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Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Wishlist | New In / Holiday Shopping

Maxi Dress / Floral Belt / Red Skater / Adidas Co-ord (Top / Bottoms)
Lace Up Jeans / Midi Skirt / Studded Pumps / Swimsuit / Camel Peep Toe Boots
Red Halter / Cold Shoulder Dress / Sunglasses / Monochrome Shorts / Crochet Shopper

I've really got to stop looking at things online because my wishlist is longer than both my arms and legs put together and I do not have the money to buy it all! I WISH.
I'm starting to see a lot that I love cropping up in the New In pages and with Santorini just two months away I want to get a couple of bits for my holiday. Some versatile things so that I can create lots of looks! I'm really loving the pink midi skirt, the red halter and those amazing black lace jeans for versatility. But look at that Adidas co-ord. I'm not a sportswear kinda gal, but I kinda love this Adidas co-ord for it's floral prints and because it's actually just really nice for casual days in the summer!
Also, because it's not going to be super-hot in Santorini because we're going in April I want to take a swimsuit instead of a bikini, because if I'm not going to tan a lot I don't think I need to worry about bikini lines! I love this one from Missguided - they have a great selection of swimwear, so I think I'll definitely be picking something from there for my holiday.

What's your favourites on this week's wishlist?