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Sunday, 15 May 2016

What Cat & John Did | A Walk With Dodger

On one of those beautiful days last week, John and I decided to take his dog Dodger out for a walk around one of our favourite public paths. I'd been wanting to give Dodge his own little photoshoot for a while now and with such a lovely day and the walk ahead of us, I was inspired to bring my camera with us and take a few snaps of the little pooch and the nature around us.

The path we walked along is in a tiny town called Bricketwood. It's really beautiful there with a path following the brook, and benches dotted around for picnics and stopping points.

I think it also takes us through a few fields and farmlands. We spotted a few horses too and Dodger got a little excited about it!

We walked about 3 miles altogether and stopped near an open area and decided to let Dodger run for a bit with his ball. We bought this ball for him when we went to the New Forest and he absolutely loves it!

It was a pretty perfect day for an afternoon walk though. You couldn't have asked for better weather, and it's so lovely to have officially warmer days. Aka: Spring. We went mid-week so it was really quiet. We didn't go past any dogs and only passed a couple going for a walk, a cyclist and a couple of horses with their riders.

Dodger loved his walk with us, and the being photographed a little too! He loves having the attention and on top of that he's such a photogenic dog don't you think?

I really loved taking these photos and sharing them here. I know it's not my usual and super exciting 'What Cat Did' posts, but I like these sort of regular day ones too. If I did more photography/regular day out based posts like this would you like them? I'll have one with my little Dolly dog coming up very soon too anyway! ♥