono - New Look
Necklace - Just Trade / Sandals - Miss Selfridge / Sunglasses - Forever 21

I'm getting into outfit posting again - yaaaay!
Over the last couple of months I've been really uninspired by my wardrobe. Or should I say suitcase. Living out of a suitcase for months means I've just had to take with me my most versatile pieces, work clothes and any extra outfits I might need for nights out or smarter occasions. And wearing the same outfits all the time is really has really started to irritate me. I also packed more of a winter/spring wardrobe so I've begun to struggle for summer outfits. That said, a simple shopping trip has added a couple of new pieces into my wardrobe and I feel like I can create new outfits again! Even something as simple as this bright yellow vest from River Island has made a difference for me. YES. Just this vest is what's new in my outfit, but that said my high waisted gingham jeans haven't been featured here yet though I've worn them plenty of times over the last few months.
I love this outfit I wore to work today and just had to share it. A delicate print, a bright colour and a kimono to keep it light has bought summer to my style again, and it makes me ridiculously happy. Summer is something I've been seriously missing this last month, and glad to be styling again. I can't wait to share new and different outfits with each of these pieces again with you.

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Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Finding Art

Sifting through my late aunt's house last Sunday, I found this tiny little A6 sketch book. Inside, were these amazing tiny drawings and paintings - some finished, but most of them incomplete. Either way, they are still beautiful and so much so that I just have to share them. As well as beautiful they are drawn with such precision, delicacy and attention to detail. I'm assuming the artist had a lot of patience when it came to creating these tiny masterpieces. I don't know how old these drawings are, but they are by a woman called Clara Bell from what I can see written on the first page.

My most favourite is the one of the boat, mostly for that beautifully painted sky and the peas in a pod for the cute little bugs surrounding them. It's really inspired me and given me ideas for tiny little drawings and paintings. Maybe I can finally be inspired enough to get back into my artistic mind set and be an artist again.

Anyway. I hope you art-loving readers enjoy these as much as I do.

Tuesday, 9 June 2015


When I was told about all the things Lip Glam does by the guys at Lip Glam themselves I didn't really know whether to believe it. So when they gave me a tube of the stuff to try, I was intrigued to see how I would get on with it myself.

Sunday, 7 June 2015

What Cat & John Did | A Couple of Days Away

A few days away and a whole week off with this guy has really paid off! I feel so refreshed and relaxed and I still have a whole weekend to enjoy.

Normally I'd take lots of photos of the places we've been, things we've done and things we've seen but I've started to really appreciate the moments more than the photos I get to keep afterwards. I didn't take anything worth sharing if I'm honest but I am going to write about what I did and if you're someone who likes to read things like this I hope you enjoy this post!

Saturday, 6 June 2015

What Cat Wore | These Summer Days

Cami & Shorts - Miss Selfridge // Kimono - New Look // Sandals - Primark // Cuff Braclet - My Little Box

My first true summer outfit this year! I wore this one yesterday when I went out for lunch to eat burgers and waffles with John. It was so friggin good, I absolutely love stuffing my face during a week off, and though I feel so guilty for doing it, it's my week off and I deserve it!
I bought these shorts last minute, because I'd been eyeing them up for weeks and weeks and knew if I didn't buy them I might regret it later. I was finding it difficult to think up a couple of really good outfits with these shorts as I've come away from my high-waisted everything phase, but I just had to have them! I wore it with the wrap cami for a casual but pretty summer look, especially since it was pretty hot yesterday and then threw on my white kimono for a little layering. I'm not convinced the cami worked with this outfit though.... let me know how you'd style these shorts! I'd love some inspiration ^_^

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Friday, 5 June 2015

My Little Provence Box

Sorry I'm a little late getting this up, but better late than never! May's My Little Box was Provence themed. If you don't know Provence is a region in France, and quite beautiful. After looking it up, it's definitely a place I need to check of my travel bucket list! It looks so full of beauty and culture, and seems the perfect holiday destination for a relaxing time away full of stunning views and floral landscapes! So if this sounds your cup of tea, carry on reading to find out what was inside this month's Provence themed box...

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Wishlisting | All The Shoes

Teal Metallic Stiletto Courts | Lace Up Pink Tassel Sandals | Oscar Cut Out Black Sandals
Mint & Lilac Pastel Converse | Kathy Pointed Shoes | Pin Yin Panda Heels | Hello Ha Hawaii Heels

I have learnt recently that for good, long-lasting shoes, you must pay good money which has led me to have been obsessing over the prettier, pricier shoes. Not only that but the summer means it's acceptable to wear pretty much anything on your feet, so online shopping has led me to all the different styles under the sun for the summer! I need to invest in my shoes now as I go through them too quickly, thus probably spending more money on rubbish ones that one pair of really good ones. I know places like Primark and Supermarket brands are beautifully cheap, but they don't last. And that makes me sad. But after my online shopping in the more established shoe stores, I've seen so many pretty shoes, and I wish I could have them all. I want all the styles, all the quirky designs and all the colours. I just want a seriously amazing shoe collection.
These above are the few I got my eyes on right now. I'm not a big spender at all and spending more than £30 on shoes for me makes me nervous, but I'd really love to get some Irregular Choice shoes in my collection as I've wanted a pair for absolute ages. I love the quirkiness and individual designs, and they create some seriously beautiful shoes! ♥ Panda ones the most plz.
At the moment I can actually see myself buying those pink tassel sandals very very soon. And they're bookmarked on Chrome too for safe keeping. They're really in style at the moment, and something I'd really enjoy wearing throughout the summer. I'm also loving the black office sandals for a more sophisticated and smarter looking summer outfit, it's just that price tag makes my heart palpitate. So expensive, but so so pretty!

What have you got your eyes on at the moment? Share the shoe love!

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Monday, 1 June 2015

Benefit Haul

Errrr... Oops? 
It's not often I decide to spend some money on some decent high end make up, but after getting my brows done at Benefit's Brow Bar in Watford and eyeing up a few products I made a couple of purchases. It's not the biggest haul but high end make up isn't really affordable to me, so it's quite a lot for me. Carry on reading to see what I got and my thoughts! ♥

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