Monday, 31 August 2015

VMA 2015 Red Carpet | Hot & Not

So the VMAs happened last night and I'm yet to watch the whole thing, but I've caught up on all the highlights and of course the red carpet! I love seeing who's wearing what on the red carpet and today I thought it would be fun to showcase the outfits I thought were 'hot' versus the ones I thought were 'not'!


Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Wishlist | AW15 Boots

Jones Bootmaker & Rieker Boots Wishlisted Boots!

I'm a big boots fan, especially when it's starting to get colder and there's a bunch of new styles coming out. It gets me all excited for winter, and this year I want to invest in a couple of pairs of really good ones! I'm talking real leather and quality craftsmanship, that will not only last all winter but for at least a couple of long years! 

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

What Cat Wore | High Neck

I'm totally loving my newest addition to my knitwear collection right now. Though I'd be the first person to tell you how stupid it is to have a jumper with no sleeves (for many reasons!), I'll also be one of the first to tell you how cool I think it looks. Thus my new found love for my bargain thanks to the Next Sale about a month back.

Monday, 24 August 2015

My Little Gypset Box

My Little Gypset Box Box

Mid-August is upon us, and with that comes this month's My Little Box! This month we have My little Gypset Box inspired by boho/gypsy style. I've been well into the gypsy trend this season wearing off the shoulder tops lined with crochet embroidery, wide leg trousers and prints. So I was excited to see what was in store this month's box. Carry on reading to see what was inside!

Saturday, 22 August 2015

What Cat Wore | Magnet Look Event

What Cat Wore | Magnet Look EventWhat Cat Wore | Magnet Look Event
What Cat Wore | Magnet Look Event

So today I attended the Magnet Look launch event. Magnet Look have launched a brand new fashion & beauty platform and invited me to their launch event today which I'm sure I'll be blogging about very soon. Today I thought I'd share my outfit of the day which I'm absolutely loving right now!

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Strawberry, Banana & Kiwi Smoothie

Recently I discovered my new favourite breakfast and mid-day snack replacement. In my bid to become a healthier human, I've started making smoothies and my gosh am I a fan - especially of this Strawberry, Banana & Kiwi smoothie! Today I've got this easy and healthy smoothie recipe for you that has become a fast favourite of mine that I hope you'll try! I've also got a mini review of my Kenwood Smoothie 2GO machine I received a while back as a thank you for a video project. I hope you enjoy!

Sunday, 16 August 2015

What Cat Wore | Strawberry

WCW - Strawberry OutfitWCW - Strawberry Outfit
Strawberry Outfit Details

I love going in my wardrobe and rediscovering a dress I love but haven't worn in a while. I wore this dress for the first time to The Royal Albert Hall to listen to Final Fantasy's Distant Worlds concert. For you non-Final Fantasy fans, it's an orchestra playing the music from the game, and it's amazing. I think I blogged about it once.

Friday, 14 August 2015

Review | Wah London Nails

The Pink Brush

Recently I've been rediscovering false nails. After waiting for a long time to try and grow my brittle thin nails, I've given up again and I've found prettier nails in these Wah London falsies!

Thursday, 13 August 2015

What Cat Wore | Floral Festival

Oh I really love these burgundy floral trousers! Aren't they just so pretty!?
So, last weekend I went to a friend's festival themed birthday party and I was a little stuck on what I would wear seeing as I'm not a festival kinda gal. I kinda already knew I wanted to wear one of three wide leg trousers I have and after finally picking these burgundy beauts, I ended up putting this is the little ensemble together for my ultimate floral festival themed look.

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Wishlist | Fabrics & Finishing Touches

Black Cushion | Standing Mirror | C Throw | C Cushion | Cream Cushion | Flowers
Red Duvet Set | Cream Knit Throw | Grey Rug | White Chair | Sheepskin Throw

Judge me all you like for my serious love for throws, fur and anything with the letter C on for this wishlist, but I'm trying to plan on what my new bedroom will finally look like now that I have my new curtains ordered. I went for a cream/red/pink floral design that's actually quite pretty but now means instead of my monochrome themed room I planned all this time, it's going to have injections of red. Which will work out quite well considering my red bathroom and the fact that I actually really like the colour red! I want it all to be quite plain but bold since my curtains are floral, but I think having little bits of floral and clash here and there will work for me and my personality! I can't wait to see what I'll finally put together, and I am on a bit of a budget, but these are the things I'm looking for at the moment. It won't come together all at once but once it does I'll be sure to do a bedroom tour post, which I'm going to extremely look forward to. It's so nice to finally be at the stage where I can buy things for my room or even think about it!
What are your favourites on this wishlist, and what do you think of my re-invented colour scheme?

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Monday, 10 August 2015

A Change Of Lifestyle

In my 'My July' post, I spoke about the beginnings of changing my lifestyle for the better and how even though it'd only been a week into this change, I was feeling strongly about it and finally motivated enough to keep up with it. I'm talking about my new lifestyle of keeping fit and eating healthy; something I'd never done properly before or you could say never at all. Before you ask, I'm not doing it to lose weight or anything, I generally just want to be physically fitter, stronger and healthier as well as feeling it inside. I did just suddenly woke up one morning and decide for good but it came with a long time of thinking about it to actually doing it too. I'd tried before to eat healthier and to start a fitness regime and nothing seemed to stick, but this time (yes I know it's only been like 3 weeks), it has. And out of nothing but a sudden urge. Strange huh?

r f t | now on pinterest [RFT]

The reason I'm writing this post, is not only to remind myself of the achievement I had in beginning this new lifestyle and how strong I was to keep up with it so quickly, but hopefully to share my early experiences with anyone who is like me and never used to like exercise or being strict with what they eat. I've not changed too much, but enough to make a difference in how I feel towards my health and fitness levels. I needed to do it, because I didn't like how lazy I felt before, and it's actually given me a more positive outlook on something that used to terrify me for no real reason and turned it into something good!
So if you want to know more about this change - read on to find out more about my new eating habits and what I'm doing in terms of fitness...

Saturday, 8 August 2015

What Cat Wore | Red

Yesterday was way too hot for this outfit in London with it being an amazingly warm day. Luckily I didn't take a jacket with me even though we read it was supposed to be raining this weekend. Lies ofc. It was boiling!
So this weekend I'm off for a long weekend with John and to start it off we went for a trip down London for a historical day out. We love our history and visiting new places and this time went to the Tower Of London. It sounds pretty random, but we watched a documentary on Netflix which spurred this decision, and we had a lovely day there despite it being crazy busy. The highlight ofcourse were those amazing Crown Jewels. I've seen them before but I was really little and on a school trip so I just remembered a dark room with lots of spot lights and seeing all the diamonds sparkling in every direction. When you're old enough to process it a little better and appreciate gems and history, it becomes even more amazing.
Onto the outfit...

Thursday, 6 August 2015

Netflix | What I'm Watching

Let's just admit it. If you have Netflix - it can take over your life. The problem is becoming obsessed over watching all seasons of the show you've just discovered or one that people told you you should watch and only started watching yesterday though it began airing in 2011. And right now Netflix has taken over my life a little bit so today I thought I'd share the things I'm watching on Netflix right now. I apologise for any future procrastination due to this Netflix show sharing. *NO SPOILERS*

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Wishlist | Anklets

With festivals in full swing, holidays around the corner and British heat waves making our weekends bliss, it's only natural that all the pretty shoes, flip flops and feet come out to play. I love a pretty pair of shoes, or sandals in the summer, but I'm also that weirdo who loves walking around bare foot! That said, I used to be big into adding a little extra something on my feet to style up my outfit, whether it be at the beach for a touch of glam or to add a little extra something to simpler footwear like a pair of courts.

Monday, 3 August 2015

What Cat Wore | Ariel

Ariel is my favourite of all the Disney Princesses so it was only natural when I couldn't leave Primark with these. I bought them last year just after the summer and I only got to wear them once in Barcelona. After watching endless episodes of Once Upon A Time and reaching the ones with Ariel in, I remembered these shorts and decided to wear them on yesterday's beautiful Sunday sun!

Sunday, 2 August 2015

My July

July has been really good to me this year and I'm so excited to see how it carries on in August. Not only did I get to move back home after a long and extreme extension to our house, but I got a new job and I committed myself to a healthier lifestyle. July bought sunshine, luck and some very happy days!
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