Oct: 24 - 30

Does anyone know of any good firework displays in London. COMMENT BELOW IF YOU DO! <3
Odd week. It was half term for little people and I did a few things out of the normal weekly routine. Last shift at my "old" job Thursday and was given my hours for my new job at Outfit starting tomorrow! Excited!

I went to London on Monday for a "meeting/interview" thing and because I bought an over-priced train ticket into London just to spend an hour there, I thought I would abuse the trip and walk down the length of Oxford Street from Marble Arch in desperate attempt to find a decent woolly cardigan I could and would wear for work. It had to be black too. I didn't find one. I did discover Forever 21 which I will be heading straight to next time I am in London on a shopping trip! Isn't that such a stylish and decently priced shop or what!? I love it.

I have been daydreaming my future home this week at an extreme level. I love it, I keep window shopping for things I'd buy or want in my home and how it would look. Thinking about: colour swatches, decorating, home-ware, uniqueness, making that house a home. I'm coming to that age where I want to leave "the nest" and learn to fly solo. Expect a post about home-ware this week.

I spent a little this week  money wise which I feel terrible about. It's all in investment for my work uniform. Stylish and in Uniform as you must be! I am excited to wear out my ARMOUR RING I bought the other day... I always wanted one. Regretted it when I bought it and then decided I actually loved it, so it was a good buy!

I have an exciting week ahead with my new job, Halloween tomorrow, and The Distant World's concert on Saturday which is also Fireworks Night, double the fun! I have to be honest... Halloween isn't on my list of things I get hyped up about. I take my little siblings trick or treating and I dress up a little with what I have. I might not dress up this year. If I do... I want to be a creepy doll.

It's starting to get Christmassy. I've not been this excited about Christmas for years! Who's getting hyped up about it too?


  1. Have a great first day at work honey! xo

  2. Have a great first day!! I'm not in the Christmas spirit yet, but I'm getting there. The leaves are still changing here so not quite time...

  3. I love looking at interiors and furniture that I'd love to have in my future home!

    x Michelle | thefeatherden.net

  4. I'm heading to Oxford Street on Saturday, definitely popping into Forever 21! Hope your new job goes well :)

  5. You are lucky you have younger siblings to take trick or treating! I really want to go tonight but do not have anyone young to go with *sob*.

    Have fun if you go!

    Jazz xo