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Sunday, 12 June 2016

Style | Personalised Amethyst Sliding Bracelet

Style | Personalised Amethyst Sliding Bracelet

Today I want to share with you my latest and favourite addition to my jewellery collection. As you can see my newest bracelet, straight from Gemporia's Personalised Gemstones Collection has a little bit of personal touch to it. I've never had a piece of personalised jewellery before, so this was really exciting for me to receive!

Style | Personalised Amethyst Sliding Bracelet
Style | Personalised Amethyst Sliding Bracelet

My new favourite in my jewellery collection is a sterling silver sliding bracelet, encrusted with two beautiful amethysts from Brazil. And to add the personal touch to it, I had it engraved with my first name. Why? Well, because when you personalise something yourself, there isn't going to be much sentimentality to it. It was either between my name, or my initials personalising it myself, and my name looked so much prettier on the preview, that I went for that!

Style | Personalised Amethyst Sliding Bracelet

I was quite surprised by the quality of this bracelet, I have to say. For some reason I expected it to be a lot lighter than it is, but I could instantly see quality visually and in weight too when I first picked it up. The silver was shining in the light and the amethysts sparkling! The quality of the slider is great too staying exactly in place where needed and only moving with the right amount of pull applied.

I also expected the engraving to be a lot deeper and more prominent than light and delicate. I'm very glad that it a delicate engraving because it looks a lot higher quality and I feel it adds a little elegance to it if you know what I mean. It's about catching the reflection right; in darker reflections the engraving is more obvious, but in lighter ones it is very faint and I like this about the bracelet. Since receiving it I've caught myself many a times pivoting my wrist around to catch the right reflection.

Style | Personalised Amethyst Sliding Bracelet
Amethyst Sliding Bracelet * - Gemporia

Overall I'm obsessed with this new piece right now. I've been wearing it along side my all-time favourite Thomas Sabo charm bracelet a lot or alternatively with my watch. It's a beautiful piece and definitely adds a little extra elegance to an outfit's jewellery when needed.

If you like you can shop Gemporia's Personalised Gemstone Collection here.


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  1. Love your bracelet, it's so pretty! Sophie x


  2. This is such a beautiful piece to own! Especially making it more unique with your name engraved on it! This would be perfect to own within my accessories too, as I love how it fits to your wrist shape, as I have very small wrists and not evey bracelet fits me unfortunately, so this would be a nice addition if I were to buy one!

    Isobel x

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