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Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Wishlist | Pink, White & Blue

Skirt / Top / Trainers / Shorts
Bralet / Bodysuit / Jeans / Adidas

The lightest pinks, the brightest blues and off whites. THAT, is what I'm ending up on when I'm window shopping the internet. I have a little folder on my bookmarks, and these are all the beauts I've bookmarked over the last week or so!
So my holiday is coming up fast - my countdown is telling me I've got 70 days to get my spending money together and a banging Santorini wardrobe! (Honestly, it feels like no time AT ALL! Send help.) I'm looking for light, spring/summer colours and also things that are going to be really versatile to wear before and after my holiday and in everyday outfits. And I'm not normally a girl to be wearing lots of dark colours, but I feel like I'm wearing lots of dark colours right now and that I need to lighten it back up a bit. I think most of these pieces would fit in my current wardrobe perfectly working in with some of my newer black and khaki pieces! I won't go into everything but I definitely want to nab all of this wishlist right now.
What are your favourites on my wishlist today? I've highlighted my absolute favourites via the links in bold!