Phonography: Oct - Nov

WARNING: heavy picturing.

I apologise for the very bad quality of my Wildfire. iPhone 4S investment please?
Apart from my bad photography skills via mobile photography, I bought THIS matt varnish as of the swaying of comments of my previous post and the photos of them too! Also found a way to rejuvenate nail polish! DIY post soon!?

mine and my boyfriends chocolate feast, dolly and her duck, my pumpkin, outfit for the first day at work!


today's makeup, london-wear (shoes & bag - primark, playsuit - miss selfridge, coat - new look), new purse given by boyfriend from that panda shop at the Trocaderro in Picadilly Circus, make-up from last week



  1. that pumpkin is so cool! Plus I love your leopard eye shadow! xxx

  2. Awesome pumpkin! And I love your eye make up! If only i had a steady enough hand. . .

    Lou from :) xx