A Week To Remember....

I'm back. It's weird how much happens in a week! I missed out on a few things! But I've had I think THE most amazing holiday I could have asked for! Photos up soon once I sort them out :)

I missed out on seeing Something Said being a featured blog of the day on Bloggers.com on the 14th July! I gained a few followers that way and I also searched Something Said on UK Blogs on Bloggers.com and I'm on the top bloggers for the UK! Quite happy with that. I was sad to see that I had no emails about jobs or anything but apart from that it's all been great in my world.

My holiday was so perfect, imagine a teeny tiny island where you can travel on a quad that goes to a max of 35mph and go from one side of the island to the next in at least half an hour. That's amazing. The views were breathtaking and the beaches were beautiful and the company was pure perfect :) I have a cute album with our disposable camera photos and its the best idea we had... It's nice because they're real copies and not digital. I miss the value of having a real photo. Makes me realise that that holiday was reality and that it did actually happen and I have physical evidence of it!

Hows it all been in the UK for you this past week and a half?
Missed blogging!

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