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Friday, 23 October 2015

Style | New Glasses - FCUK 99

Hi everyone! Sorry I've been gone so long, but I needed a short break from the internet and socialising. Life got too busy and I needed to catch up on some serious sleep (roll on tomorrow mornings long lie in)! Today I'm back to show off my newest and favourite accessory and necessity; my FCUK glasses in style code 99! ♥

I recently found out that my eye prescription had quite drastically changed, and I actually had to get these requested to be made quicker because I needed them for driving! I'm short sighted now, but before I was only having trouble looking at screens, books, work and the road for long periods of time because it would give me a headache and things would start to blur around the edges. I didn't realise how bad it got until I went to London with John and I couldn't read a street sign that wasn't that far away. I've always liked glasses so it wasn't ever really a bother for me to wear glasses and in fact I actually enjoy them, because they can change up a look and look really nice!

I went to Specsavers to get these, and I bought them in their infamous 2 for 1 on designer glasses deal. If you saw my glasses wishlist, you would have seen these on there and I absolutely fell for them when I put them on! I love the shape and the colour is beautiful. I've got a thing for green and blues at the moment so this teal colour made sense. I didn't want to get the same rectangular shape I had before too. I wanted my new specs to be fashionable and suit my face a little better. And I didn't want to look older which I felt my others did a bit.

As well as these I did get a pair of Converse glasses too I'll be posting about soon too. But out of the two these are my favourites. You'll most likely see me in these on a day to day basis, but my Converse ones are great too for more casual days or when these don't go with what I'm wearing. I did like some others that were on my wishlist and I tried pretty much every pair on but I felt they made me either look much much older or like Dame Edna... O_O.

I'm pretty obsessed with glasses now, and I'm thinking of buying a few more pairs online for variety! Do you wear glasses too? And if you do where do you get them from?

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