Hello June.


June beholds a lot of free time for me though my horoscope says otherwise. I hope that for this month I can just relax for a bit as I feel like I fully well deserve it after the Degree Show and my final year assessment. I don't have 30 days worth of plans but I know what I want to be doing for a lot of it: relaxing, seeing my friends and my boyfriend, shopping for my holiday, going to the cinema and all that jazz.

But this month I definitely need to:

  • Buy a new ring (I haven't in a while... I think my obsession is over...)
  • Buy a bikinisandals, and anything else I might need for holiday... (Primarni please...)
  • See X Men: First Class! 
  • Finally go to Stanborough Lakes  (done :D)
  • Relax. aka. lazy days and lie ins...
  • Summer time Spring clean
  • Ebay old fashion items...
The boyfriend is taking me out for the day tomorrow so it's starting off the month pretty well I reckon, now I just have to get rid of this oncoming cold...

What's your plans this month?


  1. Thanks for following me, I follow you back! ^_^
    xx Joice

  2. Such a cute post! I've also been on the hunt for some gorgeous rings, but can't seem to find one that blows my mind. Love some great jewelry!


  3. My plans for this month so far are just work, Race For Life, Kings of Leon and prepare for T in the Park. :D

  4. I'm planning on seeing my husband's family before he deploys. Time is flying so fast!



  5. Thank You for all your lovely comments!
    I went shopping today and didn't find a ring that I liked... I think my obsession is definitely gone!

    Race for Life? Wow, that's big! Hope you do well in the race :)

    Janet, I hope the best for you and your husband! Time does fly.

    Catarina xx