Dec: 12 - 25

Two hectic weeks.


I missed last weeks weekly post in all the business of a Christmas party I attended and the arrival of my grandmother that day so today is a special 2 week update!

Firstly Merry Christmas one and all! Hope you all had a lovely day and got everything you wanted! I got loads of presents off my boyfriend (who I think went overboard). I seriously love and appreciate every single one of them! Includes the most amazing white gold locket with a diamond... I absolutely love it. Best present I've ever received! Better than my car last year by miles :)
I got given a lotttttt of make up! Which I love, along with a couple of tops, My Chocobo plush and the wedges I put on my list in THIS post. I am in awe at the oddest, but one of the best presents which is a giant Ferrero Rocher... Its the size of my head! And solid! Amazed me.

Funniest present? A pop up Car Bin. Messy cow needs one!

Last week I spent working a little too much... Same as this week. I managed to squeeze in shopping and I did have two days off work this week to spend with people for my birthday. I went shopping for final gifts, which I am so glad worked out... And Frankie's & Bennies for my birthday lunch! Nom. Apart from that just a hectic work week. Back tomorrow :( Boo.

Looking forward to: Friday, Boxing Day Sales, New Year's Eve, New Year's Day/1 Year Anniversary and being lazy!
Expect: Birthday/Christmas present haul post, 12 things for 2012 post, Favourite blogs of the year and a year recap post.

How has your week and Christmas turned out!?
What's your best/funniest/odd present you received this year?

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