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Saturday, 15 October 2016

Review | Beauty Essentials - Shadow Switch

What Cat Says - Review | Beauty Essentials - Shadow Switch
Today, I will be sharing with you the latest dry brush cleaner by Beauty Essentials: Shadow Switch *.  You may remember that a while back, I reviewed an eBay dupe for Vera Mona's Colour Switch. Well, this is very similar to that and after just a week of using this, I think I have gathered enough information to give it a good review. Read on to find out more about upcoming brand Beauty Essentials and the Shadow Switch!

Beauty Essentials is an upcoming beauty brand who have been busy creating an extensive range of beauty tools for your everyday beauty needs. Beauty Essentials are still yet to launch, but if you just can't wait, their Shadow Switch is already available online on Amazon for just £5.99. When the collection is launched soon, they will be available at Sephora and of course online on their own website. They will be  launching with a new design and packaging so the one you see here isn't the final look. This is:
I definitely prefer the new look because it looks fun, clean and fresh. And already makes me want to buy it! What's more is that Beauty Essentials is aiming to be high quality and affordable. Judging by the price of the Shadow Switch, I could agree that it is already looking promising. So let's see how I got on with it.

What Cat Says - Review | Beauty Essentials - Shadow Switch
What Cat Says - Review | Beauty Essentials - Shadow Switch

So if you didn't know the Shadow Switch is a product that allows you to swap between colours when doing your makeup. It means if you need the same brush for a completely different colour, you can without having any colour left on your brush from the previous colour. It's perfect for tonal make up looks and keeping the colours separated which I struggled with a lot before.
The eBay dupe worked really well and I was really impressed so of course I was really excited and interested to see how the Shadow Switch would do compared.

Just like the eBay dupe, the Shadow Switch is a small hand-sized tin with a black sponge inside. I wish I took side by side photos of them because though extremely similar I could instantly see that there was a difference in the sponges inside the tins. The sponge in the Shadow Switch was more compact and dense. It also feels a lot softer to the touch which instantly makes me think this is a lot less abrasive and damaging to your brushes.

As you can see, here I packed up one of my Real Techniques brushes with a vivid blue shadow to show you how well the Shadow Switch works. All you do to switch colours is simply and gently swirl your brush around in a circular motion on the sponge. I could instantly see the colour being removed from the brush.
I was really impressed to see the colour remove from the brush so quickly and with such little effort. No need to press down too hard or work it vigorously as the sponge does most of the work for you.

What Cat Says - Review | Beauty Essentials - Shadow Switch

So here is what the brush looked like after using the Shadow Switch and you can see that the brush looks clean and free from any blue pigmentation! It worked really easily and with little effort.
Here is the same results on a more compact brush with a different colour and the Shadow Switch:

What Cat Says - Review | Beauty Essentials - Shadow Switch
What Cat Says - Review | Beauty Essentials - Shadow Switch

As you can see it works just as well with a more compact brush too! And I've been using this solidly with my makeup for the last week. I've really been enjoying using this and compared to the eBay dupe, this one is definitely better. The price is affordable at £5.99 on Amazon and though extremely similar, there is a difference in performance. I feel the softer and more dense sponge helps remove the shadows more efficiently and also keeps your brushes from being damaged a lot better.

If I were to recommend one of the two after trying both I would recommend the Shadow Switch, especially as I've picked it up every time versus the eBay dupe. It works so well, and though it is slightly more expensive, it is a great affordable price for something that changes your makeup game! It is much cheaper than the original Vera Mona one too which is also available on Amazon at a wincing £16/05 - £10 more than the Shadow Switch for the same results. This is much cheaper, works really well and buying from a brand you expect to trust that it works and quality which you get here!
I can't wait to see the rest of Beauty Essentials' collection when it comes out. Can you!?