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Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Wishlist | New In

What Cat Says - Wishlist | New In
Tee | Bomber | Top | Shirt
Jumper | Skirt | Coat | Loafers

It's been a while since I did a fashion related wishlist, but to be honest I've not been loving what's in the shops right now. And actually, I haven't shopped properly for a very long time. I'm going to be getting my wardrobe organised once and for all this August with a super summer clear out and I'm hoping to get rid of quite a few things on eBay. I don't really mind how cheap they go, as long as they go. And when they go, I want to replace it all with less things, but better and more versatile things!

What I really want to see in my wardrobe from now on is versatility and a smarter but still fun wardrobe. I'm not really digging my bold crazy t-shirts as much anymore and I've got one too many pieces that are so statement I don't know when to wear them or what to wear them with. It's just a little crazy in there right now and it would be lovely to see fresh and very wearable product in there. There is a lot that I wear a lot but, there is also the other lot that I haven't worn for what could be well over a year or even years!
From this wishlist I'd love it all. I'm in need of the perfect winter coat for the coming season, a great pair of shoes to last me an entire year, and some fun pieces that would be great for work and still express a lot of my personality. I find that that's what I'm looking for these days. Now I've felt like I've extremely matured in the last year, I want my wardrobe to reflect it. I love being dressed well and smart - but smart casual! And I love having my love for colour and print shine through but not as crazy as I used to be... I don't think I'm that crazy about being super bold anymore. But I love the colours coming through for AW16! I'm excited to see what will come about for the next season and hope I can get some lovely things to wear for the next year at work!
What would you pick from this wishlist?