Nov: 7 - 13

FML week.
This week has been jam packed with work. And nothing else. I feel bad because I haven't got much to share... I've been trying to sort out my time and it's not working because my free time is so short and limited at the moment.

Tuesday this upcoming week is Graduation day. I'm going out to my friend's old work place for lunch with the Uni girls and our other halves and so on, which I'm excited for. I haven't seen the girls properly in a while so it will be nice to catch up and celebrate our degree!
Tuesday is also the day of two of my Science GCSE exams, which is a big deal because I reallly need these to be aced so I can have any chance of pursuing my future career in teaching! I feel confident about it, so at least I have that :)

I am also planning to go London on Sunday with my lovely and amazing boyfriend. We want to go Christmas shopping, get ideas and things like that. A London Day Trip is on our list of many things to do together. I can't wait to tick it off.

Looking forward to: Graduation Day, London, Seeing my boyfriend and starting painting again. I really need to get into my creative mind-stream again... Also need to learn to pluck up some courage and fight.

I'm loving Lego House by Ed Sheeran at the moment. Can't stop listening to it ♥
Weirdest video ever though.

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