Oct: 17-23

^ I need a moment like this ^
p.s. I need a new camera. Lumix G3 Please?
Busy Bee. I can only say I'm exhausted and still have another busy week ahead of me. There's just too much going on and I feel like I don't know what is going on from one day to the next. Stressing.

It was a shopping trip to Primark after I found out all my flat shoes were in pieces. I bought a pair of ankle lace up boots like THESE along with some dolly shoes. I bought tights because I have faced the fact that I am terrible with them, they are gone within minutes in most cases. I love my new shoes and tights, and I also bought the blue and brown satchel bag I mentioned in THIS post. It was on sale :)

I watched Real Steel this week at the cinema. And I rate it 5 STARS! I bloody loved it. It was violent (in a way I accept), it was great and such realistic graphics, boxing, it has Hugh Jackman and a cute father-son story line! If this doesn't win you over, it's by the same people that made Avatar. It's a must-watch! I also watched Bad Boys today. I've been watching a lot of films lately including all the Rush Hours, Casino Royale and Blitz. I really didn't like Blitz. Too close to home... That's all I'm going to say. I'm loving the films with my boyfriend lately. It's a lovely chill out thing to do :)

I can't wait for: pay day, last day at my job, first day at my new job and to buy a faux fur jacket. I tried THIS one on at River Island today. I nearly cried I wanted it so bad. With the money I don't have. I'm in love with it!

I'm off for a cup of tea, and a read of Glamour magazine in bed. I wish I had boyfriend's hoodie. I gave it back to him after stealing it on one of our first evenings out together. This is weird because it was about December I stole this. It just means I get to steal it again <3

Have you got any interesting plans this week?

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