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Thursday, 7 July 2016

Food | Roam & Relish Pastrami

Food | Roam & Relish Pastrami
Today, we're doing something very different and if you didn't guess by the title (which I'm sure you all did), we're going to be looking at some organic pastrami I got to try recently at the Bloggers Ball. Roam & Relish is a British and Organic Charcuterie company that specialise in meats from their farm in Devon. They're not officially launched yet but you can find out when they do at the end of the post. With a new healthy eating plan working along side my new workout plan I'm really into eating healthy and quality food, so this fits well with my life right now as well as my love for food! ♥

Food | Roam & Relish Pastrami
So at the Bloggers Ball, I met the lovely people showcasing Roam & Relish's organic pastrami. Now, I'm a real fussy eater when it comes to my cold meats because I don't like too much fat and I usually turn down anything that is seasoned. I'm a Honey Roast Ham kinda gal, but after trying this pastrami, I think I could be brave enough to delve into other cold meats in my sandwich. Now, I've had pastrami before but I've never really liked it but this was different to anything I'd tried before.
Food | Roam & Relish Pastrami
On first impressions alone, the flavour is instantly quite strong where it has been matured for 21 days and marinated in spices before being cooked. It's a strong and quality meaty flavour and quite peppery too. The pepper flavour comes to you last and lingers for a while but it's lovely to have a flavour that lasts longer and that you can enjoy. I'm not a huge fan of pepper, but I love how they've used it in this pastrami.
Food | Roam & Relish Pastrami
I pondered for a couple of days what I could do with my little packet of pastrami and I decided to make an epic sandwich with it. And I say epic, because it was probably the nicest at-home sandwiches I've ever made that isn't your generic ham and cheese! Brown wholemeal bread with beer mustard on both slices, a couple of chunky lettuce leaves, and a nice even and thick layer of the pastrami to finish it up. Honestly, it was perfect and gone in a flash. When they've launched officially, I'd love to get some more. And I apologise that I didn't take many pictures - I got too hungry and tempted by it all... Whoops!
Roam & Relish's range will be officially launching next week on the 15th July. You'll be able to buy the range here on their Eversfield Farm website.
So how did I do for my first 'foodie' type post? I hope you liked it, because if you did I'd love to do more. It's something I've always wanted to dip my toes in but been too worried to. We shall see!


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  1. This is definitely something I'd love! Great post :)

    Anything & Everything | Bloglovin'

  2. This post has made me want to go out and buy Pastrami!
    I have occasionally dabbled for lunch with an 'American Deli' pre-made sandwich which claims to have pastrami in it, but I guess it is totally different to buying it yourself!
    What other ideas did you have other than putting it in a sandwich?

    V x