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Sunday, 17 April 2016

Happy Things #5

The last couple of weeks have been so lovely! I've been full of smiles, happiness and adventure. And even though I am back at work tomorrow, I don't mind because I've really made the most of my time off. And with that in mind, I think this is a great time to write all about the things that have been making me happy recently!
  • Santorini. Our holiday to Santorini was amazing! We had such a lovely time exploring the island and I'd say we pretty much saw everything they had to offer in April. The holiday was very much needed - me and John hadn't had proper holiday time off since October. We relaxed, we explored and we generally had a perfect time out minus a little sun burn! 
  • Having time off. Having time to ourselves ties in with Santorini. I love being away from home for a while because you can escape reality for a while. Having some time off at home too was nice - I've been able to use it to relax, catch up with blogging and blog reading and just not think about work. It's been so lovely.
  • Getting back into photography. Taking my camera on holiday, I've re-discovered my love for photography. I really enjoyed taking my photos and being a little tourist. I loved how they all turned out and I'm really eager to go out and take more photos. Even go out somewhere JUST to take photos!
  • Getting a tan. I have a tan for the first time in what feels like forever! It's actually been years since I got a proper tan and though I did burn a little and have some pretty ridiculous tan lines (a nice vest shape unfortunately), I'm really happy to have a tanned face, arms and legs! I just need to top it up when we get some sun here ;)
  • Playing Pokémon Black. I've been getting my geek on over the last two weeks. A few weeks back, I had an urge to play Pokémon but after losing my game and having a broken DS, I bought a 2nd hand one on eBay and a new game from Cex and started playing. I've really been enjoying playing my games again and along side that John is playing Pokémon White. It's been a lot of fun playing a game together and it's really been making me smile.
  • It's properly spring time now. I know we've been having some ridiculously rainy days, and I know it isn't exactly the warmest but it's officially spring time! The flowers are blooming and leaves are on the trees again. And, I don't feel the need to layer two tops under my jumper and then still have a scarf, hat and coat! It's lovely knowing warmer weather is around the corner! 
  • Drinking Fanta Lemon. On holiday, I remembered my favourite summer drink. I got so excited about it it's all I wanted to drink. I did only remember right at the end, but I'm certain that's what I'm going to be drinking all through the summer!
  • Getting my nails done at the salon. I don't think I've had my nails done properly for years. I'd say probably since my aunt's wedding at Portugal but I'm not 100% sure. Just before my holiday, I decided to get my nails done. I have acrylics and I know they aren't great for your nails but I wanted strong and sturdy nails for the next few weeks. I'm loving them so much and feeling so girly with long nails. It's such a lovely feeling and I'm really enjoying girly nails for once!
  • Feathers in my hair. Last but not least, I've decided to put my feathers in my hair again! I decided a while back I didn't want to dye my hair again for a while at least and remembered how much I loved having them in the first time. I bought microbeads to be able to pop them in myself and added my purple, blue and white feathers in also just before my holiday. I've loved having a little flash of colour in my hair and changing my hair up minus chemicals or dye!
What's been making you happy over the last few weeks?