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Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Style | Laser Cut Gladiator Heels

What Cat Says - Style | Laser Cut Heels

Check out my new go-to heels for date nights, and evenings out! These amazing Laser Cut Gladiator Heels from Whistle Candy are one of the few pairs of stiletto heels I own that doesn't make me resemble Bambi on Ice! I love my heels. I love looking taller, feeling more feminine and I genuinely feel more confident in heels! And these are no exception.

What Cat Says - Style | Laser Cut Heels
What Cat Says - Style | Laser Cut Heels

When Whistle Candy asked me if I wanted to try out a pair of their heels I was quickly drawn to these because they look so amazing. I've always wanted a pair of heels like this, but I was worried about the heel and quickly began to look at some other styles. But with these at the fore front of my mind and pulling at my heart strings, I couldn't pick a different pair and decided to take the plunge!

On first impression, I was instantly in love. They looked exactly as they did on the model, and the fit is absolutely perfect! I also love that they're actually a zip up shoe at the back because I have a little bit of a problem with being able to get out of my shoes/clothes easily. It's a weird claustrophobia thing. Also, it means you don't have the struggle of doing and undoing those laces every time you wear them.

What Cat Says - Style | Laser Cut Heels
What Cat Says - Style | Laser Cut Heels

 They're so surprisingly comfortable too! I was a little worried that I wasn't going to be able to walk in them much but I feel really comfortable wearing them. And because they're a caged shoe, they don't slip off your feet making it much easier to walk in. I've already worn this with a jeans and tee combo and with a denim skirt. One of those versatile shoes that goes with a lot and looks amazing on!

Keep an eye out for these beauts in outfit posts to come!

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  1. These are definitely some beautiful heels girl! Try wearing them with a little black dress at some point! It'll look extra sassy!

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