Thursday, 29 September 2016

Beauty | 7th Heaven Masks Haul

What Cat Says - Beauty | 7th Heaven Masks Haul

If you haven't noticed yet, I've really got back into beauty recently. I've been loving doing my makeup again, enjoying my skincare routine a lot more and having a decent and well deserved pamper session. With an extremely busy lifestyle at the moment and so little time, taking some to myself it so important right now. At the moment, my favourite thing to do is pop on a facemask, play orchestrated music (preferably Disney music at the moment) and just sit back and blog. If not, I like to watch House on Netflix for an hour which for me right now is pure bliss.

I was really happy to rediscovered 7th Heaven at the #BloggersFestival earlier on this month because it reminded me how amazing their face masks are and all the different ones they have available. I was really excited to see some new ones and have the opportunity to try a few.
What Cat Says - Beauty | 7th Heaven Masks Haul
What Cat Says - Beauty | 7th Heaven Masks Haul
As you can see I was quite spoilt with my face masks! 7th Heaven gave us a lovely stash to last us a while and I've already used the Deep Sea Peel-Off Mask which isn't in this photograph. Just today I smothered my face in the Strawberry SoufflĂ© mask which smelt amazingly like kid's strawberry yogurt as well as feeling a little like it. You know when you get the thicker layer at the top? Yeah that. It's a scent that sends me to a happy place, but it also got me really hungry!

What Cat Says - Beauty | 7th Heaven Masks Haul
I was really interested to see 7th Heaven delve into hair masks and the ever so odd but exciting finger masks! I'm definitely keen on trying these but I think I'm going to save them for my time away at the end of October. I always wondered if there was something like a finger or hand mask, because I suffer with quite dry hands and I'm awful at applying hand cream even though I have a huge stash of them, so I'm interested to see how that works. I'll probably write another review on those.
What Cat Says - Beauty | 7th Heaven Masks Haul
I'm really keen on saving the peel-off masks until last too because I know I'll love them the most. I'm particularly excited about the Black Seaweed Peel-Off Mask and the Pineapple Peel Off Mask which I've kept saved to use last of all. I love the way peel-off masks feel on your skin when they dry and that they're so easy to remove too. I find the removal process a little long and boring sometimes with wetter face masks, so I often find I prefer peel-off masks more entertaining, satisfying and easier to work with in general. They're almost fuss-free!

What Cat Says - Beauty | 7th Heaven Masks Haul
What Cat Says - Beauty | 7th Heaven Masks Haul - Face Mask Selfie!
I've got to say I've always loved 7th Heaven masks and never ever had any issues with them. I've been using them for years now and I was really happy to see them showing off their collections at the #BloggersFestival this year. If you haven't tried their facemasks yet, I highly recommend them. What's better about them, is that they're cruelty-free too! Yay for 7th Heaven! ♥ On top of that, they're a great price and you can get SO many different ones perfect for any type of skin and to fix all sorts of problematic skin/face demons. Right now, I'm focusing on getting rid of blemishes and rehydrating my skin so I think that Blemish Mud or Argan Oil Mud will be my next mask to try.

Have you ever tried 7th Heaven's face masks yet?
Which one would you be most excited to try?

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