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Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Wishlist | Coconut Lane + 20% OFF DISCOUNT CODE

What Cat Says - Wishlist | Coconut Lane
Helter Skelter Notebook | Messy Bun Wall Art | Banana Leaf Phone Case
Nail Bangle | Sparkle Flake Phone Case | Marble Cushion Cover | Pineapple Necklace

So recently I was introduced to an awesome brand called Coconut Lane. They sell a bunch of amazing stuff from phone cases and jewellery to cushion covers and prints. Upon finding out about this brand, I've become an ambassador for the brand - a Coconut Queen! And will be doing a cute mini haul from them very soon. With that in mind, I made a wishlist with all the things I want to buy when haul day comes along.

My jewellery style has really toned down over the years and I'm really into simple novelty jewellery rather than big and bold so when I saw these nail bangles and the pineapple necklace, they were right up my street! On top of that, I'm struggling to pick a new phone case as I've got bored of mine. I know I'm going to love any of them, but I'm definitely into these two for their bold print and simplicity.
And not that I need anymore notebooks or decor, but I adore their stationery section. This print is my favourite and so is that cool printed notebook!

If you'd like to shop  Coconut Lane, I have a special discount code they gave me especially for you guys! You may have seen it on Twitter a couple of times, but here it is in case you haven't followed me there.

For 20% off type in:
at the checkout ♥

Enjoy and happy shopping!!!!