Nov: 21 - 27

So-much-going-on week.

This weekend has been lovely and basically perfect apart from a few little things. And this week has generally been a good but busy one in a while!
I have been busy in a good way, with my job (that I can say I really do enjoy), shopping, seeing people, doing important things... The usual!
Had my lovely boyfriend to see ALL this weekend! I went Christmas shopping with him and we ended out buying a tree and decorations! I can't wait to put it up with him! We also bought people a few presents and just drove about in cars like we enjoy doing often! Unfortunate events today ended up with a M25 drive but all in all everything turned out mostly okay. When we got home to relax for the final weekend bit, I spent 2 and a half hours painting a tattoo design on him, which I can say I really enjoyed! I miss painting. I missed having great weekends! I haven't had a weekend this good great in such a long time!

Looking forward to: Maybe purchasing a limited edition Barry M polish, Seeing the lovely boyfriend again, finishing my uni application and CHRISTMAS! <3

Sorry this has been short and snappy, but I have a personal statement to get on with! Hope you're having a LOVELY weekend :)

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