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Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Wishlist | More Stationery...

Pens | Notebook | Dividers | Arch Lever File
Pencil Case | Stapler | Post-it Index Arrows
Sharpies | USB Pen | Post-it Notes | Highlighters | Storage

I LOVE Stationery. It's no doubt that I could spend hundred of pounds creating the most amazing collection of stationery from all sorts of places. With a new academic year starting pretty soon, I've been thinking a lot about what I'll be needing for the year to come since I'm returning to university and come up with a pretty amazing wishlist if I do say so myself...

I'm obsessed with coloured pens of all sorts. At the moment I want all the sharpies and I know I'm always going to have some reason to need pens of all colours which is why I'm wishlisting highlighters, sharpies and those amazing Staedtler fine liners.
After the Viking Arty Party I've really been into the idea of customising my stationery and I really want some arch lever files (which I need anyway) to make my own and customise. I like these Kraft ones - perfect for a crafty project!
Next year I'm going to need a ton of post-it notes too and I'm pretty sure I'll be the post-it lady by the end of it, but I don't want to go for regular fluorescent colours. I'd love some pastel ones and in lots of shapes and sizes please.
There's so much on this wishlist I couldn't possibly talk about it all, but as stationery is - it's all self explanatory. I do have to mention that chicken stapler though - just because it's a chicken and a stapler... I love it.
Have you got a stationery obsession like me? Where do you shop for your stationery?